Tom Steyer On Trump Impeachment Why Democrats Needs To Stand Up Presidential Campaign More

Breakfast Club morning everybody is de j MV Angela ye Charlemagne the guy we are the breakfast club we got a special guest in the building yes Tom Styer welcome sir happy to be here alright Tom let's talk about it look at bring it on how you feel about Nancy Pelosi in the House Democrats moving forward Trump's impeachment finally at last at last look we've been pushing on this for two years yeah he's been a crook and everybody knew he was a crook two years ago I'm just glad they finally got around to getting the ball going why do you think that Nancy Pelosi was dragging her feet so much everybody says for these hypotheticals swing voters she was hoping they didn't lose what do you think it was I think it was all about politics yeah you know we said from the beginning I said two years ago this is about right and wrong he's a crook you got to stand up for what's right and they were like well it's gonna ruin us in the 2018 election hmm we said no it isn't try telling the truth and see if people respond to them absolutely they're like no if we tell the truth we're gonna freak out the Republicans and he said don't worry the Republicans are already freaked out yeah you don't have to worry about whether they're gonna freak out they are the question is are we gonna show up are we gonna say something honest and true that makes people think maybe it's worth it to go vote well let's go back a little bit for people that don't know who Tom Styer is you know the truth is sometimes they just turn you off okay where are you from and how did you get you start and and how did you get your riches and so how are you getting in politics okay from New York I'm from Manhattan my mom taught in the New York Public Schools not reading and she taught in the Brooklyn House of Detention my dad is from New York he's from Brooklyn Brooklyn first generation and his family to go to college so you didn't get a million dollar loan I got zero money for my parents about one cent all right my dad became a lawyer stop being a lawyer to go into the Navy in World War two which everybody wanted to do and then he was because he was already a lawyer he prosecuted the Nazis at Nuremberg Wow so one of the things he told me growing up and my two older brothers was when you see something really wrong you fight it you don't ask how it's gonna turn out you don't try and game it out you just do the right thing under pressure when you see something really really wrong that's the point about impeachment but so I grew up here started a business and the beginning of 1986 one room no windows no employees and built an international business well the business is basically taking money from school endowments and foundations they're the money they're endowments and investing in form around the world did it for 27 years felt like you know what I'm missing a big part of life here I mean I like investing I happen to enjoy it's fun mm-hmm I'm turned out I was okay pretty good made a bunch of money and said basically I want to stop doing this took the giving pledge to give half my money while I'm alive to good causes and started organizing coalitions of ordinary citizens to take on corporate power because I could look at the country and say the corporation's bought the government it turns out this government's failing and there's a specific reason is every time it fails someone's making a buck yeah and if they're there you know it's just sitting outside talking to some of the people who work here and they're like yeah it's absolutely true no one cares about us they were described themselves as the little people it's like they're not the little people that's called the American people it's not the little people so for the last 10 years that's what I've been known as when you live in a capitalist country though well no here's my point we don't have enough compassionate capitalism none don't expect it don't even think about it the point is it's fine to have a private sector in capitalism and entrepreneurship and all that stuff just don't let them write the laws the problem is they bought the government we need to take back the government the people get to write the laws they get to work within the laws they don't get to write laws and that's turned upside down right now they're writing the laws you both have spent a lot of your own money with this whole impeached Trump campaign from a couple of years ago to well you know I started organizing taking on in California and some 26 states you can put a law on the ballot and if enough people vote for it it becomes law so I've been doing that fight directly with oil companies and beating up tobacco companies and beating them utilities and beating them you know we've taken on the drug companies but really impeachment was everything I've done I feel like I look at I thought his guy's a crook he's really anti-human the number of people he hates in America is like almost everybody's immune like no one is standing up to him so we got 8 million people to sign our petition to say get rid of this guy and it can tell the out can tell you this at the end of 2017 so uh almost two years ago or the beginning of 2018 I was in North Philly hmm with a congressman named Dwight Evans I don't know if you guys know me as African American and we were one he's a pretty well-known senior congressman and so he we were walking around North Philly and we walk into a barber shop because he's just introducing me to the people who own businesses