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Sadhguru: So I want you to know no thought is spiritual. Thought is just a thought, but it’s a tremendous instrument, it can do things. A thought does not take you anywhere, but a thought can set the course of your life. Suppose I sit here and think of Vishakhapatnam, how much ever in detail I imagine Vishakhapatnam, still I don’t get there, isn’t it? It may fire up a desire within me to go to Vishakhapatnam, but I’ll not get there thinking about it. So thought doesn’t take you anywhere, but it sets the direction. Whatever you think of, naturally you tend to go in that direction, so keep having spiritual thoughts. One day If I keep on thinking about Vishakhapatnam, one day I’ll buy the ticket to go there, isn’t it? So keep thinking, one day you will want to go there, desire will come, isn’t it? What you’re thinking of is what you desire. Isn’t it so? Keep having spiritual thoughts, but be clear what is a spiritual thought, because I don’t know what it is because I’ve never had a spiritual thought till now. So do not classify your thoughts as spiritual and non-spiritual. Just look at this - don’t even think about spirituality do you want to be a full-fledged life or do you want to be a half-baked life? That’s all.