Tom Clancys The Division 2 E3 2018 Conference PostShow Ubisoft NA

hi everybody welcome to the post show as promised that was an amazing conference but we're not wasting any time we're jumping right into it we're gonna show live gameplay of the Division two I have with me Matias Carlson mess of cosa right 1540s casa yes and christian panner game director and producer respectively hi guys do it excellent yeah super excited amazing well congrats on the exciting reveal other Microsoft conference and office at the UV conference so today to our left we've got Ian a crossbow combat on the division two and three other devs from the massive development team they'll be showing a four player co-op tackling a control post and Yannick will be walking us through a little bit I'd say strategy but first of all I wanted to ask you guys what are we gonna see here well this is the first of all actually the e3 demo that we're showcasing here at there so people can play this piece off you're in LA and you're going to you free you can play what they're playing right now so this is a slice - I the way right the Marxist preacher yeah the crash of the Air Force one except right now it's happening as a different entry points day but we showed up in Microsoft Office right and so obviously the big reveal was the setting Washington DC a question I want to ask you what would yes absolutely we were very excited to show you is that yesterday in the re-build and to show more of course today we have the multiple options we investigated multiple options but for us what she told me sit there like the natural choice for two obvious reasons one of course is the seat of power in us and second it's also the home of the headquarters of the division right HQ of the division absolutely awesome and I can see there is no more snow nor I can you tell us a little more about really the timeline from the division to the division - yes absolutely why should in Washington DC we are now in the middle of the summer several months after events in New York City so it's the summer the season allow us to to showcase the vibrant city where nature is now nature is now taking over the city beautiful just like a panel I guess you're in action right now but just like the pan of the of the city here I mean honestly it's beautiful in its own way it's got character to tell us a bit more how you plan to tackle your play through right so you know spread around actually so you know we can have a bit of a tactical approach to things and not just like pace tank and so that's we see how it plays out I think we should pray don't judge me I've been Church for my hand-wave already earlier so hundred flowers like the thousands of players out there if there was a few things we could say about the division - that you play should know our set list is long I mean we're very decided both us gamers and the office of us that's right all the things we were fine the combat to so there's a lot of that but also a lot of units so I think where they are right now the open world is one its first of all 20% figure that we'll have the first game New York it's very very faithfully recreated almost one-to-one with the actual that's amazing and then it's a Christian you mentioned so you guys just watching the DC I'm curious that the team taking you trips there to kind of really get an authentic recreation absolutely we have multiple trips after we choose that this setting and we met with different architects for the city with urban explorers with artists from local artists to make sure that everything you know it's looking beautiful in in the game so people living in Washington DC you can kind of walk around and try to find their their homes absolutely although this is a interpretation of Washington our interpretation of Washington DC is gonna be a bit more let's say with more nature into it yeah absolutely but but then also this this open world and this efficiency is very much alive we put a lot of ball sweat an effort into right creating this living world system where not just the enemy faction from the world spread they're all doing things in the open world dynamic I thought six adair they're actually all you know needs resources and goals want to find achieve no please to control these in strategic locations like this like that crash site it's great to involve movement do it okay that surprised you know what's gonna happen absolutely a lot of love deeply opportunities for the player to kind of pick and choose exactly what it is that they want to do and so right now [Music] that's fine we're gonna you know we all enter from the same area actually we just tried to rush into it and we're pushing our way through so far it's fine but you have the time coming now so what section are the right now they're playing against faction called the true sons and so I know another big reveal big new feature that was mentioned with Ubisoft conference are this specialization right can you tell me a little more about that specialist age is really a that's a new extra layer dimension to end game where you've been you've been going on this journey for really pretty game the leveling games conveying you've been growing both power and capability the scales multiple skills weapons appearance I prefer to get there and presented with a choice off how do you really truly want especially first choice is a signature what this they'll be selling to companies right and I think it's important to note I think that what these specializations they're not like roles that a player kind of sticks to all kind of shoes to grow which skill tree right that's enough each one of them is this a progression track in itself it's not just a signature weapon and this signature weapon it's important to sit on top of the rest of your toolbox you're not changing something more days and and then very much along the lines of the design philosophy that we have it's growing capability so you can progress one specialization the next one you get flexibility and you're gonna need to become there because we also announced today that for the first time in a division game we have rates which are absolutely incredible challenges and if you are not prepared for it absolutely it's up to a pair for and you need to be prepared for that so it'll