Toe Wrestling and Cheese Rolling Compete for Weirdest Sport

this sport has everything the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat 3 2 1 those who look fierce combatants in England's faced off in a toe wrestling competition toe wrestling has been around since the 1970s it's similar to arm wrestling the toe wrestlers intertwine their toes and try to edge their opponents foot to one side this year's men's winner as any toe wrestling fan would've guessed was Alan nasty Nash who took home his 16th championship Nash was kind of gracious in victory saying of opponents then Woodruff he's gotten better the kids going on couple years he might be good enough in the women's division Lisa Twinkletoes Shenton prevailed nice footwork Lisa I rest assured these athlete's feet are screened for athlete's foot elsewhere in England a cheese rolling competition saw racers running down a hill after wheels of cheese some tumbled down the grassy ramble in pursuit of Double Gloucester cheese which looks like this the occasion was of course the Cooper's Hill cheese rolling in week it's an age-old event there's a shot of the 1935 competition and here's the 1941 winner we know cheese rolling dates back to at least 1826 but we still don't know why this Inside Edition com