in North Philly and so he goes this is Tom Steyer and everybody's like oh great he said he's the guy who's trying to impeach Trump and they're like yes because everybody in that barber shop thought let's impeach his ass hmm everybody and I think you know in the country people are paying attention new he doesn't like them you know what I think doesn't I think that Donald Trump has been committing crimes like you said but nobody was acting like he was wrong so if you don't act like something is wrong then the general public just thinks okay maybe I completely agree it's like it's not what he it's not what you do that's wrong it's what you're ashamed of yeah and he isn't ashamed of anything so people think well he just says on TV I did it and they think well it must be okay cuz he's admitting it right there so on to the next it's like no it's not okay Cory Lewandowski admit just last we asked or load out the admitting obstructed justice Giuliani admitted that he was using the guy from Ukraine to interfere with Biden it's like nobody gives a sh but you're in New York a leak right excuse me you a New Yorker Lee absolutely Donald Trump was in New York early did y'all ever cross paths we have her friends the yellow streak you got a business my parents and my family I mean I was describing do you think someone who teaches in the Brooklyn House of a detention is gonna like Donald Trump my mom would have hated him he stands for everything she does not respect you know he's a rich guy my parents weren't rich guys they were people who had jobs did jobs and felt like you give back to society as much as you get from that's why my dad wanted to go in the Navy that's why my mom taught in the Brooklyn House of Detention because she felt like these kids deserve a chance now let's talk about the process of impeachment though okay right because a lot of people don't even really know how it works so in order to impeach the president what has to happen so the impeachment itself is in the House of Representatives you need a majority and that's like getting indicted it's like saying you are now we have charged you with a crime against the country and it gets sent to the Senate where you need a two-thirds vote and the Senate is run by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court so and so we all know it's not getting past this in it well here's the way it would be I mean I know everybody thinks that but here's what I believe if we get these televised hearings and the American people get to see what a crook this guy is get to see what a bad person he is and how much bad stuff he's done and who he's surrounded himself with the criminals that will have to appear on his behalf one after the other if we decide you get rid of him or we'll get rid of you let's see if the Republicans can withstand that you know what what party will suffer worse the Democrats if this all proves to be nothing but we know it's something all Republicans were acting like what Trump is doing is nothing look I believe that telling the truth an important truth always pays off and standing up for what's right I've always believed anyone who thinks that being charged as a criminal somehow is good for your reputation I mean that's Trump's point great I really am a criminal let's put it on TV it's like how could that be good read I think what's been going on here is I we've done a ton of research on this I mean we haven't just been running our mouth we've actually been talking to people around the country I mean eight million people signed our petition I went around the country into over 50 town halls asking people they all say the same things when you show him the evidence I didn't know that yep they don't know it he's a liar and a crook if I did that I'd be in jail hmm everybody in it that's Trump supporters that's Trump opposers Republicans Democrats they all say if I did that I'd be in jail and they're right if they did that they would be in jail they do most Republicans publicly say that these are not reserved Republican voters voters right so they don't necessarily go to we should kick them out a bunch of them do but not all of them by a longshot I agree with you but the point is they all realize oh my god he really is a crook now impeachment impeaching him is one thing and we all want him impeached right but now when we talk politics right you want to become the president I do now let's talk about initiatives do you have initiatives for everything that we need help on as far as African Americans and really has meant to health affordable housing gun laws well I've been in the race for about two months so we're rolling these out so they aren't all you know fully digested and rolled out we're in the process of turning them out but I've been working on all of those issues for a decade so let's talk about some of your plans okay specifically so let's talk about what are we gonna do for housing right a lot of people can't afford to you're from New York from New York and I'm also live in California so do you want to talk about expensive housing okay so let's start with it I spent over a year looking at what causes inequality in the country and in California and at the center of it is housing because where you sleep at night is incredibly important even in ways that people don't automatically think of it determines where your kids go to school correct it determines the air you breathe what we see is that around the country low-income communities and communities of color or where the pollution is is centered intentionally it