Tony Robbins 5 Steps to Take Control of Your Life Now Part 1

[Music] one of the things I've always done like when I even learned NLP when the first real dynamic set of tools I learned psychologically I would go these classes with these psychologists and psychiatrists and we'd have an all-day session which their idea of all day was four hours and they'd be like it'd be like we'd start at 10:00 and at noon we're taking lunch I'm like where the hell are we going you know go to lunch for an hour and a half and then we come back at 1:30 and sure enough by 3:30 or 4 was the end of the program and it's like Jesus you know the only you knew a quarter of a day so I took the rest of the time and I extracted everything I could from what I learned there are people with ten times more skill than I had her ability but my level of application compared to theirs I'd warped it and it's because while I was still there I didn't leave the environment I've always had this belief if you want to be successful at anything in life never leave the sight of setting a goal without doing something that commits you to fulfillment if you get like you're in state right when you do something while you're in state that's the time to commit yourself to something that makes you follow through don't know I'm talking about hearsay I so I call somebody up I'd schedule something I'm locked in the next meeting I sign it for the class I didn't roll the guy who's gonna mentor me I accept a meeting with a mastermind the people I met I did something so that whenever I committed to there was something when I went home that would told me there its structure in fact I'll give you five C's to rpm just as a quick warm-up for you how's that you don't remember it'll be okay but it'll be in your unconscious from when you go work with a coach these are the five seas everything that comes in your mind anything you can think of cuz we're gonna basically do a little mini rpm version of things right now anything comes in my mind I'm here and while you're here doing something you're driving your car and you think of an idea for your business or one of your businesses what do you put it iPhone where do you put it diary where do you put it iPod iPhone iPhone and how do you find it afterwards how are you trigger to look at it again so he goes back and reviews his app system how do you do it but crisis crisis makes me go get it how do you do it I sent an email to myself all good more emails with more to do's right so I don't care what your system is but when you have our PM you'll have one place you put it for right now you need one place to put it now the problem is most of us have lives that if you put everything in one place it just becomes even more overwhelming who knows what I'm talking about here so the first step I'll just tell you that is CEA's capture you gotta capture an emotion ideas like this imagine doing this like physically capturing it pulling out of my head and putting in one place I don't care what your one place has got to be one place now ideally in that one place you have some categories so you don't throw everything on one giant list does that make sense so you might have a category for me hive company so I've robbins research I have no Mali resort I have metabolites of all these different companies so I'll drop it in that areas in example or roles for me as a father and I'm time to demonstrate this for you but just know the first thing you wanna do is keep it out of your head have it in one place why do you want to do that keep lots of extra mental RAM available when you have to keep thinking about stuff that creates inner stress if you know it's there and you know you're gonna look at it consistently like you do it once a week once a day and you're gonna review it and do something with it something with it might be forget it I'll do it later tomorrow but you can do something with it you'll be able to let go how many think that's pretty much something you try to do already most people try to do this don't you but the reason most people don't do it is because making lists after a while they stop doing tell me why they stopped doing it who's made lists and they're not kept the list up your quote to-do list why don't you keep those to-do lists up cuz every time you go there they're so damn what there's how many always got more to do if you do make the list then you have time so it inherently says why am I doing this on PM's a different mindset our mindset is we're just first capturing it we know we're not gonna do most of this but we need to be able to later when it's time decide which things are worth doing and more importantly what are we really after we're gonna use these to trigger us to say all this relates to maybe something more how many father philosophical difference here say I my goal is not get things done this is not GTD this is use the things you need to get do to steam into the higher-level thinking of what you really want why you want it and become very strategic about how to get that and many of these things may go away or they just won't matter but you do have to capture it because otherwise it's in your head so I have a lot of systems of doing it but if you never saw me again the girls basic thing you need is one place to capture that make sense and what step one of our p.m. it's a see you got a let capture which means get it out of your head put it one place second thing you gotta make sense of all this crap and the way you do that step two is you create a plan and a plan for me has three parts and the three parts are three questions that I asked and three actions I take and again you'll learn this I'm not trying to teach this all right now just want to plant some seeds in your mind is this