The truth about Pixal ninjago theory

and ninjago the ups the downs the middle bad episodes good episodes war seasons best seasons and a ton of memorial characters yup characters this discussion is not about jay it's not baniya and it's not about zane it's about this precious being like the second good android pixel like many i love pixel because she is possibly a character that anyone can relate to the most kind-hearted but with a serious mood even though she has been a great character fans see that she isn't getting enough spotlight i think i know why i've seen many pixel fans upset of how she didn't got enough screen time in season 13. for most the buyers aren't giving this precious being enough love but to me i feel like there is something going on with pixel she's left out out on missions and always in the monastery doing either new machines or repairs now here's my theory on this i think pixel excludes herself from the others because she feels like she is only used to make the team useful i know a character deep into the eyes of me and i can tell there is something going on inside a pixel to understand a theory i've looked through the episodes from seasons 11-13 before pixel made our first appearance in those episodes the ninja are out having fun and stopping the bad guys while she is doing the machines and being a hero to the ninja we don't see you have like a little fun no joke around like the other ninja i get a feeling that pixel excludes herself and ninja because she doesn't feel like she is someone who can be like the other ninja like in season 11 we don't see pixel in the first two episodes and the third episode she is with wu when the ninja are going to the desert she decides not to go with them because she must protect ninjago from his villains and that's what she does when we get to season 12 she is not seen for another two episodes until the third even at the ninja in ninjago city in the third episode we can see her in the ninja and while fans can say she chosen to come i say that maybe the ninja told her to come for extra help like i think the ninja kind of see pixel is getting left out a little but not enough they just don't see that pixel is feeling like someone who excludes herself out then in season 15 she is seen for only one episode in the monastery she possibly decides not to come along because the ninja need to have good hands for ninjago even though it's just a fun trip to a kingdom for possibly of two or three days when not knowing how it's below them may theorize that pixel is just left behind to do the dirty work for the ninja but i think it's not that i think pixel stayed behind with miss soccer because she feels like her place is with missions and keeping the city safe for the team finding bad guys and helping the ninja out is what she thinks she's programmed to do again we don't see pixel having a fun time with the ninja not even a better trying to be all outgoing and playful she is this sweet smart and hardworking samurai that she thinks that she needs to spend her entire time coming up with vehicles then going out and joining missions with the ninja even though ninja do treat her as a family member they don't bother to see why she doesn't come along with them they don't see the wall that she made to help not herself but to others like zayn she would sacrifice herself for anyone but the difference between her and zayn is that zayn wouldn't be asked by ninja to come along but join in without telling to me i think she would be waiting to be commanded to come along on any trip if possible now let me say if someone like zane were to tell her if she would like to come she will it's like she's an unforgettable toy bed to be played with again and a toy does help make a kid happy pixel knows best not to keep a secret from zane but what if there's more to that that she doesn't want to come out as the one who excludes herself from everyone because it just makes her feel weak or something painful so in my conclusion pixel doesn't hang out with the ninja because she excludes herself from them the reason for that is because she feels like saving people being samurai x and making machines is all she can do she's not strong enough to admit it to anyone or her boyfriend who she promised not to tell any more secrets about if she were to admit to her long time friends then it would make her feel like a coward for someone who is a brake promise she probably does pain from him but she doesn't want to pay attention to that she wants to help others besides herself let's hope that we see more of pixel so that we can see her develop and grow out of that shell and try to have at least some fun with everyone she loves one day she will go out be out open out going on missions with the ninja and learn how to have fun i hope we can understand that