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and good morning on the west coast and good afternoon to those on the east coast my name is dr shannon i'm a naturopathic doctor and i am back with the famous doctor he is my hero and if you just listen he'll be your hero too if you haven't ever heard anything about him uh he wrote the best-selling book dead doctors don't lie and um that is in nine different languages it's all over the world and uh dr wallach you have been such an inspiration to so many people and we're here to talk about something very serious today and you called me yesterday with some information about some breaking news that's all over the world right now do you want to go right into it okay of course the breaking news is of course that merck has cancelled their two vaccines that they were just about ready to release saying that they didn't hurt anybody but they didn't give any immunity and they missed it by a thousand miles if you look at the numbers uh dr shannon it's very scary in one year's time based on the instructions that dr fauci gave us wash your hands distance six feet and wear a mask and he said this was recorded i have so many people send me um recordings of this where he said this over and over and over that this pandemic virus isn't nothing don't worry about it not as bad as the flu blah blah blah blah what have we gotten by following his instructions for about one and a half years we have 25 million infections 25 million infections as of yesterday i can't get today's numbers but as of yesterday 25 million infections 424 000 dead now there's 24 000 more dead than it's in arlington cemetery that goes from the civil war forward all the wars we've been in since and including the civil war all the military dead in arlington cemetery is just just at 400 000 so we have 24 000 more dead in one year than in arlington cemetery 25 million infections by following his advice wash your hands wear a mask in distance now that's only three percent of the information he should have shared and that was a year and a half ago and he still has his job i just find that amazing again of course if you yeah if you were a private business and you had in your customers 25 million infections and 424 000 dead you'd be in jail okay also agree [Laughter] okay so we have a problem here with what's going on so what's going on um we have 25 percent of the world's infections and deaths okay we in america have 25 percent of the world's infections and deaths from this pandemic what's going on here i don't know because we have the best health care in the system in the world don't we dr wallach well that's what they claim and of course we rank 41st in the world when it comes to longevity there's 40 other countries whose people live longer than we do even though we spend more money for health care than all the other countries in the world combined all the world's countries combined we spend more money for health care each year and we rank 41st there's 40 other countries whose people live longer than us and then the thing that came out in october of last year this is johns hopkins very famous medical school baltimore maryland everybody respects them even if you don't like them you certainly respect them they came out and they they gave eight um causes of death every year in american hospitals number three i'm not gonna waste people's time by going to the other seven but number three fascinated me so the number three cause of death in american hospitals each year now this is johns hopkins i'm quoting him not me this is published in scientific journals and front page of new york times and so forth okay it's about october of um 2020. and johns hopkins says the number three cause of death in american households each year now this is american households alone is medical errors and then they said each year in hospitals in america alone each year from medical errors medical doctors kills where they use kill 251 440 000 patients now how many businesses could stand business if they would kill four hundred 251 thousand other customers in their workplace every year i just find that amazing yes okay gosh that's johns hopkins now let's keep going here we have a huge problem in the fact that all the other companies that are making vaccines are coming out now they're saying oh we're working on drugs to attack the virus when people have it and they're just not even talking about vaccines anymore because the vaccines haven't worked right here's why this is very simple this is very simple there's four things that need to happen for people to have a good immunity i mean when polio went around uh dr jonas talk i mean he was the world's hero because in just a few weeks polio stopped and we saved millions of kids with that vaccine so what happened between then and now well the clue came out in august of 2019 when they were really understanding that this pandemic was a big thing and it was kind of a follow-up to sars myrrh h1n1 and covet 2 in 2003 and to 2005. okay and they realized that suddenly now we had a problem here but when a three to five year old would get this current pandemic virus they'd have common cold symptoms for three days their temperature would go up a half a degree 98.6 and i can't even collapse it as a fever and in three days time they were