Throwback 2018 2 Memories from the NCT 2018 Fan Party




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HC:Sorry HC:We're going to meet our Nctzennies I feel so good Transleted by @HSidedish Sorry I if some of the translations aren't 100% accurate DY&JH: Okay K:You need to catch it T:Catch it well K:You always imitate me T: Hello T: I'm Kun T: 1 2 3 T: 1 2 3 K: Ahhh~ cute Not you me T: To yourself Oh~ people I'm cute... K:You need to have confidence 2x T: Why do you look at me like that? RJ: I'm scared JW: We are~ Ren.Jung.Ten! T: [Really]Please don't make weird names T: I don't want to be with you RJ: Why? I want to be with Jungwoo hyung T: Then be together JW: It's been a while JungTen! T: There's no JungTen originally JW: There is T: There's no T: Why is it JungTen and not TenJung? JH: What cam is this? T: Ten Cam JH: Ten Cam JH: Do you have a concept? T: There is JH: What is the concept? [Death] T: Who's that? T: Ah it's Kun again. Let's go JH: I'll take a picture for you~! JH: This is how you feel. TL: Yes~ Love T: Jaehyun JH: How shall I do it? JH: Give me yours T: I can't do it... JH: Please T: Okay JH: Please JH: Come. Jaehyun Cam T: 1 2 3 sexy pose T: 1 2 3 sexy pose TI: ohhh what's that? DY: Challenge! Take a picture with all members JW: With selfie stick DY: With Doyoung's cellphone Y: This is what the Fan Party didn't show to our fans. Y: I haven't done it ( Fan Party) in a long time Y: I'm remember the last time. Y: I think I'll have a lot of fun today! J: Hello~ J: I ran here because Doyoung was here. Right~? DY: Yeah J: Fighting! TY: Smile~ Taeil is laughing~ H: 5 4 3 MK: Where's Lee Jeno? JN: I'm here TY: NCT 1 2 3 MK: Let's go K: I'm also We Young C: So cute~ C: I'm a little old now that I'm an adult TY: I hope you enjoy today! TY: Thank you JH: Fighting JM: I hope you enjoy it! JM: I love you JM: Fighting x7 Staff: NCT fighting~! Staff: Our babies J: Everyone, I love you. Thank you~ JH: I love you T: I love you JN: Thank you J: Fighting T: We finished our Fan Party J: It's over! T: Unfortunately, I didn't get a present J: I'll get rid of you~ T: I got a present!! W: Thank you C: Hey! Is there another one? JH: I love you K: I love you~ It was so fun! TY: Thank you! I love you JW: Thank you very much! JM: I love you JW: I love you JM: Nctzens are the best! Nctzens are our driving force. Without Nctzens, we're gone! JW: Our vital part JM: I love you JW: I love you M: See you later