determines what kind of food you can buy in the grocery store right it determines how long it takes you to get to work which is time you're not spending with your family by definition if you feel how safe you feel who you hang with the police treat you how the pigs act so my point being it's really really important absolutely and it's also something that's under control of governments because look that's what zoning is you can say - you know I my basic thesis is these corporations have bought the government they own the government and so we have to take it back that's the we get everything we want if we take it back but when you think about housing it's zoning right and that means the developers come in and say this is what we want to do we want to build million-dollar condos they say that all over the country right we want to build million-dollar condos a we don't have enough housing and beat all they want to do is build million-dollar condos and what we really need to do is build a lot of stuff but it has to be at all ranges that's a governmental decision so when I look at California we are 2 million housing units short 2 million which has been going on there are reasons for it but the basic point is we need to build a lot but we need to make sure it meets everybody's need because that housing shortage goes from homeless people of which we have a total crisis through all the way up because there's just too little of everything so we need to make sure we build it but we also need to make sure that it's affordable for people and that is definitely doable by governments they have to choose to do it and they can't let the developers make the decisions what they've been doing is mate letting the developers make the decisions so how do you make that happen well what I've said is we have when we in order to take back the government there are three things that have to happen one we have to call it out like people in the United Sates don't I think we intuitively all know these corporations have bought the government you say they've done it and that's the problem second of all we have to use what's there to try and blunt their power which is to say use the existing stuff like the Federal Election Commission to say all this dark money and politics we're going to expose it we're gonna find it we're gonna put you guys out of business but third I have structural reforms for the federal government because we're talking you know federal government at the moment term limits 12 years Congress and Senate you know if you think about what happened in 2018 part of what happened was we got some new infusion of new blood you look at AOC and you say green new deal that didn't just happen wouldn't happen if she weren't in so term limits so we get turnover and some younger people with new ideas and new energy that actually represent the country mm-hmm second of all I would have the thing I would put in the thing that we do it in these western states which is put a LIF you can put a law in the books if the majority of people vote for it becomes a law if Congress won't do it will do it a referent an a tional referendum I would think it's critical that we make it easy to vote and we end voted oppression mmm-hmm look we have seen Republicans in an organized intentional way prevent african-americans from voting right any but it's it people think well it can't be as big as all that no it is just because on its own as a person so the numbers that I use 2016 Wisconsin a hundred thousand african-americans prevented from voting Trump won by 20 mm you got to say was Kansan why trust me shoutout to t-pain but my points that's a third and the last one is corporations are not people I know the Supreme Court says they're people but they're not and that gives them the rights of an American citizen and the Supreme Court has said a lot of wrong and evil things over the last 200 40 years we all know that so the fact that they said it I don't care it's wrong it's a lie we have to take it back but we all know these problems like all the problems that your name we all know we've been talking about these problems for the last year but how do we fix what's what's the but I'm tell you that you the way that you fix it is the way that we got impeachment go to the people and say this is what we have to do I want a mandate to do this this is what I want you to elect me to do break the backs of these corporations politically break the corporate stranglehold on our democracy what do you think about these corporations that are not getting text crazy great but if you look at the whole tax structure it supports corporations and the richest Americans that's what it is talk about that you say you want to instill a 1% annual wolf tax on the top 0.1% look all they're saying is this what we've seen for the last 40 years is something that's incredibly unjust undemocratic and unfair which is all of the increased income in this country has gone to the top the very richest people you yeah I took the giving pledge I sat there and said look I know it it's not right that's why I've been pushing the whole time I was working I was pushing for close the tax loopholes raise the rates but now it's like it's gone on so long and that text is not only needed but it's fair and so my ideas look-look at the 40 years it's not just income look I know you guys know this it's not just income it's also assets mm-hmm it's the ownership of stuff is so distorted look one of the things I don't know if you guys know this my wife and I started a community bank in Oakland