perfectly well they'd have antibodies against the virus when a 63 year old a 73 year old an 82 year old would get the the the pandemic virus they'd have to go to the hospital and they're running around the world buying up ventilators they'd be in the hospital for a month or two or three or four or five or six months and many would die many that came out were permanently damaged so what's the difference between a 63 year old a 72 year old and an 82 year old and a three-year-old what is it well the truth okay well the three-year-old has only been eating gluten for three years the 63 year old's been eating gluten for 63 years so 72 year old's been eating gluten for 72 years and eight year old's been eating blood for 83 years now gluten wheat bran oats kills your intestines kills the villi the little shaggy finger like projections and increase the surface area of your small intestine so instead of looking like a shag rug in the intestines of a three-year-old the intestines of a 63-73 atrial look like a plastic tube you've lost 95 to 98 of the absorptive surface your intestines now there's four things that have to happen if you're going to get immunity during a pandemic number one you have to be able to get a vaccine right well vaccines don't kill viruses bacteria fungus or yeast they just alert your body to bad dna rna and proteins so when the bug hits you your body says oh i recognize that that's bad stuff and they'll send the white blood cells the antibodies and platelets and red blood cells to save you well if your intestines are dead you cannot absorb the 90 essential nutrients if you're supplementing to give your bone marrow what it needs to make white blood cells and antibodies and red blood cells and platelets even if you've been vaccinated the vaccine won't work because your bone marrow requires all these nutrients that have to be absorbed from your intestines to make white blood cells and antibodies so just getting the vaccination is only one-fourth of what you need now the reason why the polio vaccine from jonah's sock was so successful this was a disease of kids under the age of 10. they still had their their villi and their small intestines and so they responded extremely quickly to and they're still getting vitamins you know kids get their kidney vitamins and minerals until they start eating attitude and then well you don't need any more vitamins minerals the doctor says you can get everything you need just painting well okay so here we are now this all started at three o'clock in the afternoon monday september 4th 1882 on pearl street in new york city in the bluff overlooking the construction of brooklyn bridge at that point thomas edison and jonathan leaves pulled the switch on the first commercial electric generator plant prior to that everybody was using wood stoves fireplaces fire pits um kerosene lamps and everybody had wood ashes from their wood stoves and their fireplaces and putting them in their gardens and whatever minerals of course nutritional minerals occur in veins like gold and silver they don't occur in a uniform blanket around the coast of the earth but people lived in places where they did well and so people were getting six minerals 17 minerals 25 minerals 40 minerals in their wood ashes putting in their gardens putting them in their food and so forth well three o'clock in the afternoon monday september 4th 1882 on pearl street new york city in the bluff where we're looking at the construction brooklyn bridge that all changed now this is documented in the cd hell's kitchen which came out in 2005 at the beginning excuse me 2003 at the beginning of the sars the mers the covet 2 and h1n1 and then in 2005 the book came out hell's kitchen tells a story step by step by step and it will freak you out um because we already have a history now one of the first symptoms of a mineral deficiency because people aren't getting wood ashes anymore was pica well pike as you know is a a craving where people just will eat anything i mean they'll eat newspapers they'll eat gravel they'll eat sand because they're driven okay well back in the day um you know like in at the turn of the century like 1900 entrepreneurs are saying we're losing a lot of money here grandma's out there eating dirt out of the yard and clay and wood ashes and so forth we need to come up with pretzels and potato chips and popcorn and all this other stuff so they'll buy from us when they have these cravings and people began to gain weight because they're eating all these snack foods now prior to 1900 there were no fat people in america everybody was skinny if you wanted to see a fat person you had to go to the carnival and you had a barker out there waving a cane saying hey three bucks come see the fat lady but nobody ever seen anybody fat because everybody's skinny because they're taking their minerals they didn't have any pica and once you had pica and you had all these snack foods you're gaining weight doctors are saying look you're eating too much fat stop eating fat you're eating too much fat that's why you're gaining weight stop eating fat and go to whole grains uh oh houston we have a problem because they didn't say don't eat gluten in this whole grains just go to whole grains everybody's eating wheat butter and oats oatmeal for breakfast breakfast champions wheaties pancakes waffles spaghetti pizza crust bagels bread and that all started this whole problem well in 1918 we had the big first pandemic in america 657 000 people died in a year and a half our worst month was october 1918. 