This Is What Horror Movie Actors Look Like in Real Life


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hello there people love horror movies despite the fact that the world is full of scary unpleasant and simply creepy things many people are willing to pay money for a ticket to the movies to be scared do you wanna play a game scientists say that it's a way to deal with anxiety and also get a portion of safe adrenalin it's obviously better to see a ghost in a movie than getting adrenaline from jumping off roofs and of course actors play an important role they depict the monsters and evil spirits on the screen but often remain unrecognized in real life while today we will slightly lift the veil of mystery and look at them without any masks and makeup let's get it on davy chase looking at this prissy girl you won't believe that she could terrify anybody seriously she's too pretty to be scary besides look her filmography includes the Disney cartoon lilo and Stitch and Davi dub - lilo however that despite all this David Chase starred in the incredibly scary movie the ring and the ring - playing the mole of samara morgan you probably remember her a ghost in a white dress and with long black hair covering her face a creepy spirit from the well and the ominous and frightening seven days and in between these films which gave many people our fear of wells little girls and videotapes Davey actually voiced a cheerful Disney character ah what a weird acting career today the girl is 28 years old and she continues to act in movies Bonni errands remember the frightening nun the demon VALIC from the conjuring - who made goosebumps run down the back of every viewer it's really hard to believe but not only the makeup artists were responsible for a terrible look but also the actress Bonnie Aaron's or rather her unusual appearance at the very beginning of her career Aaron's attended acting school in New York City but she was often told that she wouldn't be able to play in the movies because of her eyes and nose it was just too unusual as a result Bonnie found a job in Europe starring in short films and commercials she appeared in The Princess Diaries and then got a small role in several popular horror films like drag me to hell but none of them are comparable to the country and the effect that Bonnie managed to produce in the audience the public liked this character so much that the creators even decided to make a spin-off about VALIC unfortunately the nun didn't meet the expectations but if you want to once again check out the frightening Bonnie Aaron's and see how she perfectly plays a role be sure to watch the movie Bill's skarsgård if you didn't watch this series Hemlock Grove or didn't pay attention to the supporting characters of the divergent movies you probably had no idea about Bill skarsgård before the release of the new version of it this Swedish actor is the son of stellan skarsgård brother of Alexander and Gustav who are also movie actors don't you worry about needle when acting becomes a family master it takes a lot of effort to become an independent creative person not just someone else's son or brother they'll definitely succeed it though and his portrayal of penny wise is a great proof of us he's not creepy just because of the makeup this clown looks frightening and creeps the hell out of everyone because Bill skarsgård is doing his job perfectly without any makeup you know Pennywise is smile and these slightly squinting eyes voice and movements even in the most ordinary situation this will make you feel uncomfortable what to say about the whole movie when you see an evil spirit in the form of a damn scary clown on a huge screen we will leave Robert Englund Freddy Krueger sand ciao Freddy Krueger is probably the most famous horror movie character many critics consider him a cult movie character and we know that many viewers couldn't sleep at night because of him and a special thanks for this should go to Robert Englund the actor who played the role of Freddy by the way he wants to audition for the role of Han Solo he'll just imagine that after playing many TV villains director Wes Craven invited him to play the main role in his new film a Nightmare on Elm Street this role made Robert Englund famous and at the same time made him almost unrecognizable under a sophisticated makeup the franchise was so successful that in the period from 1984 to 2003 eight films were shot with England in the lead role the last film with his participation was the crossover Freddy vs. Jason sure you are but it seems that the actor is not tired of the image of Freddie if you look at his Twitter you can see that angle ndu is already over 70 years old still enjoys this creepy popularity sticks and stones may break by ball Roberto Campanella this charming smiling guy is one of the creepiest characters in Silent Hill can you believe it just add a pyramid because it was Roberto Campanella dancer and choreographer who played the role of Pyramid Head when the creature designer patrick tatopoulus found out that this character would appear in the film he decided to make him completely different