that's now got 17 branches and over a billion dollars its dedicated to economic just as they would have been beneficial State Bank we all need to live in a beneficial State economic justice environmental sustainability women and minority-owned businesses so all of you who can go in and get loans easily then I'm sure it's but it's you know we put the you know how Bank works you have equity you have like the ownership stuff then you have ten times debt to equity we put the equity in the ownership stuff in a foundation so we can never get it back so yeah we need to make money so that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation will insure our deposits so it's really a bank but we didn't want anyone to think we were doing it to make money because we can never get the money out we could never get it back so it's not so we want to do it say we will enable your business to work you pay us back and we'll enable your business to work you pay us back and we'll enable your business to work the whole idea is bring money to communities that are starved for capital so so people can start their businesses but also we've done over 6,000 low income housing loans in the last three years we do something to do inexpensive used car loans because everybody in California needs a ride to get to work and if you put together a complicated financial system with a used car dealer guess what they they rip you off how easy is it for a small black a small minority business owner black business owner to come get a loan from you they come we do it we do it like a normal person but normal banks don't want to do that business yeah because it's not really profitable for them they think we liar their loan money to the big companies it's easy we can loan big sums of money our whole dealers know we want to make sure that these communities get the support that's needed so you talk about what we need to do look we need to change taxes we bought the creation back we need to think about the crash the website in that bank good medicine man small black don't you bullshit Tim Tom I need about four or five people's everything got alone but listen we're in Washington Oregon in California okay we're trying to be in every low-income community urban and rural cuz rural is poor and we want to make sure we're there too but my point is in order to address the inequality look races it that you can't talk about in equality not talk about race you can't talk about inequality not talk about ethnicity it's deeply ingrained in the inequality but in order to come back at it you're asking me what we're gonna do it's not one thing I mean you were asking originally about housing housing it's a center of it it's not the only part of it education is in there the criminal justice system is in there health care yeah all this stuff so it's like to me when you think about it you think about housing and you make sure you include the idea in your mind that race is central to what's going on in housing you talk about the criminal justice system and how it's unfair but you can't talk about criminal justice the United States and not thinking about race you think about education yeah if we don't have decent education and better than decent pre-k through college and make it available to people you're legislating inequality going forward but you can't think about that without being aware that 400 years of legal discrimination in on the books that's overt doesn't just end and then we're all ready to go do you have a black agenda do you have a specific look it goes through every single thing so do you know when we think about criminal justice do we think about it in terms of race yes that's only because the system is built to wear black and brown people short end of the stick absolutely because we commit more crimes II if you look you know I worked in California I work to get rid of money bail so does money bail ever mentioned the word race or ethnicity no no does it overwhelmingly affect black and brown people yes so when we're getting rid of money bail are we thinking about it from the standpoint of who can't get who has to serve time before they're convicted heck yeah you know when we're thinking about equilibrating money to school districts so that people get a decent chance are we thinking is there ever a mention of race or ethnicity no do we know absolutely that's something that's going on that necessitates it to happen in a way that is urgent absolutely so when we think about it you know I'll give you an example one of the things I don't know if you noticed about me last ten years I've been working really hard on climate mm-hmm when we think about climate we start with environmental justice we don't fit in environmental justice at the end we start so in California when things have passed in the legislature which we California reauthorized our basic energy laws two years ago on January 2nd when we started talking about it we said this only works if this works for the low-income communities african-american and Latino where the pollution is centered because if it doesn't work for them it isn't gonna work and the people who actually carried the bill in the legislature were from the poorest ZIP codes in California because we did it so that the money that came in through cap and trade went disproportionately did their constituents and did I think that that was a handout no I thought that was a payback for decades picking the pollution on their kids and so you know when I worked with a community group in Oxnard to stop the last I hope fossil fuel