This Netflix Horror Film Has An Unexpected Ending




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- Hey guys, it's Sam again, and I just invited a bunch of my friends over to watch the Netflix horror film The Ritual. It's super terrifying with a crazy twist ending. So let's get this thing started. (screams) (screams) - Oh that is some gory (beeps). (upbeat music) - I have seen The Ritual. You've seen The Ritual too. - I've seen The Ritual. - It's about a group of four guys who get lost in the woods while hiking, so it's sort of like Blair Witch Project but with a modern twist. - I have not seen The Ritual before but I love horror movies. - I also love horror movies and I have not seen this movie either. I'm excited. - Newer horror films I feel aren't as good as the old ones. Slowly they're coming back. - I don't know a lot about horror movies. But the ones I have seen I have a lot of reactions. - What's like a non scary movie that terrifies you? - You know that movie The Happening, that everyone like laughed at it? I found it very scary. - Paranormal Activity I couldn't be close to my closet for a month. - Why do you want to see something that makes you afraid of your closet? - 'cause I love it. - I feel like I don't want something more close to real life because then I'm like this could happen to me. Like I babysit, I could be the babysitter that picks up the phone and then dies. - I mean, every person who's ever babysat has had that fear. - [Actor] We're hiking. - To me wanting to go hiking is a horror movie in and of itself. (laughs) Those are not my friends anymore. - Yeah. - There's more where that (beeps), there's more. - Who's (beeps) in crying. (clatters) - His friend's just hiding. - Just take it. - Give him the ring. - I don't understand people's attachment to their stuff. (screams) - For a wedding ring it's like. - That's so dumb. I don't think his wife would be too happy, like oh you died because you wouldn't give up this piece of metal. - He was trying to de-escal, because he started like being like, it's okay. - It didn't work out for Batman's parents so why would it work out for you? - What would you want the friend to do? That's a genuine question. - Just throw something, anything. - He did have a bunch of bottles near by. - There's so much alcohol near by. - [All] Yeah. - [Curly Hair] Oh fair enough. Fair enough. - I would totally text my friends and be like, yo, there's a dude inside who has a machete just like call the cops. - I would have at least stood next to him while it was all happening. - I feel like maybe I would just grab a bunch of bottles and go for it. I go, I hide, I'd be like grab a bunch of bottles and just start, and then keep a couple in me and just ram, like go for the nuts. Go for the eyes, and then just (beeps) kick. - Regardless of what happens in the rest of the movie, I would still be pissed at my friend if they died and made me feel guilty to go on a hiking trip. I think that's awful. - They're doing it. - Pouring one out? - That's the ritual. - It's their ritual, I don't know if it's The Ritual. (laughs) - How much alcohol is in that little flask? - That was one of Mary Poppin's flasks, right there. (gasps) - Oh. - Oh. - Oh no. - How did that even happen? - What did he just impale himself? - Did he break something? - He just like tripped. - Everybody has like that friend, though. You know what I mean? - He's clearly the least athletic one. - We go southwest through here. We cut the journey in half. - What, through the forest? - Yeah why not? A little off trail hiking, could be exciting. Might even do us some good. I think we need this. - I love how he's like, it's character building to go through the uncharted forest with the guy with the meniscus tear. (laughs) - Meniscus tear guy. - That's gonna save our friendship. - Yeah, remembering their friend. (screams) What the (beeps) is that? - Izzy did two screams. What the (beeps). - Jesus Christ. - It's a massive deer too. - Yeah, that's not a dear, that's like a centaur. - It's a horse. - Centaur, (laughs). - Oh look, it's just started dripping blood. - Yeah, it's a fresh kill. - I'm gonna get that tattooed on my ass. (laughs) Fresh kill. - Okay so like we all would have turned back there, right? - [All] Yeah. - We're doing the 14 hours. - Yeah. - Yeah. - As soon as a friend gets injured, be like, okay guys, we should probably leave. - Probably a bad sign. - Well that's why they're going through the woods to get to the lodge faster. - It's already dark and raining, of course. (thunders) - You're going to go into the random house in the woods? - They like just saw the haunted emojis and they're like going. (laughs) let's hunker down in the abandoned shack. - Oh (beeps). - I'm confused as to what it is. - I'd rather absolutely get soaked from head to toe than go in that cabin. - I would pitch my tent like a normal person once again because a lone cabin in the woods, it's never good. - There's either an animal, a bad person, or as we saw a weird cult situation happening and I want no part of that at all. - Check it out, because it could be a harmless cabin that is giving you nice shelter? This cabin didn't look harmless from the beginning. - On the route that we're going, do they deserve to die at this point? - Yes. - Yeah. - [Poppy] Oh my god. - I don't think anyone deserves to die. - [Chloe] Yeah. - Unless you're like Hitler. - You're just like. - They need to go, they're so stupid. (laughs) - Expel them from the pop-li-ation. - Just let it go. - Scale of one to 10, how scary is this movie so far? - I would give it a rising four. - Rising four, (laughs). - It's a four right now, it has potential for more. (laughs) - I agree with Emily, it's at a four but it has potential. 