This Is the Longest Tunnel in the World

it's time to go underground I'm going on a journey unlike anything I've ever experienced right now we're going 700 feet underground to get an up-close look at a 1 billion dollar repair project on the biggest tunnel in the world all right here we go Wow look at this this is gigantic welcome to the largest repair project in the history of New York City's water supply with a mission to break through bedrock to fix a leak in the delaware aqueduct the longest tunnel in the world stretching 85 miles from upstate New York to the border of Manhattan in the early 90s the tunnel started to leak into the Hudson River or building a new tunnel right alongside the leaking section so that we can take that section out of service forever and essentially do bypass surgery on the tunnel to make it work well into the future so it's like open-heart surgery 700 feet under the ground that's exactly right this massive machine is essentially a 2.7 million pound drill over 21 feet wide and 470 feet long longer than a football field workers actually go inside the machine they've been pouring through Rock for a year and a half so this thing has been grinding and turning for 18 months that's right it's been grinding and turning for 18 months and it just broke through the last few feet of rock that's one big time breakthrough it's been years are you guys ready to get out of this cave and get up up down or what that's where we lived this side job is what we do every day and we love it [Music] you [Music]