Thomas Cup MS3 Firman Abdul KHOLIK INA vs HA Young Woon KOR BWF 2018

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] new matches all in this live situation here Indonesia against Korea Korea desperate to seek revenge over their loss couple years ago in Kunshan China where they lost in the semifinals to these very opponents and we go in the distance here Furman Abdul Khaliq against ha Jung Woon Korea and well in terms of pre-empting things as we love to this man won yesterday against Panna width on nawab of thailand in straight games 44 minutes it was the wind for Thurman Abdul Khaliq and his opponent our young one from Korea what will he offer in terms of resistance his ranking is far lower at 200 and 14th in the world the Korean has been as high as 117 in March five years ago he's only played five tournaments over the last 18 months or so only two tournaments on the bwf records in 2018 and he's none from two and those two so it looks well on paper like the writing's on the wall really in favor of Indonesia but they've had to depend again the Indonesians on the might of their doubles prowess he's a tall unit there was neither Korean men start this side okay so colic is staying where he is and against the big tall man who's gonna take up on serve left-hander is colic any help this man evidently looks like a right-handed big tall man imposing statuesque frame 92 in the world the 20 year old lefty crack the top 50 back in September 2015 with that high ranking of 48 in the world from banjaara in Indonesia never beyond the round of 16 he's had six of them most recently in the Malaysian International Challenge event but it's a gallant performance last night to secure victory over the Thais the win against Panama panicked Fong womp and straight games was one in which he really conducted his himself very very well it wasn't a live rubber though and that has a different complexion doesn't it we know all about that this is live it's all the play for this 25 year old well he could make himself a star in back home in South Korea if he could as the underdog turn this in his nations favour as I say ranked 214 in the world it's always gonna be a really tough ask but stranger things have happened in sport they've never met before so there's no head-to-head showing tough to get any sort of inroads on that so who knows what we're going to get what we do know though is that the man the other side of the net there the left-hander is more experienced in terms of matches contested at a high international bwf level sailors poor Buffum and service judge christoph was a bold so this then going down to the wire here on show court - who's it gonna be to get the preferential treatment in the knockout draw tomorrow morning the winner of this match will enable their team to be seeded tomorrow and of course only four seeds get seeded in the knockout draw and four unseeded in the course if you seeded you've got the privilege of a butler possibly an easier first match so the pressure is on who's it going to be who can find a way through group in Japan in five zero my left Indonesia represents by Furman Abdul Khaliq Korea to serve [Music] nasty dad could play the slice drop against a very tall athlete the other side of the net we won't want to play tomb and he lifts the waist call it the hole he's got a real stage presence this 25 year old from Korea what a start start that's delighting the Indonesian camp [Applause] that might have been going wide with the drift but he played it anyway did I own want wound looks pretty comfortable from the off doesn't he colic their lefty building on that Goodwin late last night [Music] [Applause] [Applause] on in terms of perspective this man lost to panel width on WOM his opponent beat him last night so that gives you a good sense of where they're at really and as you look at the world ranking as well of 214 you get the sense that the tall man is kind of slightly out of his depth already and said who knows it's pro sport is pressure cooker stuff and he might respond perhaps in the second game or in a while who knows he does look a little more nervous than his opponent [Music] that's a lovely one foot so nice over 8 - the Korean looks bound by cobwebs of doubt and it's that twin combination of winners from colic and unforced errors creeping in from har now I guess it's a horrible place to be when the sport boards reeling away from you in this pressured match and it gets a little self-conscious bats that's good play now will that ignite him on to bigger better things 310 as we implied earlier at the top of this match you know those lifts aways from colic will probably be because of that few and far between certain X PRIZE over 11 3 serviceable mid-game interval xi 3 white bass sherman abdul khaliq perhaps the match firmly 22 couple around the sixteen showings for the man late back to the court in 2017 the career masters and also the Yannick serpent Chinese Taipei oh that's a lovely little block lines just his hands down just ring it that was in kollek's unconvinced it's the beating heart powder [Music] good job lines judge [Applause] deceptive back a flick and a smile breaks now all over hi Jung Woon's face in acknowledgement of that brilliance from the Indonesian that one right there he was completely taken the other way by that [Applause] [Applause] so a couple of mental dynamics here to look at colic needs to keep the stranglehold over this one tactic Li's playing this match just