This Might Be the Trippiest House in Santa Fe


Great Big Story


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[Music] in the peaceful town of Santa Fe New Mexico on the quiet streets of Ravena circle you will find a beautiful Victorian home where two great artists are having a very casual conversation how do we push the boundaries of our reality and how do we access the chaotic unknown yeah very casual indeed to find their answers Emily and Katie had the courage to go to places few have ever been this great big story is by Geico believe it Geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance welcome to the house of eternal return an immersive art exhibit built by the art collective the Owl wolf and these are Katie and Emily who are there when everything started we wanted to create that space of pure self-expression and we just wanted to make stuff forever the year was 2008 when a group of radical artists wanted to make art with no rules they decided to get together and put a name to the project meow wolf fast forward three years and they were commissioned for their first interactive art exhibit and it was a huge success meow wolf was in business but business meant rules eventually we had to adapt in order to grow now our story is reflected in the narrative of the house oh can I hear the story I'll give you the short version thank you the house of eternal return is a story about order and chaos the anomaly a creative but mindless force of chaos and shadow people who represent order rules and structure so you guys the artists you were the anomaly well actually we're both the anomaly and the shadow people because we have this like vision that we wanted to bring into the world and it was crazy and unrealistic but we realized in order to do that we had to provide the structures to support it just like people that's right [Music] [Music] and so life goes on here at with Venus er in perfect yet delicate balance between order and chaos [Music]