This Cathedral Is Made of Bread


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(gentle instrumental music) - [Narrator] Most cathedrals have been built to withstand the test of time, but not this one. Welcome to the Easter Arches of Sicily, Italy. But come quick, they won't last. Every Easter, the town of San Biagio in Sicily, Italy, is home to a cathedral made out of breads, cereals, and pastas. Visitors are able to wander through the Arches of Bread and enjoy the detailed designs up close. The structure is created by locals, and takes around three months to construct. The origins of this tradition date back to ancient times when visiting royals expected to be greeted with grand displays. San Biagio was a town of mostly poor farmers, so they used what they had: bread. In the mid 18th century the tradition became a celebration of Easter. Although the appetizing displays aren't edible, a walk through the Arches of Bread is a testament to the city's long history and the artistic capabilities of its citizens. (electronic dinging)