This is What Its Like to be Homeless in the Winter Erics Story

my name is Eric I want to show you what it's like being homeless on the millet winter [Music] I'd have no roof over my head I'd have got to make my own roof and this is the place where I did it they're right over here was my first my my my first campsite this was our fire pit where we had our evening fires and just uh warm water hot heat up the rocks to bring the tent with us and trying to keep warm there's the world painstaking because we could never really hardly get any sleep those nights especially was really cold outside it seemed like no matter how many socks you put on your feet always kept kept out staying cold a good pair of gloves Oh SST just keep your hands warm honor the bitter cold you know some people didn't wear socks and stuff on their hands you know garbage bags over their feet still her feet stay dry you know to try to keep warm always layer up there you see some people wearing like three to four or five pairs of pants you know just to keep your legs warm you know even in the bitter cold at night that wasn't enough food being hungry where that word where next meals coming from you really don't know whether what the next day is gonna hold you really live day by day out here some days you just want to cry yourself to sleep because you feel helpless at home and and hopelessness I had one of those points where why why am I out here and I try to kill myself because of it I didn't know why it was out here I was out dog died I didn't want to live this life for me being being homeless in the wintertime was horrible I wouldn't worry I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy man this is the worst thing I could I could possibly think of because of it it's not fun it's I don't want to do it again just being looked at like her no good I don't want to do it again [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you