plant ever proposed in California which was definitely going through but the people from cause and I and the and the people at next-gen organization I started to stopped it mm-hmm and was I aware that they were going to put the last fossil fuel plant in California in a poor Latino community heck yes and was I aware that they've been doing that successfully for decades heck yes you could look and you shit you can look and see where they put the pollution and that's why you have to have a specific black agenda because there were specific things done every summer people absolutely was at the bottom absolutely what I'm saying is I do on every single issue okay like one of the things we did you know I started an organization called NexGen America to basically be a grassroots organization to register engage and turnout people under 35 in 2018 next gen America did the largest youth voter mobilization in American history we were in 38 districts Republican districts we doubled the turnout of young people 33 flipped to Democrats that's what I actually think we need to do but when I think about what we were doing there do I know that that generation is not only the biggest in America bigger than the Boomers I also know it's the most diverse in American history I know that it is the most progressive but within that we did black lives rising specifically to make sure that when we're thinking about registering engaging and turning out young people we know it's a diverse generation but we're specifically focused on black and brown people what did black clouds rising mean well it means that we're organized specifically on HBCUs okay that we're specifically aware that we want to make sure that African American young people are talked to addressed and encouraged to participate we want to make sure that that that the communities that might be underrepresented aren't yeah I definitely think that they want to participate and I think they have been participating it's just that y'all haven't been listening it's like the voice that the voice that on earth look what we've seen with young people specifically African American but across the board when we say to him why don't they vote and in 2014 four years ago less than one in five of the people in this age group voted we start the conversation by saying why don't you vote and they always say the same thing they say no one tells the truth yeah and nobody goes no one deals with our issues there's really no difference between the parties why would I vote and we say okay now we're in the conversation because you know we feel as if actually if you vote and your generation votes we're gonna do exactly what we did in 2018 which is flip all these districts get rid of all these people who for whatever reason in mine have gone so off the rails in terms of caring about Americans that's great but it benefits the politicians not the people yeah you get your votes you get your people in but what happens to our community and so that's the only but if let me say this I think that politicians traditionally feel like the win is the electoral win is winning exactly what you're saying mm-hmm but what I think the win is is accomplishing something if you get in and don't accomplish something you didn't you didn't win right the only thing that matters is if you get in and change all right and you know it's funny I was talking to the thing it's called the black millennial caucus down in DC and yeah okay and someone said something I thought was really smart we're not looking for reform we're looking for transformation and that I thought was a brilliant point reform implies that the system is basically okay but you're going to make changes around the Union ah and exactly there's something deeply wrong here and that's my point that's why we're trying to impeach you know it's like there's something deeply wrong here let's step up and tell the truth originally you weren't even planning to run for president alone so what made you what was the tipping point for you where you said I actually am gonna throw my hat in a race I'll tell you it it was I was watching these debates and I thought oh my god they're not gonna tell the truth to the American people like they're not gonna actually call out what's going on we're gonna talk about these theories about health care that we can't get yeah we're gonna talk about these theories about the green new deal which we're not gonna be able to get cuz the Senate won't pass any you know so we got to say how do we actually get something like whoa and that's why I said we got it take back the government because if we don't take back the government we're not getting what we want what was it any of it with any candidate that you like that all or that I like all of them somewhat but the real question to me was to me this is an overwhelming question about not what do you want but how are we gonna get it that's the issue how are we gonna get I feel listen anyway if we can argue about which plan I'll do it with you if you want I'm happy to it does matter but what really matters is any plan and the second thing is I am a bug on climate is it possible to get it through because the way you make it seem like it's no matter what we need you've got the American people have to step up that's why I was trying to say about impeachments like if the American people engage we win there are so many more of you know this is the big argument I have with the Democratic Party which is they think that 50% of America votes 2% in the middle can't decide if they like or don't