Tony Hawk Calls Russian 10YearOld His New Favorite Skater


Inside Edition


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max Abramoff doesn't let anything stand in the way of the next cool trip just check out how he moves after losing his legs when his bed caught on fire as a baby Matt's found a new home with his adoptive family in st. Petersburg Russia at first he used to skateboard just to get around but his mom thought it could become something much bigger so she got him a coach now the ten-year-old works with his coach Pavel to nail complex moves Pavel says people are impressed by Max's hard work but also by his huge smile at the end of each trick max is fearless as he barrels down steep slopes max is skating and incredible resilience even caught the eye of legend Tony Hawk's who called max his quote new favorite skater the shoutout got max a lot more Instagram followers and FEA max dreams of being a world famous skater someday and maybe even competing in the Paralympic Games and although skateboarding isn't currently a Paralympic event it just might become one thanks to max this is Inside Edition calm [Music]