Tiffany from GirlsGeneration Exclusive Interview with Mnet America

what's up everybody we are here at Venice Beach today it's a little gloomy day but we are here to see someone very sunny yes we're here to see Tiffany from Swan Yoshida we heard that she's doing a little photo shoot here today and so we're here the greeter welcomed her back to Seoul cows and she is from SoCal and I see her right there you know doing the photo shoot looking all pretty and hopefully we'll get a little time with her a little later ask you some few questions and welcome her back to LA thank you for letting us come yeah alright we're here with a person who really needs no introduction we're here with the beautiful and talented miss Tiffany from your she there so what are you doing out here come they're beasts often though yeah you do I used to come here every weekend when I was here two minutes really yes it's a nice energy I just feel more like me I've done photo shoots way back when and I have no idea how to shoot photos your technical so uh you know just for the fun of it we have a little photo shoot of our own you'll have a little photo shoot with me just show me a little pulses you know how you're supposed to look pretty you know what I always have a problem with I don't know what to do with my hands what are you doing my hands no we always did stuff like this cuz you know we don't know what to do with our hands no we can't look pretty like this you know like like that alright I'll do it the way you guys do it all right we're gonna try old school clothes you know some of the posts that we used to do I'll do the long one okay you ready for the pose there you go I've done this pose before I want to try a little girls generation' pose tell me what's the duration definitely hand them hips legs crossed next process and then you feel it no there's no we had our Genie pose yes all right we got to get back to your real photoshoot things we're playing with us a little bit but we're gonna catch you later we're just gonna be stalking you today so hey you stuff alright we are here in a warmer place you happy that we're in a warmer place I am happy way to toughen it out you look great like the Pradesh years let people know where they actually can see those beautiful photos of yours yes this is probably going to be the cover of First Look magazine for the June issue from SoCal obviously and coming back here home where are some of the things that like you have to do when you come back home definitely Mexican food and burgers sure your family still lives out here yes you know we come here with the crew they're always at the nice hotels but it's always nice to be in your own room and you are from Diamond Bar when you see that first came out and I heard you were from Diamond Bar so everyone always asked me you guys first came you're like oh who do you who's your favorite and so on you see that you know and I would always pick you diamond mark yeah is there anymore TTS so we can expect yeah definitely more this year we have another album wrote with the nines and we have another album with trio as well but remind you I'm looking forward to both of you have any thoughts about doing anything solo well definitely if I get the chance to I'm just waiting for the right timing whether it's solo or acting well I'm at a age that people can take me seriously as an artist and it's so nice cuz you know all this time I've been fighting for people that take me seriously as an artist and now it's just like okay I can't afford mistakes and I've been trying to perfect everything I do but you did do a musical yes I did I did the Korean version of Fame for people who do musicals I thought they were just crazy talented because you have to act you have to dance and you have to sing you have to do basically everything so high acting skills I've grown a lot through that especially since it's not camera film acting anymore stage you have to interact with the live audience it's like if I want I've learned so much from that and after that I definitely wanted to pursue a career in musical I think I expressed my better what I'm saying so I always want to kind of hang on to the music side so it's your sixth anniversary and congratulations on that yeah you guys are now veterans now basically when you go on the shows and stuff that's an everybody anxiety yeah what do you think has changed since then in the music scene for you I think since then an era there we were we're one of the first many there are so many now and you know there's girl power in the kpop scene and it's always been about boy bands and it feels so good to watch because since you know we're always in into putting our next stage together it's always nice to watch and study other groups what are your plans for 2013 2013 we started off with a brand new album in January and she just wrapped up our second Japanese arena tour and we're starting our world tour when can we expect them we're starting with Seoul June 8th and 9th all right so thank you for spending some time with this oh thank you everybody look out for Tiffany when you're she doing everything that they do this year next year and in the future everybody look out for them catch them man talented thank you for spending time with us what what happened I've been named like in Korea we usually go around to all the seniors rooms and say hello so I brought him a CD as well happy birthday to you happy birthday thank you I'm touched how lucky I am have Tiffany see me a happy birthday there's no so much thank you very much it's a great birthday no and thank you for spending time with that great you have any last words you want to say happy birthday to you happy birthday to me yes I think so friends until the fans always for keeping an eye out for us and continuing to love and support us definitely everyone look out for I'll see you soon on rl2 or what