like Donald Trump so we have to you convince them that we're almost as good as the Republicans we really like Republicans vote for us and I think 50% of Americans don't vote they're all Democrats they're all Democrats they all agree with us but they think the system stinks and they say they don't vote and I'm like let's go get the 50% by telling the truth and making it happen if they show up let's get rid of all these bums and actually do it's the right thing which we haven't been doing since Ronald Reagan convinced the world that you know we should go back to the 19th century yeah write this article yesterday it was a 4.4 million 2012 Obama bonus voters stayed home in 2016 and more than a third of them were black absolutely Washington Post absolutely yeah because people felt like look I'll tell you strike which was super important to me mm-hmm so I was in Las Vegas at the biggest public hospital in Las Vegas having lunch with all the people except the doctors mm-hmm there's like the nurses and the orderlies and the cleaning staff we're sitting around and these guys are great I said you guys like your job and they're like we love our job I said okay is that because you get well paid didn't have good benefits they go no we save lives this is a great Hospital we save lives this is the cleaning staff they see their job as being part of an engine and effective engine to save lives of anyone who walks into that hospital so you got to love these people right love him I said who fights for you in Washington DC they absolutely no I said come on did someone eats you must have someone you trust I don't know we think we're on our own nobody cares about us that's what happened in 16 mmm those people are sitting there going like I'm not sure I need to vote because I don't see someone who's gonna get up and they don't want to be experts on the green new deal they want somebody they trust to have their back it's simple we tired of being loyal to Democrats who don't own shit for black people absolutely it's really just of course it is so I like the fact that people are demanding that the candidates have a black agenda meet you look what I think that decision about reparations I love it I think it's got to happen you think reverie should happen well let's start right here you a billionaire you mean you know what can you write us we'd love a donation well here's what I'd say there's no way that we can do reparations without talking about truth first that we have to do a national commission talking about what happened over the last 400 years so that you know so there's roots you know in Asia we know what have you know yeah I got not everybody in America you think oh I know Tom stop it oh you don't know the interior slavery and you know all history of Americans and they go to another again you'll know I completely agree but you don't the question is we need to go through that process together and do a study not only of what happened I'm like who know people that don't know they just need to trust us all right trust the ones that do no no I look in order for us to figure out exactly the best way to do reparation mm-hm we need to go through a process of what happened people do not know Jim Crow you know I went down to I don't know if you guys have been down to Montgomery Alabama to the memorial to the victims of lynching have you guys been it's fantastic but a lot of it is a because it explains God and it's necessary because there should be a memorial it's fantastic that we finally got one mmm learn a history and it's out there and you look there's stuff in there that I definitely didn't know like I did not realize that the government of Alabama paid largely paid for itself by hiring out convicts for free and keeping the money well it's like are you kidding me well of course they wanted a lot of convicts they paid for everything that's what mass incarceration is yes but it's like do people in the United States know there was this money incentive to basically incarcerate people for anything that's what private prisons in America we need that out thirteen we need that a you know maybe they should be abolished people need to see this stuff and I think the process itself would be really important look America has never apologized nope no but that's a huge deal I mean you're saying everybody knows it's like well if everybody knows why has there never been a formal statement of apology because it's crazy if I apologize and I'm admitting that something is wrong and not admitting something is wrong that means yes yes I I do Oh awesome great I agree with every single one of this but you know what how do you move past something as a person or as a nation until you admit it how do you you know until you like okay we as long as you're trying to shove it under the rug how do you ever deal with it and have and move on how do other white men have these conversations when you around all your billionaire buddies I don't have any billionaire buddies I listen by the time I proposed an asset-based tax on their money yeah that one things they called me and said like oh that's an awesome idea that's great let's go to lunch a little caviar are you finding out are you finding your own campaign to largely I mean we're raising money too but my basic point has been look people don't like to give money to billionaires but my but really you asked me how two white men talk about this look when we're not around I know I know I dress good but but I think you can't generalize that way because if you look I live in San Francisco California