195 000 americans died that month from the spanish flu but they didn't have an immune system because her their villi were gone and they hadn't been eating bone excuse me they had well they had even if they were eating bone marrow soup or something like that they couldn't absorb it because their villi were dead because they're eating wheat by their anodes because doctors said eat more whole grains and so that's why we had the trouble well of course then came stars and mers and h1n1 and and uh coveted two well now we have covet 19 pandemic virus and of course fauci said a year and a half ago oh just you know this isn't nothing it's not as bad as the flu just wash your hands wear a mask in the distance six feet and everything will be fine but what did we get for that 25 million infections 424 000 dead not a very good record so what we have to do is change everything we have to do it because the doctors aren't going to do it the government's not going to do it so we have to do it everybody has to live like an asian and the reason why i say that when you look at what johns hopkins put out in um a year ago when all this started happening they said out of a hundred thousand people in america who have the infection the pandemic infection um indigenous native americans indians will lose dead 133 168 depending on whose dad you look at black people will lose 124 168 depending on whose data you look at polynesians which include the alaskan inuits will lose 90 per 100 000 latinos will lose 87 to 99 per hundred thousand whites to lose 75 per hundred thousand and asians lose 54 per hundred thousand well asians are the ones they're getting the best deal here okay well let's look at the pima indians okay from um let me back up let me let's look at the ojibwe indians from minnesota first 360 000 people they have 27 infections and zero debt okay and the insane population from arizona they have 24 000 infections and 838 dead what's the difference between 838 and 0 and 24 027 well the navajo indians of arizona live on wheat ballarat oats and the ojibways have been eating wild rice for 400 years the ojibwe started eating rice 400 years ago and they've never given it up they've never converted to wheat brother and oats that's why they only have 27 infected and zero dead and the navajos are famous for eating their deep fried bread which they call bannock and of course the the rice that the ojibwes eat they they call menumin they have kind of a porridge or they make a bread out of it okay so let's look at some comparisons here let's look at um let's look at florida and taiwan florida is 40 latino black and native americans they have a population about 22 million taiwan has a population of 22 million taiwan has 890 infections and seven dead florida has 1.6 million infections and 26 000 dead so what's the difference between florida and taiwan what population is the same well taiwan they live on nothing but rice and sweet potatoes and beans and squash and seaweed and in florida they live on nothing but wheat barley rye and oats and fried chicken and bannock there's deep-fried flatbread okay let's look at another comparison here let's look at let's look at mexico and japan both of them have 128 million people japan has five let's see here in japan okay with 126 million people they have 100 excuse me they have 364 000 infections and 5 000 dead in mexico they have 1.7 million infections and 150 000 dead what's the difference between japan and mexico well mexico they live on nothing but wheat brother and oats they even their beer is made from wheat they have flour tortillas spaghetti pancakes waffles got it and japan lives on everything as rice and sweet potatoes and corn now and let's go back and compare again let's go back and compare again hawaii with okinawa now okinawa is one of the five members of the blue zone which came out in 2005 as a cover story in um the national geographic you're you're i don't know if you're old enough to remember that i love the blue zones okay these are five populations that have the most hundred year olds of any peoples in the world and um let's see here in okinawa they have one of the blue zones they have 1.5 million people hawaii has 1.5 million people okinawa has 5 000 infections and 84 dead hawaii has 25 000 infections and 342 dead now you have to appreciate that hawaii before they became one of our states uh they were a polynesian country and eating almost entirely like the japanese of course we introduced because you know when the japanese bombed pearl harbor and all that kind of stuff we had our military bases that go there we introduced oatmeal and wheaties and all that kind of stuff so they're kind of half and half in hawaii okay so 25 000 infections and 342 um dead okinawa same population which is a hundred percent uh japanese that's one of their big prefectures or states okay 5 000 infections and 84 dead that's because the okinawans live entirely on rice sweet potatoes beans corn and seaweed hawaii doesn't quite eat like the mainland north america they still eat a lot of rice and seaweed and stuff like