Tipsy Best Friends Paint Portraits of Each Other




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- Ew, I hate that noise. It's so gross. (laughter) - Today we're going to be painting each other naked. - Wait, what? - Just kidding, drunk. Even better. - I think I've known Clark as long as I've been working here So two years in now. I suck at painting, I am not a Picasso. - I need alcohol. - I think so. - I think it's time. - Those are some cute-ass wine glasses man! - Those are some big-ass wine glasses. - [Brenda] Wine please. About time, thank you. - Cheers. - Cheers. - Let's get started, bitches. (classical music) - Cha cha cha. Paint paint paint, bitches. - Paint paint paint. - I feel like this canvas looked prettier blank. - Brenda, would you let me cut your ear off? - You know, it depends on the amount of money you offer. - You look like Mozart or Bach or Beethoven or someone. I'm so sorry. - It's okay. I am not offended. - You know what would be cute? - What? - Is if we took a tequila shot. - Oh my gosh, should we? - Aw man. - [Jade] That one got you? - That got me. - Tequila! - Oh my god, three, two, one, go. - That's what best friends do, drink together. Fuck the portraits. - [Brenda] Oh, your nose just took an epic turn. (both laugh) - [Clark] I kinda vibe with this. - It's like, forget what people's perception is of you. - Brenda, turn to me. Brenda! Turn to me. - Don't let society say what you look and feel like. - Come on. - Feed me, mommy! Shit got fucking weird. - Life is spontaneous bro, life is just flicking paint and just doing whatever it feels in the motions. - Exactly. - [Vaughn] Whatever. I'm like not like thrilled with it. You look a little bit like an alien. - Am I covered in paint? - Yeah you got so many splashes in your hair and your face. - [Vaughn] Brenda, I have something I wanna show you. - Oh god. - Okay. (Vaughn and Brenda laugh) - I haven't looked at Clark's. I'm excited to see what it is. - Should we trade? (Clark and Jade laugh) - Oh my god, first of all, that's fucking cute. - I love that, man. That's dope! - This is awesome! (Brenda laughs) - You've definitely taken some artistic liberties. - It's kinda fun to put your thoughts down about your friend in a different way, oh you're great, you're funny, you're kind, but like show that shit through a painting, bro - Doing something for fun was pretty special. To dedicate time to everything that makes him so awesome and cool. - Dammit, Clark, you're making me emotional. - Where's my wine? - Should I just pour wine on this? - I think so. - [Brenda] Oh my god! Oh my god! - It's crying wine! That's cool. - [Brenda] That's really cool. - Drunk... - ...Friends. Out. (upbeat music)