be very hard to tackle that challenge that is very cool yeah how we doing here like that's like blowing stuff up with my air grenade launcher have you been found yet so Yannick you're playing the demolition specialists specialization yes what what's your weapon yeah I got that I got that nice a nice grenade launcher here and so I get to make a lot of very nice explosions you get the bullshit up yeah and our other massive developers here I believe are playing survivalist and I don't know if we can get the players the audience to see the skill set of the other we that's the Sharpshooter my right so the demolition mr. Jang display has the great Rene Balcer which is all about radius controlling an area creating me yeah she you know enemies Alba Cal we're getting to several of them in the last say five the Sharpshooter has this super-powerful I can penetrate several targets you can find you know your angles and line them up feature that weak points associated with enemy's special abilities you can tell fall of those coming in and out looks like Yannick actually did it he captured the cap with the control point that's surprising though happy surprise I feel like he didn't do as good during the rehearsal I like the pressure as Clausen's of his game all right so if well I think we're we're done taking over this control point now our Yannick why don't you come and join us over here let's uh let's talk about this we did it so there's no to ridiculous that's okay well now that's a you're here I think we've got a free pod well is there like another player that can that you think you'd Phil yeah I think you guys want to keep playing right you want to play more of it yes I see alright so yeah we happen to have a pink Panda just here who I think would be a great fit by doing I'm okay I'm great although from inside it was amazing you did Ike what's your Soviet illusion oh my god thanks so much to look forward to yes so excited I can't wait how do the first time you played yes I hope I do well thank you let's jump right in then yeah I just brought sure what you got thank you all right Yannick so tell me how do you think you did I think my team did great I was basically just like trying to redo this well Yannick so as obviously comdev you calm them on the division just now calm them on the division - you played hundreds of hours much more than me of the division so playing the division - what can you tell me about that experience what's what's great was playing the division - is that as I said I played a lot of hours which you know for all communities like okay yeah it's not so bad but still and thank the division - what I really love is that it really feels like a division experience it really feels like I'm playing the division I directly know the controls I directly know you know how to how to move around and how to handle it but it feels very fresh there are so many changes so many small things so many new things new ski is the signature weapons the even the open space is the way to approach combat will you know like the 360 inner ring it's just yeah I think I think specialisations is something that is going to that like division players like experienced division tails are going to love because it's it's really directly fulfilling that fantasy of like I really want to go in that kind of road and I want to like grow more and more into it especially in endgame and and so I think this is going to be something that vision players are going to know so let's check in with the Pigpen over here I think she she may be trying to tackle a control point in a different way I mean and it's something that you can do in the division right right you can kind of really tackle any challenge is the way that you want with a play style that that's Duke you right then so I think this important note that's what they're playing here this is sort of mission this is just one of the many open-world activities that you encounter when you're out and about exploring the world and that's another aspect of of DC being an fantastic setting for us that it's like people haven't been there it's a very diverse City man in terms of its different biomes and districts that we have almost jungles like nature up around the Potomac and then these big wide-open spaces of the ball it really lends themselves to open area come up like we saw where we can really think about how are we got approached to see how to strategize exactly with like your your team of players or me you can go at it alone if you wanted to play you can play everything yeah we've got a question we have a xxxx inside xxxx who is asking us is the DZ coming back absolutely we're gonna have some Zone in the Division two is going to be a revised version of about zone and it will be ready at launch absolutely fantastic whenever we also have a session who's asking when does the better start and how to sign up to it what we try to do with the beta is that as long when we get closer to the launch we want to be very very prepared and so closer to 2 March 15 we're gonna we're gonna be able to give you more details about how when we gonna start the actual beta Pam okay but you can sign up now you can sign up now right exactly the division comm smash pepper register now that's such a pro you're so good and so let me put this here you guys right now and I believe condoms have some live streams on the Tuesday and Wednesday flock yes we're going to start on live streams tomorrow we are going to be streaming for like two days total of like 14 hours of live stream we're gonna be showing more of the demo we're gonna be sitting down with some of you guys showing people from the team showing people from the community we have a lot of things coming amazing and so you mentioned a closed beta people can register right now I was hit up again and say do you think the division dot-com swish pepper register now to have a guaranteed place in the Bethel you know beta program that wasn't around for the day ladies and gentlemen yes division 2 is coming out March 15 2009 teen position for today thank you for watching everybody this was the post show we showed some exclusive the division 2 gameplay Medvedev's thanks for spending time with us thank you and have a great III thank you very much it's about [Music] you