Toddler Leaves Hospital for 1st Time in a Year

we had so much fun didn't we it was a bittersweet day 19 month old Jack Shields had to say goodbye to his friends on staff at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Ohio he declared himself a fighter Jack and his twin brother Jonah were born 14 weeks early with bronchopulmonary dysplasia a chronic lung condition common in premature babies Jonah was released from the hospital and has been waiting at home for Jack while 20 percent of babies born with the condition don't survive jack has been making great progress since arriving at Nationwide when he was four months old so is how you this doctors say that's because they don't confine their patients to beds instead they create ventilator settings that allow babies to move around more freely he's had opportunities to interact with people he's got a personality now and he's really he's really learned to grow and he's really doing a lot of the things that a baby of his age would he loves people he loves doing new things he often has a smile on his face he just takes life with stride every little challenge that he faces he he overcomes as Jack headed to a facility closer to his family's Pittsburgh home the hospital staff gave him a beautiful send-off his family left the hospital confident Jack will continue to progress his life you can have a great life for Inside Edition dot-com I'm Mara montalbano