from the other monsters Patrick's goal was to create a costume that the actor could wear all day long and he succeeded Patrick worked with very light materials that looked heavy thanks to their color Campanella confessed that the costume was surprisingly light and comfortable and became literally his second skin it consisted of five parts which were attached directly to Roberto's body although it's at the act at two or three hours to turn into the monster and he had to walk in platform shoes on a really thick sole you know art requires sacrifice gunner Hansen the main villain in a series of American horror films The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is Leatherface aka Bubba Sawyer the IGN website put Leatherface in the 5th place at the top 25 horror movie villains which already tells you something about his importance however you could never really recognize the person who played this role on the street Gunnar Hansen and Icelandic actor and writer was born in Reykjavik moved with his family to Maine at the age of five and to Austin Texas at the age of eleven he studied at the University of Texas in Austin and during the summer holidays he worked part-time various jobs even as a bouncer in 1973 he auditioned for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre for a part-time job Gunners physical Foreman pressed the director and the role of Leatherface was given to him the film was a low-budget Hansen spent 12 to 16 hours every day for three weeks in the same dirty suit and mask because of the cheapness of the film the use of special effects was minimized so Hansen used a real chainsaw often a dangerous proximity to the other actors although the film was a hit the film crew and actors did not make much money ari Lehmann Shh Friday the 13th is a cult horror franchise which is probably familiar even to those who don't watch horror movies at all as well as the main villain of this story Jason Voorhees the killer in a hockey mask his role was performed by many actors which isn't surprising after all Jason's costume allowed anyone to play him really when it was time to look for an actor for the role of Jason Sean Cunningham gave it to Ari Lehman who came to audition for a completely different film as soon as the boy walked into the room cunningham offered him the role of Jason saying you're the right size we've got the part in the original film ari Lehman appears only for a few seconds in other films Jason was portrayed by Timur kovitch Jason Takes Manhattan and Ken Curtsinger in Freddy vs. Jason however the main performers of the role was stuntman Jason needed excellent physical training not acting skills the most famous stunt man who tried on the hockey mask is Kane Hodder [Music] Balaji bidet Joe while watching alien you usually don't even think about the fact that there's a person inside the alien costume nevertheless there was one Balaji bidet Joe a native of the Masai people studied in London to be a graphic artist and traveled a lot when he visited the United States Peter Archer Ridley Scott's agent noticed him in a pub and invited him to the audition Balaji's hides according to various data reached from 208 to 218 centimetres in addition the guy had long thin arms and legs that's what you need for a horror movie his figure fit perfectly Scott wanted no one to notice that inside the costume of the a Lea was a man thanks to his extraordinary highs and thinness Balaji pas de Joe in the suit looked like a creature a cosmic parasite but not a human being to enhance the effect during the preparation for shooting Balaji took lessons of Taichi learned the sliding movements and habits of the praying mantis after filming the guy went home to Nigeria where he opened his own art gallery and started a family unfortunately though an hereditary disease did not allow Balaji to live a long life and he died at the age of 39 Takako Fuji do you know this name what about kyuk-ho sigh Aki yes the creepy long-haired girl vengeful spirits am one of the most popular horror movie characters in all films up to the grudge - she's portrayed by famous actress and voice over artist Takako Fuji Takako was born on July 27th 1972 in Tokyo she started her career by joining the I'm theatrical company when she studied acting at Aoyama gakuin university Takako mostly played on stage and she was a voice-over artist a Cu in Japanese Sakiko Fugees debut in films at place in 1997 with the dubbing of one of the characters in the anime movie Princess Mononoke by the way this film by famous director Hayao Miyazaki almost became the most popular box office film in the history of Japan however Mononoke lost to Titanic after all but real Fame came to to tacko Fuji after the release of the first film - on the garage by takashi shimizu well thank you - kakko for your work and our nightmares dude are you looking for new technologies and great gadgets are your thoughts focused on the future do you love huge vehicles and can't imagine your life without robots around here and visit tech zone and you'll find all this and more the link is in the description you interested great [Music] [Music]