that and so let's look at um another couple of examples here okay uh let's look at sardinia italy another one of the members of the blue zones we have 37 000 infections and 952 dead their dead is triple that of hawaii but they're in the blue zone i find that fascinating and then uh let's look at another um thing here let's compare texas oh i love this one let's compare texas with vietnam how's that okay texas has 29 million people vietnam has 96 million three times the population of texas texas has 2.2 million infections and 35 000 dead vietnam or three times the population has 33 dead and 1500 infections is 1 500 less than 2.2 million is 35 less than 34 000 thousand times less so what's the difference between texas and vietnam well texas is 40 percent latino native americans and black okay whereas vietnam is entirely asian vietnamese i'll give you one more here and we can move on let's compare england which is one of the biggest gluten eaten countries in the world besides us they have 67 million people thailand has 67 million people thailand is a classic asian country uk is a typical european country and they're the ones that took wheat all over the world so wherever their sailors went people were growing wheat so they could have bread and that kind of stuff okay as of yesterday the uk has 3.7 million infections and 98 000 dead almost 100 000 dead okay thailand same population almost per person has 13 000 infections and 75 dead is there a difference between 75 dead and 98 000 dead between 13 000 infections and 3.6 million infections yeah that's because thailand lives on sweet potatoes and rice and beans and corn and the uk lives on wheat barley rye and oats every time you make a comparison by population and asian versus european background you're always going to get a terrible slap in the face when it comes to the europeans and there are numbers of infections and deaths versus the asians so if everybody would package up their wheat product oats and give it to their doctors with love you know from from or to russia with low unless this will be two doctors with love don't say well i've got six months worth of weeds i've stored up here and and flour and frozen tortillas and stuff like that so i'm going to eat all that before i want to throw it away well don't throw it away give it to your doctor with love and start eating tonight rice beans corn give up all the bad foods fried foods processed meats oils glutens wheat butter and notes remember for the vaccine to work you have to stay off of gluten so your intestines can absorb you have to take the 90 essential nutrients so your bone marrow can make platelets red blood cells and so forth and and dr shannon you have patients i know you know of people maybe in your family who go to doctors once a month to get a b12 shot in an iron shot which are chronically anemic you know people have to go in once every other month or so to get a transfusion so they get some platelets and red blood cells that are bleeding under their skin and hemorrhaging out of their hemorrhoids and you know people who say well my doctor says i've got medullary dysplasia my bone marrow's dead i'm 75 years old and the only thing they can do for me is give me a bone marrow transplant i hear it all the time yeah okay well if they would give up wheat brother and oats eat like an asian rice sweet potatoes corn and take the 90th century nutrients all those problems would go away all of them within weeks and we would add 25 to 50 healthy years of people's lives and the vaccinations would work well they're not working and and why have all the vaccine companies merck was the first one one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world merck sharp and dome they had two ready to get out there by the hundreds of millions and they stopped it they didn't even say well we have to change something they just stopped it they dumped everything and they're going to all these oral treatments herbs ivermectin which is a wormer for animals which all the other countries in the world are using was approved by our fda 50 years ago three people got a nobel prize for dealing with his ivermectin and the government won't let people use it okay isn't that crazy it is crazy it's it's so backwards i don't understand except you just to realize there's just a lot of we're living in an upside down world that is the matrix it literally yeah well it's political as opposed to serious business okay and so now there's another new thing that came out and it makes sense based on everything we've just shared okay there's a new disease complex out there called m-i-m-i-s-c you ever heard of it m-i-s-c i hadn't until yesterday okay it's an acronym for multi-um inflammatory systems in children mis-dash now correct this multi-inflammatory systems every organ system in the body heart arteries and veins lungs kidneys liver brain skin muscles bones gastrointestinal tract everything in your body is going away dying now here comes the giveaway figure 75 percent these are all in kids under the age of 10. 