right year since not giving too many high lifts the ways there's one though he is super pumped that was a terrific point about letting endeavor from har there and brilliant effort I think he hit the deck about three times during that point look at that who's wrong footed full-length dive retrieves this nicely and this as well and then suddenly well inevitably colic over presses to anxiously try and get the point to bed it's a really good point for for 25 year old from South Korea insistence from colleague who's roaring again pleased with himself there well it's like suddenly hye-young wound has found the on switch he just looks a different person he's really ignited and into this match suddenly we're before he looked sort of disjointed and haphazard with his level of focus he's really tuned in right now but he's got a lot of work to do massive uphill battle against this talented left-hander [Applause] and that's what we saw in the early part of game one a few of those unforced errors that were just untimely really hurting his cause [Applause] [Applause] a run of points for ha [Applause] he was in the driving point of that driving C to that point [Applause] there's an unforced error I saw these sort of grimace across his face as he netted that fairly routine smash is thunderous and straight smash from [Applause] 11-16 I only got hold of this nicely this height accounts for a lot of power okay so then Pastor Jesse he's touched the net with his racket I wonder whether we can see that well sure [Applause] [Music] 18:11 well it's certainly become a lot more competitive the back end of this opening game rallies are longer and suddenly the tall man is fully engaged and looking a lot more focused we're at the beginning of the game he was errant and wayward [Applause] toilet keeping the pressure on nicely here upping the pace [Music] [Applause] [Music] I played did pretty well though because he slipped mid-point managed to recover himself so he just wants the court mopped once billing well over the back line some terrific play there from how young one but it's colic who has engineered earlier in the game a run of six straight points and that really did impose a lot of pressure onto the Korean seen themselves on fan cam [Applause] 20 game points eight of them fulfillment abdul khaliq more lovely changer well he can certainly see now how the second game could be a lot more competitive than the opener because he had a very slow start the korean but he does seem right into it now and he's thunderous up above there's no doubting they're really imposing we suggested that colic would be sparse with his lifter ways and his clears but given the treatment I think even colic that realizes and acknowledges that the Koreans raise the bar and it's making him kind of a little anxious himself can the lefty put this game to bed now read it so quickly did ha [Applause] from here he gets onto it like a rash look at that broad shoulder imposing can you do the unthinkable and hold on hear that Jim Otte notes called out for Neil challenge has to so respectfully both players wait is it in or out momentum really flowing away from filament Abdul Khaliq [Music] [Applause] [Music] a jealous war from the Koreans they know that correction hi young Warren has brought in in the last four consecutive points he still got the serve advantage two more game points for colic it that's missed as well and now is the challenge turn of all kinase rousing this has been overworked here he comes yeah [Applause] is unsuccessful no challenges remaining 1925 in a row for the tour man [Applause] [Music] make that six he's drawn leveling this game who'da thought Oh [Applause] [Music] that's gone as well seven consecutive points [Music] a hye-jung wound [Applause] [Music] can we make it 8 he's got a game point himself now no call and shuttle lands on the line 22:20 ha sneaks that opening game somehow having been 14 20 down Wow plenty to ponder for Fermin Abdul Khaliq his inner belief just seemed sort of punctured from this warrior from Korea what a turnaround eight points in a row we all know it's an entirely different mental dynamic don't me when you having to lead rather than play catch up and how good a front-runner is the Korean only time will tell but this man his head must be spinning like a washing machine because he really let his opponent right off the hook and there's so much at stake this is for the seeded privilege to decide the group winner moving forward into the knockout drawer starting tomorrow so Korea a game to the good in this nervy nail-biter [Applause] [Applause] when the big man closes the net down it's quite intimidating I'd imagine for colic and so wonderful plus net from colic [Music] - one plate [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] that was going out that's wonderful up in the anti just when he needed to call it their good use of the court now as he did in the opening game he's appearing to get a stranglehold at the start of Game two [Applause] Korean fans shouting out whoo whoo every now and then for young one good leave just wide thought about challenging the Korean but opted not to you had a good look at that straight down the line by just asking her to re-engage not to step off stage for too long need to keep the flow of the match that's a big hit [Applause] [Music] [Applause] seven eight lovely cut noise all over this second game he's rocked it so far really getting his teeth into this one colic lovely