'cause it has like little jump scares. - I think that whole deer thing was the scariest thing in it so I would give it a five because of that. - I'm at a six, I'm like legit sweating. - I feel like if I was watching this alone it would be a soft eight, a hard seven. (laughs) - We're soft, we're rising, I feel like I'm on a porn set or something. - I'm at like a two, I don't know, I don't scare very easily. - Yeah you're making all the decisions when we go on our haunted hiking trip. Is someone gonna die? - Yes. - yes, a hundred percent. - Everyone, maybe. - [Emily] I think meniscus guy is the first to go next. - Ah, he keeps talking about Gale, his wife. - He's lame. He's lame and he's lame. - I was gonna say he's lame in so many ways. (laughs) let's see what happens next. (ominous music) - I'm nervous something's gonna pop. - Hand on the tree. - There was? - I didn't even see it this time. I saw it last time. - [All] Oh. - That's (beeps) huge, what is it? - They had four different tents, (laughs) - I'd be huddling together at this point. - That's a lot. - Toxic masculinity. - They can't be near each other. They were all ready to like bone in the cabin. - Yeah. - And now they're like, we're in the woods. - Is it gonna come from behind? Oh, (laughs) - [Emily] Oh it's a hand, it's a hand. - I think it's him. - Something's gotta happen right now. - Oh, - oh. (gasps) - Oh no, oh he's just having his like nightmare things. - I like this weird nightmare scenario. - Yeah it's kind of fun. - It's him, there he is. - Oh god. - Oh you were right. - Yeah, his insides are gonna be on the floor. - Oh yup, throw up. - What do we think is haunting the forest right now? - Well I just keep picturing that tree thing. Something that's powered by a witch maybe, like a golem, of sorts. - Are we still rising? - I think so, I think there's still potential. - The creepiness of the dreams have heightened it for me. - It is called The Ritual so I feel there's still a bigger part that we're missing. - Yeah. - Yeah The Ritual. (laughs) we're gonna play a little round of The Ritual, would you rather, would you rather be the lone, guilty survivor, or the first person who gets impaled? - I'd rather be alive no matter what. - Lone guilty. - I can't even live with like, if I said something weird to someone one time, it haunts me for days where I'm like, oh my god did I offend them? I said that they gave me a weird look, oh my god, they hate me now. Then I have to like journal about it. - There'll be a lot of journals if you survive this. - [Lizzy] I can't survive. - Everyone else wants to survive. - Definitely. - I want to die too. - Really? - Yeah. I don't want to live with that. - I'd rather not be the one. - Not the first one to die too, you definitely want to die 'cause you saw your friends die. - Would you rather be stuck with these guys in the woods, or stuck in the woods with Nic Cage? - I just watched a really great Nic Cage movie, The Family Man, for the first time. - Yeah. - So cute, I would be stuck with him, he was fine. - As long as Dom's not there, sure. - Yeah, yeah. - If you make it out and you survived with Nic Cage that's like a great story. And you're friends for life with Nic Cage and he's a Coppola so then you're with the Coppola's. - Right. (gasps) (laughs) - Oh my (beeps). - He looks like a hobbit. (laughs) - There's golem. - This is really ineffective running. - They're running right down the middle of the whole (beeps) thing too. - This could be his lair, the creatures liar. - I just feel like I'd be like, oh, another person perhaps they're on my side. But clearly that's not the direction you're supposed to go in. (dramatic music) - Good to know there are like real people living here. - Very friendly real people. - Yeah. Really nice looking. - Oh, - oh. There's a little lady. They're kind of like modern day hipsters, like she looks like she has purple hair now, cool bowl cut. - she drank too much kombucha. - Oh (beeps) they're taking him. Oh god. - Oh no he's the weakest link. - His time has come. - Guys I feel like this might be the ritual? - This seems like it is. - You know what's crazy if like without context this just looks like one of those Pinterest weddings, you know what I mean? - If you just make it a little warmer. - [Sam] Right it's like Earth, yeah exactly. The lighting's a little bit off. - Oh god. (moans) - They're gonna bite his face. - Oh god. (screams) - He's like, I don't want to go out there anymore. (screams) - [Girl] She's pissed. (laughs and claps) - She falls heavily to the floor. - Awesome. - Oh my god. - He's gonna have to stare at it. Look at those eyes. Ha, he's like, for god's sake. - [Emily] Just stay down. - [Poppy] Stay down. - [Emily] Don't make me hurt you. - I would totally kneel down, which I'll do right now. - I would just yield to it in hopes that I would be okay. I'd probably do like a combo of like fake kneeling. - I think we've established I'm a very agreeable person and would probably do well in a cult, so yes, kneel down to the monster. - We've seen the entire movie now guys, I want to quick go through and see like what you would rate it overall in terms of scariness, one through 10, now that you've seen the whole thing? - Two. - Two as well. - I'd also give it a two. - If I'm watching it alone, an eight, if I'm watching it with you guys, a four. - I still think that was a six or a seven for me. I was like scared, we jumped a lot. - We did yeah. - The first time I saw it I was so scared, I'd give it an eight honestly. - [Sam] We'll go around in a circle and pitch the bad sequel to this movie. - I want to see four of whoever is the closest female friends of theirs, go and like try to kill the demon and see how it does play out as a female movie. - If it was four women, this movie would have ended like 15 minutes in and they would have been like. - They would have been in Tuscany. - They'd be at the lodge like enjoying making s'mores. - Having a laugh. - Remember we saw that, that was crazy. - That deer thing was nuts, good thing we turned around. - I'm thinking like rom com all the wives go on a wine trip to Tuscany. - I love it. - But then they end up being pursued by a Italian monster in the shape of a wine bottle. (laughs) - Thanks for joining us for Spoiler Party today, be sure to like the video and also comment what movie you want us to watch next. (upbeat music) (whooshes and squeaks)