Three Stooges Best of 1944

what are you doing listening to the band would you like to hear some birdies I'd love it take off your hat get gone don't you know what bonus is slightly Spanish only snatches see such Liberty you're reminding of the Three Stooges well I was only joking carry on go get the eye stones yes sir super take why don't you look where you're going why don't you keep you know to be indoors oh I stopped yeah one of these days you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] take it duty one of these days I'll tell you I'm sorry what was a loose board I'm loose board I don't see any loose boards Oh forgive me here hit me what that means we'll be all be even no I couldn't hit you with that well I can with this see that come on break it up we got work to go inside well then go see go see goosey goosey [Music] [Music] Oh default invasion now comes the climax haha slowly step by step inch by inch high for down hey what did that sign say 25 muster Niagara Falls [Music] don't worry about your other bag Lenny I have my boy bring it up later your boy Charlie got there mister not much on Donny no is she I'll be personal with my wife oh no offense [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] odd me I have a trunk here for your miss oh yes bring it right in and apartments of this grace and I'd better be cleaned up at the time we get back or else or else what or else this boogie woogie box music [Music] [Music] hazal will you lie still hazel wake up are you having a nightmare no no no no I need a shame but I don't feel any whiskers stare wall that can't be me is dirty open the door it's me it's Larry it's Larry ladies ones three may I present Delia pumpernickel Amelia Schwartz prote unserious Maybach they are all very well bred I take mine toasted if they don't kill us first oh don't be so pessimistic you are lucky remember the Winter Garden in Berlin when you had your acrobatic act remember you teach me jiu-jitsu jiu-jitsu isn't that wonderful oh please show us how oh no can do this no military secrets thank you but aren't we your allies so maybe going into conference Nike wacky comeback in jujitsu she wants a wrestle that I can do now to relaxing or not to let you put right arm out so much latitude dancing cheek-to-cheek scooting please confidence lucky lucky spelling doing if breaking thank you [Music] you