shot truss snap from the highest order there but suddenly you do sensor sort of reactivation of the Indonesian scam he just looks a lot more proactive at the start of this second game than he was at the back end of that open now where he was just sort of too passive bone-crushing pounds maps from the Korean [Applause] [Music] [Applause] steps over to three beautifully engineered by the man in red and white 11:3 11:3 a real good double handed grip over this second game then for Furman Abdul Khaliq despite the loss of the opener 20 seconds 20 seconds big moments for the coaches as well I've just got to get that instruction minimal but meaningful colic simply seems to have his tactical plan laid out pretty clearly right now his coach in his corner left quite early from the court almost an acknowledgment who knows exactly what it's doing from his charge so can I continue in that vein the Indonesian or will there be another massive turn in this game missed that by a long way overeager on that one it set up as well well if you're just joining us welcome along and just to reinstate that colleague had a 2014 lead in the opening game six endpoint opportunities but was denied by some brilliance from the tall Korean who seems to have gone walkies again a little but when he does ignite it really does turn it on but he's been contained of light by this man [Applause] 44 okay fight fight [Applause] [Music] this is the kind of authority that he played with throughout the opening game really haven't broken away really quickly from his opponent Kollek just got the stranglehold and then seemed to get tight at the business end of the opening game will he do so here or can he keep beat great 16 the big fella [Applause] service over 560 master Dan 616 well I guess I shouldn't say too little too late because you know the Houdini ask escaped in the opening game 14 20 down here he goes again he goes from piece runs of points that kind of baffles a lot of people myself included probably himself as well sixteen Kollek but of course this is the situation that was point was given to her and again he's on a a roll of points now the big Korean he's locked him with his focus again but this is part of the issue I guess isn't it wise right the other side of 200 the 25 year old because it is just a little hit and miss and you know it's all about performance consistency to keep a decent ranking over a period of time Chapman again he's really getting his teeth in for a decent amount of time to get a lovely run of points again and again it just creates a lot of doubt in colics mind has been as high as 117 in the world but that was five years ago little too off balance for that [Applause] bludgeoning power overhead though how to make sure that those lift aways are deep that was good got the Korean off-balance so long and you grueling point sweat drops all over both ends to court attendance on duty colleague unsatisfied calling her back for more work wonder if they get paid by the hour so can colic wriggle through this game 1710 advantage to doing it again is new from the Koreans it's supporting him they're really enjoying what they see because they know he's just a man of rich talent that can suddenly just seemingly turn it right on colic with a concern look on his face now well done despite some sterling defense from the Korean to win that one [Applause] [Music] [Applause] desperate to keep the flow of the match going Koreans catching a glimpse of themselves on the fan cam enjoying that [Applause] yeah he's something isn't it it's a big frame to contort around on a regular basis a frame that probably takes quite a lot of managing off the court lot of stretching [Music] increasingly you sense that this match this live match with it all to play for will probably go the distance he's working with a lot more disciplinary hours colic and having messed up in the opening game of that 2014 advantage I can't see him doing so again 2011 that's surely there's too big a lead big slip there from the green he's okay hopefully the trouble is all it takes is a couple of these errors like that and then suddenly is a little doubt in his mind and he sort of perhaps doesn't quite believe and couple that with some brilliant moments from ha and we're back in the dogfight and again it's got a careful here because once the Koreans activate with all their energy from the sidelines and par starts kind of walk is straighten them to get behind him all sorts can happen we saw that before colic has to stamp this away three in a row for young would become the whoo chance that's why it as well [Applause] four in a row now for heart well didn't we have to work hard to earn that game 21:15 we going all the way here in this live Thai Indonesia against Korea - matches all - games all for one game all I should say in this deciding men's singles this next game will decide it all yeah yeah yeah yeah [Music] 20 seconds 20 seconds [Music] so would the tie all square then two matches each Indonesia against Korea one game each here who is gonna come out of the blocks quickly here in this decisive match and try and earn that slender psychological advantage from the off [Music] tolik has tended to race away ahead in both games but kind of get a little tense towards the sharp end of games the Indonesian the Korean kind of feels like a little bit of an Iceman frankly the way he goes about his trade he loves the big moments seems to really respond to it all what's going to