Time to believe Henry Cejudo


Chael Sonnen


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Morales Sahu doe they walk out they start fighting everything's cool and again we're all us is finding his range okay Marlon is finding his range and by that don't forget he's in there with an Olympic champion wrestler so he's keeping that distance with Henry he's mainly landing kicks he's not even within punching range he's got Henry so far control on the range then all he can land his kicks my boy he's landing a lot of them rounded Henry loses Henry comes back in the next round and somewhere in the round he kind of changed his stance and then he threw a cross and for any of you that allow me to condon send but for any of you that don't know what a cross means it just means when you're in a stance you've got one lead hand that's gonna be your jab hand and then you've got a backhand whatever hand is back is known as your power hand and that punch is called a cross the reason I bring that up and I condescend just for anybody that may not know that is for obvious reasons you don't lead with your cross it takes too long your crosses further back it was very first thing I said about the hand that's gonna be called the power hit or be called the cross it's the one that's further back you would never throw it first she's not gonna land Floyd Mayweather is largely famous for a combination that he does which is he throws a cross followed by another cross it just doesn't happen it doesn't happen because he can't really happen Floyd gets away with it because he's so quick he gets away with throwing that backhand and following up with a nether backhand two in a row with nothing in between no disguise no distraction no hook no jet noticed bone boat Henry does that it lands okay great so Henry throws another one no jab no kick no need no just no fake of a takin it lands oh he just did the Floyd Mayweather Henry throws a third one whoa Henry just down did Floyd Mayweather Henry throws a fourth one and a fifth one and ultimately a sixth six lead power hands in a row they all find the target now guys there's a rule in fighting an absolute rule if you do something that it works do it again with the theory and the philosophy behind that that an opponent cannot make the adjustments on the fly an opponent who does not have is not armed with the technique to defend something without going back going to the practice room sitting down with his coaches learning to technique drilling it for X amount of time and then coming back to competition he simply has no ability to change so if something works what do it again it works again do it a third time that's what Henry did it's a very basic rule Henry did it six times in a row in the history of my career a following fight and I have never seen somebody land six crosses in a row change the fight now Marlin was one tough son of a bitch I must say I mean Marlin stock for me went up and many people expected him to beat Henry his stock for me went up and even if you fast forward into the final moments of this fight which came in the following round Marlin never let up and it was very clear energy-wise Henry had more of it it was very clear power shots were going towards Hanley Marlin never stumbled he never went down and he never gave up even though it was clear that he didn't have the energy that it wasn't good eventually this is not going to be good Marlin doesn't matter he did what we call going out on your shield he fought to the very end till the referee he never gave up he never said surrender the referee had to step in and pull him off and follow the rules and that's the way it worked but Henry all the same becomes the world champion takes the microphone and this is an important moment okay I know a lot of you don't love the fact that the microphone is a part of the sport even those of you who are denying that who want to say the entertainment should not matter it should be wins and losses and we should go off the rankings even those of you that are saying that you don't like that you're wrong excuse me you're wrong I don't mean you're wrong to think that I'm telling you you're wrong when you think you don't like that you just aren't aware of it the people that think the interview and the call-out in the anticipation and the buildup in the schoolyard antics of pointing your finger in somebody's chest and telling you to meet you behind the track at 3 o'clock for any of you that think that isn't it's something that you like of the sport you're wrong and for any of you there's a head chill how dare you tell me that then go ahead and next time you watch the sport put it on mute none of you will do that zero the people that think they love this sport and they love the purity of it and that is most certainly an element in my message is not as a matter of fact if this is a pie that's 98 percent of it for sure but there's still 2 percent maybe more like 5 percent were those words matter and even if you don't know that about yourself I promise you none of you will be watching the next pay-per-view on mute why because those words matter now Henry takes the microphone he calls himself the greatest combat athlete of all time and he lays out his argument he's the Olympic champion he's the world champion at 125 miles he's the world champion at 135 pounds listen when Henry started this routine back in Brooklyn New York on January 19th after he stopped TJ Dillashaw it was a little bit of a roll your eye he just jumped the shark moment bijli I'm not willing to sign off quite yet and I'm not telling you guys to sign off quite yet there is nothing about that can they have that statement by Henry cejudo of hey arm that greatest combat athlete of all time there's nothing about that statement that can now be teased there's nothing about that statement that he does not have the absolute right to make things have now changed Henry has done a fantastic job of giving you his own resume of letting you know why he is so confident why he is so proud of himself and why he should be coveted within the sport Henry's missed one thing and it's one thing I think you guys need to know when Henry won the Olympic championship it was not at 125 pounds and it was not at 135 pounds it was at yet a different weight class he won the Olympic freestyle championship at a hundred and twenty-one pounds that is extremely relevant to his argument that he is the pound for pound great he's covered not only to sports not only to weight classes he's actually covered to sports in three weight classes so when Henry then wants to come out and talk about guys like Frank Yeager or max Holloway 145 pounds the next division up when he's been doing that up until this moment I agree with you yes it is cringe-worthy yes it is silly yes it does not work it now is no longer cringe-worthy and it is now known Alan Mariner silly that's just a reality he showed he can do it he just covered the spread most people believe twice I'm here to tell you actually it's cover the spread three times twenty one twenty five thirty five if he wants to say he wants to go to one forty five we can sit and have a debate about how he would do with Frankie we can have a debate about how he would do with max we cannot have a debate that he could not be competitive or does not deserve to be trusted with his own confidence in his own statement that hey that's not too big and I can do it put me in coach and I realize to you guys that that has changed that is not the case look my loyal listeners and I appreciate every one of you I used to burn the house down over here about Henry cejudo he used to drive me crazy and Henry never understood where I was coming from he the chill what are you doing you're a fellow wrestler you're stabbing me in the back you're burying me over there he unfollowed me on Twitter as his way to show me that he does not appreciate Henry had it wrong all the time I was coming at Henry and I was big brother in him and I was bonking him over the head and I was giving him bumps cuz I did care because I did follow his career because I was such a fan because I saw what I knew other people would see I knew what Henry could achieve and I knew he was not going to like the outcome of this career in see understood it's important to speak up schoolyard antics of putting your finger in somebody's chest and forcing them to either step - you are back down are still a very real part of this business perception and reality get blurred in this business so when I watch Henry come out and say these things that people are all saying her cringe-worthy and then proves them right he showed a courage much like Babe Ruth walking onto the mound and telling you where he was going to put the ball when brave Ruth struck out he looked like a fool and when he put the ball there he became a legend but it takes a courage to call that shot ahead of time I encouraged Henry to do it whether I have anything to do with the fact that he did do it or not only Henry would know but this is something that he is now doing right