The truth about my disturbing past

something terrible's it was cleaning up my room and I found all my Diaries for my whole life every diary I ever wrote all my secrets and deep them all together to make a really good book for myself to read obviously I never went even to see this because it's all my secrets somehow Simon & Schuster a big book company got ahold of all my Diaries and they published a book I'm bring you know I read you know I don't know how this happened I don't know what hater sent them my diary books but I will find you everything is in this book and it's pretty ordered today people can start buying my secrets today it has every secret about me and if my whole childhood people in my family I never want you to know about secrets from my tour secret relationships I never even told you about the things you should never know I am one of the most famous people you don't wrote this letters about me why could I'm just thatis xaml be better than this I found out about it because they sent me the book this is what it looks like it's my diary my entire all my diary dug deep together oh they said to me listen thanks for the new book sure to be a number one New York Times bestseller all post-it notes mocking me you know there are things in this book that could prove that I'm a liar oh my god no no I really feel about my advance everything is in this book it could destroy me the entire truth about my past is in this book oh my god my baby book is in here my birth certificate someone to steal my identity Oh do not buy this book to get my Murphy and us don't buy this book that my haters will buy the book you all have to go by and go preorder it right now if you are a fan of me if you ever watched my video pre-order this book make sure you preorder as many copies as you freaking candidate off the shelves don't let anybody buy this book only more Fantas not what you guys can keep it safe do not read it somewhere Stanley and yesterday I got a paper cut right here in today is worse than that so it's really bad day oh my prayer journal in here all my thoughts to Jesus my first period isn't here all I mean not the actual blood just the story about it so please if all I'm her fan this pre-order as many copies as they can then it won't be on the shelves anymore and then no one will find out all my secrets Simon & Schuster you are not gonna Wayne Reimer Fantas are gonna pray over every single line so how are you gonna sell the book if only Murph and us bought them all I was gonna take a bath and just talk about me and it was gonna be this big surprise today and now it's ruined not even in the mood for a Taco Bell bath like something is seriously up get this book off the shelves I just couldn't ruin my career going every morph and you have to rally together hashtag don't write Orientis book get it trending [Music]