These crazy headphones might blow your mind


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Whats's up guys. Lew here back with another video, and today... We are going to be checking out what might be the most highly regarded high end set of headphones On planet earth These are the legendary HD 800 from Sennheiser There is a link in the discription so you can check 'em out But, just be warned... little bit pricy but, hey on the bleeding edge when you are looking at F1 cars you don't expect to pay Honda civic prices. DO YOU? This like the F1 car, so we're gonna listen... Together. You and I But it's not just about the headphones I've also got A special amplifier, which is tuned to be paired with the HD 800 The HDVD 800 Sennheiser, you know the deal, these guys are at the top of the game And have been, forever with a German name like that I mean who knows there siting around, testing, tinkering, twisting Let's start with the headphones you can tell this is a giant box They're giant headphones When you have big drivers on each ear It's gonna be big, also these are meant for at home listening aww.. OOOH Try and take that all in Try and like absorb What that might mean to you They got like the cetin in here That's some Terminator looking stuff right there OH OH OH OH Manufacturing number As well as made in Germany It's all about... Sort of angling the transducer on the inside Keeping the back open 1/4 inch termination point here And an incredible thick durable cable You're listening to this on headphones that in most cases Have been tuned dynamically To give you contrast, the impression of dynamics A headphone like this is aiming to... Reproduce as accurately as possible The original recording So... What Sennheiser has here An amp, to sort of back up the transparency assosiated with these particular headphones (Plastic unwrapping) WOW I mean... You got the window here. A number of different ways to interface with the amp As you can see, analog ins, analog outs... (Whistling) Who's better than you right now? OK, so I've got like... A basic Turn table over here, and... I've got some records Black Sabbath, Super Ape, J Dilla... Black Sabbath Paranoid, unbeliaveble Alright, says warpigs (Switch) (Music playing) Can I get deep with you for a minute? First up, that's the longest... Period of time... I've ever spend here in unbox theraby with my mouth shut I knew that was a video happening I went somewhere else for a minute Seriously When you set it up like this... You get the vinyl out You get the amplifier, you get yourself a nice set of headphones Part of it, is about the ritual... Everybody is saying: "OOH... Vinyl hipsters" "I can't tell the difference, give me my MP3!" Alright... I feel ya! It's about the whole package I mean, think about it, when was the last time you even sat down to listen to a song that lenght straight throught Not doing anything else, not on your computer, not cleaning dirty dishes I mean... You just- You just- Sat there You shift your commitment, and you start to look at things a little bit differently, Maybe... In a slightly old school fashion where the kind of critical listening you're doing The attention you're paying... And ultimate, the evaluation of... The music changes based on that. Do I sound like an old man right now? Maybe... But I felt like I was in the studio Seriously, I felt like I was uh... Was Ozzy Osbourne I felt like Jack was Ozzy Osbourne Awareness, that's the word I wanna use... Awareness You just feel aware of everything That's happening. There's a lot of... Separation... Between... The various Instrumental components Another one that showed up in the mail. It's called Super Ape. I'm visualising I have very like warm... Warm feeling inside there Next up: J Dilla I'm feeling In some of that instumentation there's slightly more clarity. More definition... What can I say to you guys? It's not gonna be for everybody But if you have the means... And the love of music And you wanna interpret it Possibly. Closer To the way the artist intentended It's hard to imagine Getting closer Than what I just got.