unfold in game 3 here [Music] [Applause] I'm lucky with a net cord there the Korean [Applause] [Applause] keeping the pressure on precision hitting from both men call it with the last laugh here couple of short lifts from heart three one and in customary fashion it's colic who breaks to the front early in the game [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] for long [Applause] [Music] miss horses if all that sounds ridiculous just loves to put his game under scrutiny and then suddenly just do it you know when his backs right against the wall Pollock here far more consistent as he has been more often than his opponent this evening [Applause] service over to six 3/6 better discipline and percentage with good shot selection from colic right now Korean coach must be a little anxious in comparison to the Indonesian coach right now but it's all about keeping that discipline that's really nice cross net of the highest order free colic and he gives himself the five-point buffer really well done well that bench looks decidedly glum five-point deficit there's no doubting the man's potentially can tarnish around but he's got to get his teeth into this game sooner or later because colic will run away with it otherwise Sam's over for eight [Applause] both men desperate to put their best foot forward here [Music] [Applause] in a good job of dismantling the tall opponent the other side of the net [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so server 10 6 and again overcooking it but that said it's colic that's engineered six consecutive points in this third and decisive game so he's acquitting himself far better than his opponent right now but is this the start of the turn that we see from the big man so often certainly a distinguishable urgency in the movement of heart it's pretty much like he just decides when he really is gonna apply himself and can be a little too nonchalant for too long but now it seems is that time for heart young Warren to really really fast can a player streaky player never quite know what you're gonna get and when you're gonna get it that's big terrific reaction to follow up as well so mid-game interval 11:8 colic has the advantage in this all live rubber here so much to play for yeah yeah yeah 20 seconds 20 seconds ready Kali [Applause] [Music] so it's Abdul Khaliq who's pulled away but it's only a three point cushion at this stage can he hold on as a man I hope so [Applause] Aurore of intent from colic that's good at this stage really positive but I use every single edge that you can to have pressure to your opponent yep rushed into error there [Applause] 9:12 have a sequence of shots from hot make flat ha back in to get it done [Applause] 13/9 take a good look at the mental dynamics of these two men right now from here on in a real grimace there from her he knew how significant a point that was play [Music] that's nicely than straight drop 14 beautiful from colic please precision on that occasion rather than blistering attack look at this let's see it again so tight to the net thank you [Applause] [Music] genuine concern in the Korean camp now [Applause] fifteen nine play-play irretrievable who knows and you've got to have quality head and favorite here now he hooks up another unforced error from the tall Korea five points away from getting his team seeded in the knockout draw tomorrow not so far says sixteen [Music] [Applause] 11:16 [Applause] it should have been away and it wasn't and he pays a heavy price for that as colic closes in on victory 11 [Applause] [Music] [Applause] eleven errors coming thick and fast now from ha colic delighting in each one [Applause] wonderful shot [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] ninety-seven 1219 Sammis over 20 match point twelve eight of them match points that is for colic and the only needs mom this time he's delighted he safely through secures the final win to clinch the tie for Indonesia over Korea three matches two to Furman Abdul Khaliq take about really well played against a very tough though sometimes sporadic better connect safely through the nation with him so it'll be Indonesia that are seeded tomorrow in the men's knockout draw for the Thomas Cup Indonesia I can't confirm have one group beat Korea comes second courtesy of this man their hero of the day so a good win for him he's absolutely delighted and so he should be he lost a grip in the opening game somehow but there we are that's the scene here and there is confirmation of the result Indonesia safely through three two against Korea so there we saw son when hope come through for career in the opener there and Gideon Sakamoto so Kamal Joe Goodwin for them and he'll Kuan heat took the Koreans two to one and then ashen and setiawan took us the distance and then the lid was put on by Furman Abdul Khaliq three to the wind to Indonesia so there we are then that's what's happened today so far China in the you backup group D easing past Indonesia three to Tomas group Thomas cut group match that we just brought you there Indonesia 3-2 against Korea and then started at two o'clock and it was about a five-hour match what an epic it was we were really treated so next up it'll be over cut Group B Thailand against Chinese Taipei that'll be in about five minutes or so so don't go anywhere we've got some more badminton for you great thanks for your company and manage Paul Han and I will see you anon [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]