my brother worked for the n-double-a-cp Legal Defense Fund my mom taught in prison because she thought it was important for those kids to get a chance when they came out mm-hmm the people who I hang out with are not sitting here it shocks me some I'll tell you a story which for me somebody from New York somebody who lives in California I was doing something on energy in probably 2010 so Barack's President 2010 I'm pushing for something I went down south to talk to someone who controls a huge energy complex who had probably known for 20 or 25 years best through business hmm and I had a proposal for him that I thought would be really good for the country to move us towards clean energy and I thought I could bring something to the table and he could bring something so I make the proposal in he goes well is it gonna help the president I go I have no idea but I know it's good for the United States of America I know you can make a huge contribution you can be a hero mm-hmm yes Tom is it can help the president I said I don't know look I guess if it's good for the country it's good for the president but it's got nothing to do with the president correct it's got to do with what we can do together and he literally goes to me if it's gonna help the president I'm not gonna do it Wow in those yeah and that's executor I was like flabbergast was that a party thing are raising effort I thought race okay did you ask him why iris I literally had I was so I've never been so shocked I mean that's why I'm telling the stories like it's totally floored me and he didn't do it it was in his interest it was great for the country I was telling you can be in the history books if you do this which was he doing it now no it was one of those things where you just go like the energy company so we can stop subordinate private no I'm just telling you it you were asking me what do people say in private it depends where you are and who you are look you can't look at the Republican Party and not think theirs they're thinking race yeah but you saying that it's not monolithic yeah that's what you know I'm not in the Republican Party mm-hmm for a reason you know I went to the dinner I used to do a lot of things with an older Republican named George Shultz because I believed that if we came up with a good idea America would do it which turned out not to be true mm-hmm just to be clear I thought if we could objectively prove that would help everything it was like the conversation I had with that oil guy like people would do it just because it's the right thing turns that's not true but I went to his 90th birthday party all Republicans and me I'm sitting at a table and finally in the middle of dinner this woman turns to me and she says why are you a Democrat like you seem like a normal person why would I be a Democrat like that was definitely the question you seem like a normal person we've had a normal conversation why are you Democrats like why would I join a party it's dead wrong on the basic moral issue of the day cuz you're a rich white man and you don't have to worry about civil rights you got him but let me put it you this yeah I mean which human being yeah who believes in God and wants to have a meaningful life so if you ask me why do I believe in civil rights because I want to be a decent person in stand up for what's right I got a homegirl who says her name is Miko she said that it's impossible for a billionaire to be a decent human being and possible to make that kind of money and be a decent human being and you referred you to some of the decent movie I sure hope so look she said you have to step on people you have my throat's on the way that's not true what really I would put it a different way which is this you don't the question is does the money change you hmm it's not a question of what did you do to get the money I invested money you know in a good way and yes mmm successfully the question is does having just having the money become this thing to you that you take so seriously that then you start being a horse's ass like a selfish person focused on him or herself you have your compassion yeah yeah your empathy yes you do it does it separate you from people look one of the things that's been true look I said I did fifty impeachment town halls that means going around and looking people in the eye and listening to what's going on with them and I'll say story part of about running for president one of the early primary states of South Carolina mm-hmm and I was down there in a place called Denmark South Carolina know it very well overwhelmingly African American poor rural places maga Bukhari from and they don't have a water treatment facility yep which means there are people getting sick and dying because the water is terrible so I went down there because I'm a clean water person you know that's been something we've worked on in California for years it's always located in communities just like this mm-hmm and I went and had dinner with the activists from Denmark South Carolina if you meet them they're in a tough spot and they're unbelievably great they're idealistic they're working hard through the system they're optimistic in really tough times and you learned something you're asking me can you be a good person and be rich and my answer is depends who you hang with no and so what you do with your money absolutely and so I was talking to somebody who could ask me Tom I can either take my daughter who was very very very sick to the doctor or I can pay rent what do you think I'm gonna do he said she said you're