This Swiss Restaurant Is Built Into the Side of a Mountain


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to get my car here is not possible do you really have to hike this restaurant has been perched in a Swiss Alps for 173 years and the track has always attracted hungry hikers but it's steep nearly 5000 feet up hello and welcome to the Esther [Music] I'm Melanie Camilla and I'm the manager of the restaurant our food is they're very traditional we got like the six cheese salad or nuts croissant but before you make any orders here's how to get there first get to the canton of Appenzell in a Rawdon and head to Vassar Owen then cable car it you'll go up a distance of over 2,000 feet to the Evernote mountain once you get there have your hiking boots ready for 15 minutes deep hike go through a forty thousand year-old cave pass the chapel and you're there or you can take a two-hour hike through other paths the most hardest part is like the infrastructure every chair the year all the food everything has to come by cable car if there is anything really big and heavy we're gonna use the helicopter we got electricity from the cable car we get the fresh water from the snow and the rain in a cave is a big pot of water and when is this is empty we have to buy the water so I got a team in the service the kitchen and I got people who do all the transports [Music] and for me is like a really special feeling to be here my favorite part of the day is when I'm standing out get a coffee and just sitting out of the terrace it's just quiet and it's just relaxing most people came here they are really happy there they feel the magic so you wake up and you see everything it's just unbelievable every time I get tears just wow [Music]