1 600 were reported yesterday 75 percent of them are latino or latino kids solve the diet yeah it's all diet these are kids who are eating wheat bran oats they're under 10 years old everything's dying because they can't absorb any nutrients probably none of them supplement because they're part of the lutino community and they don't supplement and so i urge everybody to take our 90 the you know the healthy brain and heart pack the healthy brain and heart pack throw in our fucoid see and our oceans go and say well i don't have thyroid problems why do you want oceans golden and few coyotes eat well because it has all these ocean plants and algaes and things like that that all these asians are eating they're getting their trace minerals from that i've been eating three oceans gold twice a day for forever 50 years i've been eating three of our fucoid z capsules for the past 20 years twice a day because when we acquired that company we're getting all these weird ocean trace minerals in addition to our 78 minerals we get from our plant-derived minerals and i'm 82 years old most people think i'm 50 when they look at me i have all my own teeth except for the one i got knocked out in the fight but i knocked the other guys all his teeth out and so i mean i don't look like an 82 year old guy okay and so that's because i've been taking the 90 essential nutrients i mean at extreme levels of course for 73 years and i've avoided the bad foods for 73 years i've been gluten-free for 72 years because i figured this out when i was nine i figured this out and of course the whole stories in the book dead doctors don't lie and that's one of the reasons why it's a bestseller in nine languages the cd of course the book in the cd hell's kitchen goes into the story of the electricity and what went on in 1860 when the scottish brought wheat into north america and started all of the native americans on wheat prior to that and i don't know if you've heard this term before uh dr shannon but the native americans and people all over the world including asians were eating what they called the three sisters maize corn beans and squash and the native americans as they would travel around during the summer time and you know they would gather up wild onions and acorns and things like that and worms and all kinds of stuff and when the scottish came in in 1860 and started introducing the native americans to wheat and deep fried bannock bread they switched them off for the three sisters okay well the only ones they couldn't change were the ojibwe indians in minnesota and they're the only ones that have 27 infections and zero dead compared to the same population in the navajos in arizona that have 838 dead and 25 000 infections you know i'm sticking with it i went to scotland once dr wallach and there's something about those guts you just can't understand what they're saying i'm just joking we love our scottish friends but um but it was i i just kept saying huh you know i could not understand anything that they said they just talked so fast with that accent that's incredible i hadn't heard that um until i listened to the audio uh hell's kitchen about the scottish bringing the wheat over i mean they i'm sure they had no idea what they were doing so it was just as damaging back then as it is today or or you know today we've altered it so much that it's worse okay well it was well it was damaging back then but see people were still taking wood ashes and getting some minerals until 1882. okay there's another 22 years went by when people were still eating clay and wood ashes and all that kind of stuff like that when they converted over electricity that not only shut off the possibility of absorbing but it also shut off any conscious supplementation because doctors said you don't need to supplement just eat well you get everything you need that's incredible because people go ahead people do ask that they say well you know how can the wheat be so different how could it change but you just said it you just said it exactly they were supplementing with others it hasn't changed yeah there was supplements with wood ashes and clay which were the sort of supplements of the day and you go to you know the garden of eden in the middle east uh did the garden of eden have wheat in it no it's all fruit that's for those who live to be 700 300 sixty-nine moses lived in three hundred and something there is a garden of eden of today here in this country isn't there well um yeah you're looking at um the the people um in loma linda california they're one of the five blue zones okay people they have more hundred-year-olds there per population than anybody else in america um the seventh-day adventist because of the way they eat and they do supplement heavily they're they're heavy supplementers the seventh-day adventist and so um when you look at the people in the blue zone uh their average lifespan is much higher than anybody else's they have more hundred year olds per hundred thousand anybody else these five countries in the blue zone again it was a cover article national geographic 2005. and you know they're saying it's all because of you know their spiritual and this and the other and genetics and so on no is because they're all rice eaters sweet potato eaters nut eaters vegetable eaters and of course in loma linda they were eating seaweed because you know that's right on the coast and so they were eating some seaweed and that kind of stuff but all the other people including sardinia um italy and then there was ikea greece and let's see here nakoya costa rica those are all