Titos back AGAIN


Chael Sonnen


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old Tito came out with an announcement I see that he signs somewhere old Tito signs somewhere to fight and I thought it was a little bit interesting something stuck about it he signs to fight and they make an announcement that he is signed to fight except he did not sign to fight wait what so Tito comes out and is allegedly with an organization and good for him my bygones could be bygones with Tito if he's fighting on off-brand shows that nobody's watching it good luck to him and we'll go our separate ways but nobody signs to fight and they make an announcement about the signing without then telling you who that person will be fighting where the fight will be and how you can get tickets so there was something theory Fugazi about it something very very peculiar about him coming out with a fight announcement oh and by the way there was no announcement and by the way there was no fight and there's no opponent there's no venue and there's no date and there's no commerce to be done something about it seemed off still seems off and I don't know whose side is that on it is that on the organization's it's just a little bit behind here or is that on Tito's and that he's never really planted a fight but he got some kind of a signing bonus so he signed the contract and it's kicking the kiddo but it's a little bit odd I mean it is it is a little bit odd and I couldn't even give you a guess as to who he's fighting I don't know anybody on the roster over there where he's fighting at and that could some of that's my own ignorance right don't let me come come in here and kick these guys just because I don't know something but the reality is there's there's not a whole lot of guys out there there is some Vitor Belfort comes to mind but he's he signed up Vitor is over with one when I'm looking at the possible suspects for who it could be with Tito and who you want to see tea man I feel like you're kind of starting it at ground zero I think that he I thought I think arrogantly that he had one interesting fight and I think that it was with me and now he signed somewhere to fight without an opponent or a date or a venue which is very similar to the way that they did things with Golden Boy and I was more than happy to come out and tell you guys a million times over they're doing this in the wrong order this is not the recipe for success they are following a new recipe which I will predict for you is not going to be successful and it wasn't and golden boy MMA is long gone and I don't wish that and that isn't my narrative here I'm just looking at it going it this is really weird to do a press release and an announcement the Tito has signed to fight or did he really no date no venue no opponent no commerce to be done something is amiss I will get to the bottom of it and I'm sure just like with golden boy I will be the first and will circle back to that when the time is right