This Girl Was Born With Silver Eyes But No One Knew How It Would Affect Her Life


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hi everyone many people do all kinds of things to stand out from the crowd unusual clothes that will attract the attention of all subway passengers piercings tattoos and bright hair everything will do but in childhood being different from others is not always a good thing because peers rarely give fair treatment to those who are different but what if your trait is innate and there's no way to hide it today we will tell you about kids who have rare body mutations or simply unusual appearances but still enjoy their lives believe us these stories will convince you that beauty comes in different forms and it often lies in imperfections let's get it on primrose austin this baby girl is from china her name is primrose austin and she was born with a very rare eye condition her silver blue eyes are not the result of computer graphics or wearing special lenses the child suffers from congenital glaucoma a disease that disrupts the outflow of intraocular fluid typically the main symptoms of this genetic disorder are unnaturally large eyes increased tear shedding cloudy irises and photophobia but the worst thing is that the condition causes increased intraocular pressure in the head this damages the optic nerve and as a result the ability to see is gradually lost move back up primrose had a very difficult life due to this condition before she was adopted by an american family she lived in her homeland in an ordinary orphanage but after she was finally adopted into a loving family and received the necessary treatment she became active and cheerful again although her eyes had to be replaced with beautiful green prostheses well her parents love her for who she is and are ready to devote all of their time and attention to the well-being of their daughter we could only thank fate that primrose has found such loving parents aiden garcia it's scary to imagine how many hair product manufacturers would kill for a chance to work with this nine-year-old new yorker aiden garcia the boy gained popularity on the internet six years ago when his mother posted a charming video with him on social media in the video baby aiden looks at the camera and asks do you think i'm cute yes or no as we know the internet adores memes cats and babies so the video went viral very quickly it was even reposted by celebrities like selena gomez and ellen degeneres showed the video during a tv show all this gave a huge boost to the future career of aiden who was lucky to be born with a great looking afro hair of a reddish hue now he constantly participates in photoshoots as a model and also has more than a hundred thousand followers on instagram the kid even features in ads for major clothing brands such as the gap not bad for such a young age gwen stefani if you heard this name and started humming the famous hit of the band no doubt don't speak we have to disappoint you right away we're talking about another gwen stefani her last name is carvalho and she is a charming girl from brazil with a rare skin condition well her parents apparently are just big fans of the work of a blonde singer with red lips gwen's condition is called pie baldism many believe that this is the same as vitiligo which has been discussed a lot in recent years but this is not quite true yes both conditions are caused by a disrupted exchange of pigments in the human body but pyborilism has some peculiarities for example the inevitable appearance of a white strand of hair and the spots on the skin of the chest and abdomen however the main difference is that in case of parabolism these spots are visible from birth and during life the texture and location of the spots don't change in any way fortunately this disease almost never affects the internal organs quinn's parents say that in her everyday life of course she has to deal with increased attention from strangers still she enjoys the life of an ordinary child her age she plays ball with friends rides a scooter listens to brazilian music and dances to hit songs on tiktok larsen sisters for many years now elsie larson from the us has been running her instagram account telling followers the secrets of good home decor and delicious recipes when the girl and her husband jeremy first adopted a girl with albinism not everyone could understand them [Music] indeed for many people accepting a child with special needs into a family is a strange decision three years later the couple adopted another child with exactly the same genetic trait this was done as part of a special program of the chinese government which allows foreigners to take custody of children with various congenital diseases elsie doesn't hide the fact that the adoption was not an easy process the children got used to the new environment and the parents to the new features of life but today two sisters named nova and marigold are real celebrities on social media and the condition they share only helps them cope with the increased attention from other people fortunately in the american environment people are not as prejudiced as in china where people with snow white skin and hair are still shrouded in many myths and strange stereotypes artium aristechian when little artian was born all the doctors in the delivery ward froze for a second in amazement not only was the baby covered from head to toe with large dark growths nevi but he also had spina bifida i.e spinal column deformation without even showing the baby to the parents the doctors immediately took him away and performed a complex surgery on his back the doctor's predictions were not optimistic but despite all the skeptics artem quickly woke up from anaesthesia and finally saw his mum and dad and his special skin didn't frighten them on the contrary they were fascinated the family now runs a cute account called baby boy panda and shows the world that special kids are just as beautiful as ordinary kids james stewart a little earlier we already said a few words about viciligo a skin pigmentation disorder that causes patchy loss of skin coloring it is important to note that the colorless spots can increase in size merge with others and appear on previously unaffected skin at the same time the properties of white spots of the skin are similar to albinism they quickly burn out in the sun and are highly sensitive to many substances and materials 15 year old james stewart from the uk lives with this condition the guy admits that he had to face rejection from others more than once but friends and family helped him accept himself james plays on the junior soccer team enjoys water sports such as stand-up paddling and plays in a theater he's also a member of the british modelling agency's zabidi alongside hundreds of other special models by the way did you know that the king of pop michael jackson also suffered from vitiligo many people mistakenly believed that the singer bleached his skin because he was insecure about his identity but according to people close to him this was not quite true in fact at a certain age light spots started to appear on his face and the artist bleached his skin to cover up the white patches shiloh calvert yin trichology recognizes the condition called the uncombable hair syndrome now we're not talking about those cases where you just have to use a whole bottle of conditioner to do an unacceptable haircut this just means your hair is dry which can easily be fixed by various care products we are talking about a condition that is characterized by dry frizzy hair that cannot be combed flat hundreds of people all over the earth suffer from this condition which turns hair combing into a real torture chola calvert yin from australia is one of those people her hair has a completely different structure than usual it can't be coned or styled unless gathered in a bun although the process would likely be quite painful so most often shiloh walks the streets of her native melbourne with a funny explosion on her head which makes her look like a character from the trolls animated movie in order to prevent her hair from getting tangled during sleep the girl has to sleep on a silk pillow with a scarf on her head still she loves her naughty hair after all the unusual syndrome makes sheila really special by the way you may not believe it but the world famous physicist albert einstein also suffered from this condition too hold on a second do you want to see some crazy stories from real life nothing dumb only action only adventures chases and fights love confessions and sudden betrayals don't believe us we'll follow the link and see for yourselves our animation channel private diary reveals the deepest secrets don't forget to subscribe [Music]