part of the blue zone people they're all um islanders are live on the coast and they're eating a lot of seaweed instead of getting all these trace minerals they're eating rice instead of wheat and that's why they live so long their average lifespan for women is 90 the average lifespan for men is 81 and they have more hundred year olds per 100 000 population anybody else in the world those five communities it's all diet although medical doctors and physiologists and geneticists claim it's all genetics no if you start comparing every asian country in the world to every european country or one that originated from europe like us what we eat compared to what the asians still eat today and the life spans and the diseases it just want to make sure it wants to make you cry and again this new one that's out i have never heard this before until they just published this a couple of days ago 1 600 kids under the age of 10 died with misc multi inflammatory systems dash child okay 75 percent are latinos so you don't have to go any further because you know they're all eating flour tortillas they're all eating um spaghetti pizza crust bread pan you know you name it and as they get older they start drinking beer and i thought it was kind of weird the name of the mexican beer is corona beer wow yes yep like corona virus exactly that's incredible that's incredible well dr wallach let's go into a couple of our listeners they've uh sent over some issues that are going on just a little change of subject here we've got leanne and she is 59 years of age five five 180 pounds uh she broke her ankle in the last year had two surgeries uh she needs to lose weight she's got tinnitus her temperature runs low 97.3 uh and and some days 97.7 never the 98.6 her adrenal thyroid neck and lower back uh all have issues and stenosis in the neck is what she's been diagnosed with here's something i'm sorry oh stop stop stop stop you went too fast she's diagnosed with what they diagnosed her stenosis in the neck uh and she hears her own heartbeat palpitations and okay hey stop stop you say palpitations do they diagnose it as a-fib or just palpitations just palpitations and she's got a little bit of memory loss okay now here here comes a question what's her weight again 100 and what uh 180 pounds and she's five foot three five five 59 years of age five five okay yeah she got severe osteoporosis to the skull okay squeezing the 12 pairs of cranial nerves that's why she's got 10 eye just ringing in the ears she got the irregular heartbeat because the 10th cranial nerve is being squeezed another doctor might call it afib okay but you have a regular heartbeat that's that 10th cranial nerve the vegas are being squeezed by the skull she's had fractures spontaneous fractures because she had osteoporosis everywhere not only in her skull she's the one that needs to get the book it's all in her head and read that and she'll understand what's going on with her okay and all these other nutritional diseases show up in her thyroid and her adrenal glands and so forth right so uh five foot five hundred and eighty pounds a girl of any age especially 38 years old or 39 years old whatever it is 59 and of course oh 59 okay and 59 okay um and osteoporosis doesn't just occur in 75 year old menopausal women who've had eight kids you can be born with osteoporosis if your mother was deficient in these nutrients okay okay five foot to five um she needs to weigh maybe 130 140 pounds so she needs to lose 40 50 pounds excuse me cheese get off all the bad stuff no fried foods no processed meats no oils no glutens no wheat bread around notes no sugar everybody in the household renter spouse roommate dog cat bird fish kids need to be totally gluten free so there's no cross-contamination in the laundry and all that kind of stuff then i wanted to have two healthy brain and heart packs for months two healthy brain and heart packs per month full dose everything twice a day i want her to get the msm she'd get one bottle a month that's a big bottle so you can take three of those twice a day um that's going to support and promote maintenance repair of cartilage ligaments tendons connective tissue discs between the vertebrae bone makes exponent itself and you know her ankle and her knees and hips and neck and her skull and everything will repair and because she has glandular problems i also want her to take our fucoid z she can take three of those twice as made from all these different sea plants and algaes and things and then i also wanted her to take three um of our ocean's gold twice a day so you can get some more different plants from the ocean and and so forth he's gonna repair everything including her thyroid and um we need to hear from her every couple of weeks so she's going to have a great testimony and you know at her age and this is very typical when people have six eight different diseases and doctors say well you're just getting old you gotta expect you know you're gonna have these things no these are all nutritional deficiencies diseases they're all pre-existing conditions which say you have nutritional deficient diseases if she gets the pandemic virus she is going to have a catastrophic result because her bone marrow is dead okay i want to know what her red blood cell count was what her white blood cell