right but I don't know where I'm gonna be on August 1st mmm living so you're asking me the question is who do you see mmm who does your heart go out to who do you connect with and if your heart is connecting with your bank balance you should be very careful careful about your soul Democratic Party beat Trump in 2020 without proper voters security because you've thought about telling the truth that's the other thing they're not telling the truth about look in the states that are controlled by Republicans they're gonna cheat they're gonna cheat they're gonna do voter suppression mm-hmm they're gonna oh they are they won't do paper ballots because they know if you have paper ballots you can check yeah so they're gonna do a lot of things can we beat them heck yes there are tens of millions more of us I was saying to those guys out so well Ming Lee win this is like a game or you have one team that's fast and skilled and there's one team that no they're slow and unskilled so they cheat yeah exactly it's the same thing they know that that you know they don't have Michael Jordan so they're gonna have to trip Michael Jordan and they're gonna have to elbow Michael Jordan and they're have to do all the stuff does that mean Michael Jordan can't win he'll bow Michael Jordan can win I'm gonna have to rise above it that's right I have to beat them and then we're gonna change their change the ref and get a fair game and then we're gonna beat them forever didn't you change the referee Ike I mean if you know that there's Russian interference if you noted that voter suppression you see Mitch McConnell blocking an election security bill because he know that they benefit smaller yeah shouldn't we be trying to pass some part where there are people out there trying to make sure legally that we watch the elections but yeah but they're in charge of a lot of stuff and they're cheap they're using their power to cheat yeah we know that I mean I I wouldn't be truthful if I didn't say it we're gonna have to swamp them big we it's just like you know fast guilty I don't like that logic I've been hearing that Democrats have to win in a landslide like that to me just that's that's like admitting defeat already we will fight them on the on the other stuff we are I'm personally contributing to people trying to make sure Stacey Abrams is doing a whole - Stacey about this I know Stacy's on it I know Eric Holder's on it I know that they're a bunch of specific attempts to fight them stay on it and at the same time make sure everybody goes out and votes yes but can I say one other thing and if we win we have to go after them criminally absolutely absolutely but no no but no one's saying that we my point is if you think about voter suppression of African Americans in the context of American history okay it's a crime but it's beyond a crime - given what it's cost to get the vote given the history the tortured history of this country for them to do that seems to me to be something that has to be prosecuted mm-hmm that's how can people finally I know you got to go how can people follow you and follow your campaign or even if they want to donate to you as well how can they follow you Tom Steyer calm in your campaign and focus on Trump's impeachment let me say that well let me say this I started one of the biggest grassroots organizations in the United States which is called next-gen America which I was referring to in terms of going out and register and engaging young people it is going to I've guaranteed that we're gonna keep doing it we're not gonna back off a bit I'm not gonna be running it while I'm running for president but it's gonna keep going the need to impeach campaign I'm not going to be running it while I'm running for president but it's gonna keep going I thought you know so the answer is don't worry where it's not either/or it's both and guys we're doing them all well because look this is I keep every politicians love to run their mouth and one of the things they always say is this is the biggest election ever okay the way that you can tell if it's the biggest election ever is by turnout how many people vote I believe this will be the biggest election ever of our lifetime because we're gonna feel like if we don't win this election it's the end of the world no and it possibly could I know it and that's my point I'm one of the people who thinks that yeah and they're gonna feel like if they lose this election it's the end of whitea Germany and they're right to so it's gonna be a really really emotional and potentially dangerous foreign taste yes tell the time to say yes let's wait the guy was a complete idiot but there was a guy who said 11 bombs to people right I was one of the 11 people there is a guy who that guy down in El Paso Texas was killing people so they could not vote so when we talk about potential danger and violence yeah this it people are going to feel like what they value most is gonna be at stake I feel that way my daughter was on the phone with me who's 27 years old last Friday saying I'm worried that we're not going to be able to you know control the world's gonna get away from us that everybody's going to be at risk that we're not gonna that we're not we're too late to stop it people are wound up in a way it's not like shades of grey know this is like all the way over there or all the way over there right and and that's how I feel - well Tom we appreciate you for joining us yeah I like the subliminals of what you're drinking right now I know Tom Steyer is the Breakfast Club good morning [Music]