TikTok Diss Track

[Music] yo bro don't wake up bro bro what is it no they're outside they're ticking and they're talking bro i don't care oh my hey on the beat and you know we bout to drop this like his mercy spin sitting in the closet how's your best disc calling somebody a novice tony lopez nailing kids like some hollywood wake up put up on your nail polish eggs bacon grits pinots beating off their sausage sick tacos getting treated like some goddess jump on your head [Music] [Music] stop [ __ ] up these kids i don't care about your money stop showing off your tits in the vids acting tough but we know that you a [ __ ] hey y'all attacking too much just got me ticked off always in my feet like [ __ ] when will you just piss us white kids trying to act like they're kpop dixie quit music this [ __ ] sounds like kid's pain look a little huddy why you built like a french fry roll your eyes back it's like i'm watching some hentai the time to take your ass out like a garbage can looking like sabimo kids from my 90's boy band still ain't got no drip y'all [ __ ] need to hydrate dressing up like skater boys but you don't even [ __ ] skate why are you trying to look like nick from jimmy neutron keep partying stds catch em like pokemon hockey stand this [ __ ] i ain't talking lemonade josh ain't advice then he hit the [ __ ] renegade ran by bradley martin now you've got the power raise you're literally team 10. if they made a [ __ ] downgrade hit or miss now i'm [ __ ] on your [ __ ] stick your tongue back in your mouth stop licking on your lips and i don't care about your crew and i don't [ __ ] with your playing kite pal sway out man it's all the same [ __ ] but we know that you a [ __ ]