count was what her platelet count was i guarantee they're all going to be low okay okay so she needs to get up all the bad stuff supplement as we've said and then um you know when she goes to the doctor he's going to say well we need to rerun everything because this can't be you because you're you're well now right okay we have annette she is 83 years of age 5 foot 1 and 150 pounds she's got afib and they're giving her eye shots for mine for macular degeneration okay so she's losing vision yes okay well she's got tinnitus and she's losing vision she's 82 years old again she's got osteoporosis of the skull and i guarantee if she's got a little white blood cell count anemia and all that kind of stuff and she probably has um she may even have a diagnosed osteoporosis and arthritis and those kinds of things does she have skin problems does she have bowel problems does she have gray hair does she have varicose veins all that stuff is saying if she gets the pandemic virus she's doomed okay with all these things okay now afib is the same thing that um this um other lady had okay same thing one's 83 the other one is 59 or whatever nine yes fifty nine okay fifty nine and they should both have the same problem so 130 pounds correct 150. well 150 okay so she needs exactly the same thing here at all the bad foods no fried foods no processed meats no oils or gluten so we brought around notes no sugar she needs two healthy brainer heart packs per month a photo sitting twice a day one bottle of the msm so you can take three of those twice a day uh two bottles a month of a few coins so you can take three of those twice a day um two dollars a month of the ocean's gold so you can take three of those twice a day uh she also needs the vision fx she needs vision fx take three of those twice his two bottles a month but here's the deal she has what's called o-n-a doctors will blame it on max regeneration because there's three things that commonly cause blindness in humans one is glaucoma you know pressure in the eye one is cataracts the other one is match regeneration if they can't see a cataract and they don't have pressure in their eye they're just going to automatically drop down and blame it on max regeneration i actually had a wager with a medical doctor about 25 years ago when i said i could reverse blindness in people who were diagnosed with actual generation he jumps up and calls me he says walk you're a liar i said where were you he said well i'm an eye doctor and i diagnose hundreds of people every year with this blindness from actual regeneration and they're permanently blind there's nothing to do about it well let's have a wager and to make a long story short um he gave me 27 charts of his patients that he diagnosed with magic generation that had been legally blind dr shannon they were legally blind for 6 8 10 12 years make a long story short put them on the same program we just discussed and in 90 days 25 of the 27 could read 2020 without glasses remember these guys are legally blind six eight ten twelve years okay it took two more weeks for the last two that's so exciting a lot of people don't believe that that could ever be turned around and it sure can oh yeah osteoporosis is called this this lady also needs to get the book it's all in your head and she will shake her head and say well how can my doctor be that dumb because he's your doctor okay thank you for those we have david who has a very enlarged prostate uh he said he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer uh let's see and leaky gut he is 78 years of age 136 pounds and 6 foot okay so he's skinny yeah okay 136 pounds i came through the prostate okay this guy needs to get rid of all his bad stuff no fried foods no processed meats no oils no glutens or wheat bread right on oats he needs to take two healthy brain and heart pressure month even though he only weighs 136 pounds he still needs to take two healthy brain and heart packs per month because he's got cancer okay i also want him to take the msm through those twice a day he needs to take the um killer biotic three of those twice a day i want him to take the cell shield rtq to support his immune system three of those twice a day and um let's see here uh let's just go with that don't forget the msm okay okay and that's three twice sir uh msm three twice daily yes that's correct okay all right we have laverne who is 81 years of age 145 pounds five foot five she has uh diabetes osteoporosis and vision problems okay 81 years old the odds are obviously approaches of the skull right yes okay and so the vision problems could be this o n a optic nerve atrophy because the optic nerve the second cranial nerve is being squeezed by the skull another one needs to have that book it's all in your head okay 25 different diseases she got diabetes so 145 pounds i want her to get rid of all the bad stuff no fried foods no processed meats no oils no glutens no wheat broth ryan notes no sugar and then i want her to have three eggs twice a day she have three eggs twice a day soft yolks hard-boiled eggs won't count and then i also want her to have another bottle of arceline one bottle of flame will come with that healthy branded heart pack but i want to get another bottle of slims so you can take a total of three twice a day or selenium it's also due