Themes of the poem The Terrorist Hes Watching by Wislawa Szymborska

hello everyone welcome to literature wario's so today i'm gonna discuss the themes of the poem the terrorist he is watching by vislava zizimbozka so earlier i have discussed the poem with you and i think you have an idea about the poem now so today i'm gonna go with the themes of the poem the terrorist is watching well uh the first and the main theme of the poem is terrorism and violence so my first point there terrorism and the brainwashed heartless creatures it has produced caring for nothing and nobody away from reality you know terrorism is a brutal act so only the heartless people the brutal people can promote terrorism and violence so both of these two elements terrorism and violence has produced some people with misconceptions they they have been brainwashed and they have become heartless and they do not care for anything or anybody they are just away from the realistic lifestyle they have trained to become the terrorists have been trained to become haters and they have been filled with the misconceptions towards the human beings and the society everything so it has produced a a set of people with uh cannibalistic qualities well my second point terrorism and violence have become common in modern society now just think we in the modern society we hear crimes lot of crimes kidnappings murderings and bomb blastings massacres everything so all these belong to violence and terrorism so now as sri lankans we have experienced 30 years war the ltte carters were fighting and they were massacring thousands of people just to achieve a separate territory so just think think about their minds how how how senseless they are and their minds have been filled with the brutally brutal acts and they they have heart they are heartless creatures they have become heartless heartless creatures when they are doing that and recently we have experienced the last year it was easter bombings and hundreds of people have been died there and that was something else it's something about a misconception towards the religion so there are several things that the terrorists promote violence and terrorism because they have a kind of misconceptions towards the society and you know only a heartless creature can watch the other people dying so this poem is also something like that the terrorist is watching over the death of hundreds of people well i have coded some of the lines from the poem so the first stanza itself is there the bomb in the bar will explode at 13 20. now it's just 13 16 there's still time for some to go in and some to come out so here the poet is just reports the bomb in the bar will explode at 13 20. now normally something like this something destructive and something very emotional is gonna happen here so normally the poets commenting over the over something destructive or something crucial but here the poet is just reports what's gonna happen because this has become something normal and something common in the society so it's not a new thing for the poet as well poeters as well then what are we just like movies now see watching a movie is uh something very common and it's normal so for the terrorists or terrorists also watching this blast is a is kind of watching the watching a movie because people are going in and out now he is watching how they are going to die will then next we will see when they carry them out see the situation now those who have walked on their feet into the bar they will definitely come they will have to be carried out because after the blast they will be either dead or wounded the boom it explodes so it's also something it explodes and there will be something really destructive the poet doesn't say something like that the poet just reports the bomb it explodes that shows how common it has become it's just like the girl she dances the bomb it explodes well let's move on to the next theme it's uncertainty of life now this is something universal because we all know about our lives and they are uncertain so my first point this is rather philosophic as the poem discovers the fragility of life and destiny in a second a person going through his daily work can be can have his life snuffed out so you know this is uh this is a philosophy because everyone's life is not certain any there can you may have your death anywhere you go so it's the the life is really fragile and the destiny we cannot define our destiny so in a second the person who is now you may go to several places you may go to fulfill your needs and you may go to do your job and maybe for your studies anywhere you may you might be snuffed out at a mo in a moment in a second so without the knowledge a person can be exposed to deadly dangers or can walk away to safety with no idea of what they had escaped from now we know such cases because you know a second is enough to define our destiny so now see i have quoted these lines a woman in yellow jacket she is going in she doesn't know without her knowledge she is going in she doesn't know that there will be a blast in in a few minutes so she is going to be a victim there then 13 17 and four seconds the short one he is lucky he is getting on a scooter he also doesn't know that there will be a bombing but some mysterious uh power has taken away taken him away he is getting on a scooter and he is going away from the scene so it is something we cannot explain because it happens mysteriously that is life that is philosophy the next point life is precious but the slightest decision can change everything it's also connected with the idea that i have talked before because sometimes without our knowledge we we become victims and sometimes we become safe so here even a slightest decision can change everything now see this at 13 20 minus 10 seconds he goes back in for his crummy gloves what is crummy gloves means unpleasant clouds so for this little thing he's changing his mind to go in if he doesn't go there if he if he doesn't if he didn't go in for his unpleasant blouse he'll be saved but that decision have changed his life well then the next point the countdown from the beginning of the poem to the end also stresses the uncertainty of life now from the beginning uh to the end the countdown moves on the countdown continues and it stresses the uncertainty of life each minute each second is uncertain because we don't know what will happen in the next minute and next second so i have quartered the count down here now it's just 13 16 13 17 and 4 seconds 13 17 and 40 seconds 13 18 13 19 13 20 minus 10 seconds 13 20 exactly and second any second now so well see each second is important in our life to define our destiny because the life is really uncertain well let me move on to the next topic cruelty and brutality of human beings so this is something connected with violence because brutal brutality and cruelty have created through the brainwashed people well my first point is the poetess focuses attention of the dehumanizing effects of materialism and dangerous ideologies and obsessions well so you can see uh this person the terrorist is crossing the street and washing over the death of the others he is in a safe place so that is something really brutal and he is a cruel person he is a heartless person that's why he can see others dying so it's it's actually dehumanizing he has been dehumanized next point the terrorist's main and soul target is to see the death of everyone in the bar and to create confusion among public ordinary people he is mercilessly washing the destruction of human lives so see the quotation the the stance i have quoted the terrorist has already crossed the street the distance keeps him out of danger and water weave just like movies so you can see how pathetic the situation is he is really merciless because he is watching the destruction he is curious to watch the destruction of the others that the death of everyone and a terrorist a terrorist want to disturb and make confusions commotions over the lives of public ordinary people and he is he is having some absurd happiness from it he is curious of it and he is happy when the people have been died well so this is what happened in the modern society as well because the people have become very cruel and brutal in the society they have like they are people in they have become the animals in the jungle that's how the society works out now well i have already discussed the three topics here because these are the main topics in the poem so let me revise you again terrorism and violence uncertainty of life cruelty and brutality of human beings the other these are the key topics the major themes of the poem so that's why i have discussed them only i will be giving you some other themes in my notes and if you need the nodes you can follow me in facebook i have mentioned the link under this video so you can contact me to have the notes and well this is the end of my presentation about the themes of the poem the terrorist he is watching so thank you for watching and i will be coming up with the techniques of the poem and also with many other poems from all over literature syllabus thank you everyone