Tips for producing a radio package

I'm Georgia man Smith and I'm a producer at radio 3 a package or a feature in radio is where you've got a variety of content of audio which is produced ie cut together and edited and often if you choose to do a feature or a package it will be because it's a big event or it's a complicated story or it's got a lot of colorful stuff involved in it you know some amazing live music making several big names somewhere involved in something or just a really strong idea try to go into it with a strong sense of the story of trying to tell sounds very obvious but if you know that it's a certain type of music or a big event or have a sense of the key aspects that you want to get across your audience as you're recording do note down track 1 equals this song I've come back before from a trip in Switzerland with about 18 tracks of stuff that hadn't written down I couldn't remember some of the track names I couldn't remember who was involved in some of the pieces so be organized as you're collecting the content but also be organized in the Edit as soon as you sit down in the edit get all that content sucked into the project label it so that you can see it in front of your face have an idea of length in mind and be realistic as tempting as it is to go and speak to 10 million people because you know there's loads of them if you know that you're only going to have time for a four-minute feature make sure you get that down to three key people because otherwise you end up with a mountain of stuff that you then can't use and it's very frustrating being ruthless even though you think that particular bit of music is really lovely and it sounds fantastic in the fade and you can do really lovely mix with it it's more important that you tell the story and that it is clear to somebody listening to this who is not involved at all in whatever it is that you're trying to make a package about so you can get very wrapped up in some of the things you make features about because it becomes you get just very involved in a wonderful event a concert piece of music or a book that you're trying to tell a story about but you have to remember that the audience are hearing this cold they've no idea so just make sure that the storytelling is really strong there's so much you can do I think people forget that you can use sound effects and readings and be really creative and a bit weird with them sometimes generally speaking they are the most satisfying things because they really are an imaginative reflection of what you wanted to capture about something