to the the cofactors that are in there as well as the selenium because she has diabetes i want her to get two bottles a month or sweetie so you can take three of those twice a day don't let her cold turkey off her medication but i'm assuming she's on medication for her diabetes and she can you know take her blood sugar on a regular basis and as her blood sugar drops she can slowly reduce her medication based on the numbers okay don't just cold turkey on the medication and then because she has osteoporosis diagnosed certainly she needs one bottle a month in the msm so you can take three of those twice a day or two three times a day when it's ever easier for her i'd also have her take the vitamin d3 you know 81 year old lady i'd ever take vitamin d three three of those twice a day that's two bottles a month of her vitamin d3 and let's see here also she needs the um oceans gold through those twice a day and the few coins eat three of those twice a day okay so what if dr wallach we have somebody this came up as well somebody messaged that uh they didn't have the money for the two brain and hearts would one do just fine well once you get fined but it's better than nothing okay if they can't afford two healthy branded heart packs i would go with one healthy branded heart pack and get another bottle of our selenium not from walgreens okay marcelinum has five cofactors in there and so they would need three of our selenium twice a day and then a half of those for everything else in that healthy brain heart pack having those twice a day and then everything else we talked about okay okay you can't say one dose which is half of your projected dose is just fine okay but it's better than nothing so it's a place to start but they'll save a lot of money they'll be amazed at how much money they will save by giving up the bad foods bad foods are expensive now they are bad foods are just absolute poison i say that to my sons all the time just because it looks like food doesn't mean it is so very good okay okay i've got one more and i will hold back the name i just lost it in my notes hold on where did i say it okay uh hiv 63 years of age five foot eight it is a male 162 pound okay well we need to work on the immune system here right and i'm sure they've been given antibiotics and all that kind of stuff okay so none of the bad stuff no fried foods no processed meats no oils or glutens they need to pick better partners then they also um need to take two healthy brainer heart packs a month to full dose everything twice a day i'd have them take our killer biotic take three of those twice a day a few koi z tree of those twice a day oceans gold tree those twice a day use our hand sanitizer use our colloidal silver i'd go for a colloidal silver i take two droppers full half hour before breakfast a half hour before lunch a half hour before dinner and a half hour before bed our colloidal filler has no alcohol and it doesn't burn but it kills everything it kills every virus every bacteria every fungus and yeast okay so that's very important and um let's see here if you coit z go go with also the fucoid z i said that i think i said to you quizzes okay all right is there is there any end in sight is the killer biotic you know for life is that or six weeks well well that's as long as they continue to test positive for hiv okay okay all right very good that was the last one that we had dr wallach and i think we're getting you out of here just on the hour that you need to because you have another zoom to head over to yes so i thank you so much dr shannon well ken thank you and your your dr shannon family here um and see here what is it your body can the body can yes because it can right yeah the body can as long as you give it the raw materials it needs as long as it can't absorb the raw materials and just remember merck sharp and dome the biggest manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in the world just dropped their two vaccines and said they're going to medications to treat the virus all the other all the other all the other vaccination companies are suddenly now they're talking about going to drugs to treat the virus okay because the vaccines are not giving people results when they're over 30. the vaccines will work for kids who are under 10 years of age because their intestines still have the finger like villi but once you're over 30 the vaccines don't work anymore because you cannot absorb nutrients so that your bone marrow can make all your your immune system okay got it got it you know there is a one last point there is a laundry list of people in the medical staff that are taking the vaccine and they're passing away within a week or two and they some of my closest friends are medical doctors emergency room medical doctors and they do not have the healthiest diet they don't have the healthiest lifestyle it's not that they're out there drinking and partying they actually don't eat good food they work crazy hours and it's a high stress game alone let me give you one more then i gotta run let me let me give you one more then i gotta run and that is the average lifespan of emergency room trauma medical doctors is 57. dead doctors don't lie do they it's the only time a doctor what lives when he's dead got to run love you dear bye-bye love you too bye-bye