okay is this useful so when you're going home you got most captured stuff you just did here right now they just start to create plan you know look at all the stuff and say okay there's more here than I can do so what I really need is read all the stuff and start to see what all these things relate to one thing all these relate to another if I'm a mom and I made my list and I'm the list I have things like I got to pick up laundry or I gotta drive the kids to school I've gotta do this thing for the PTA I gotta clean the house oh I gotta run my business I went out of the house I headed to the accounting I wanna I wanna have spent some time with my husband at the end of the day soccer mom totally stressed out but if I write all those things down and get him out of my head I want to write them all down I then start to put them together go you know this this and this all relates to my kids this this this all relates to the house being great this business all relates to my business and this this this is about my personal life being rich and happy I'm able to do something really nice I'm able to go from this which is what your capture list looks like you'll start writing down you go I got to do this and that's and this and this and you start to feel good it's out of my head but they go to this I go to this this oh I got this I got this I got this I got this I got this I got this I got this under that ceiling that to so step two is I look at my capture list and I create a plan and the way I create a plan is I start to figure out what do I really want that's what that's what the world is saying to me that's what's in my head what do I want I might start to group some things together I might sure to say you know let's take a look at this you know something watch this watch this for a second this item here clean the house and this thing in this thing in this thing these all relate to the house and my outcome areas I want to magically clean house because why it makes me feel fully alive and then oh by the way this this this this and this all relates to my children oh and this this and this relates to my business no yeah this is me personally anybody see what happens suddenly any action items or twelve or thirty will turn into four outcomes there's something here that I want for my home there's something I want here for my kids there's something I want here for my business or something I want for me and what that does is now I could start to go okay instead of reading all these like what do I really want for my kids what's my outcome this week or today and you get really really clear about what you're after you use this to take you to another level higher use this to trigger a higher vision and fiddling this limit you and what you know what you want it that's the first question so create a plan has three questions to it and three actions first question is what do I really want one how many of you would feel different in your life just by this language change what do I have to do versus what do I really want to accomplish will that change the way you feel about your life yes or no how does it feel would have to do see our p.m. when you finally learn it has many pieces to it above all else it's a thinking process and better thinking creates better results it's that simple so you don't have to ever use a piece of paper to think this way from now and all the stuffs happening you go what's my outcome what am I really after what do I want what's the specific results like what's the target let's let's chunk up I don't ever go in a meeting with anyone well you think the first words out of my mouth are when I sit down to me after the hellos and them proper connections what do you say I always say what are the outcomes for this meeting because how long the meeting is is based on getting the results that were there for and it makes it much more fulfilling life or if you can't give in that time you know that outcomes still not done we're gonna come back and get that outcome done how many thought what I'm talking about here say I now when you get clear what your outcomes are that's the first question accrediting plan second question is why do I want it why why is this important me why is this something that really is a must for me I don't have to do I want to do this why would why is this transformative what's exciting about this to me and almost all of you have certain key words inner triggers feel and language shapes your emotion you want to have a nutritious meal or a delicious meal you might say I need a nutritious meal but what if I said this is a delicious nutritious meal you're more in if I said to you I want introduced you this person they're really nice verses they're delicious I don't know what I'm talking about here so when you learn when you learn rpm you going to learn that rpm is a system of thinking then rpm is the power of language because you can change a few words in your outcome it'll totally change where you end up what you're going after north rpm is a visual chunking system a way to take all that stuff you saw and groove 82 things down to four and guess what will happen your stress level through the floor guess what happens your concentration belly through the roof what are you gonna focus on that's another one rpm is a focusing tool it makes you focus on what's most important because most people major and minor things am I making sense so uh you gotta know why are we doing this and I always look at two levels of why why for me why for the team what's the big why if I'm involving other people it's just me but it's me but I usually have the big white so I said three step one is capture step two is create the plan there were three questions what are they number one is what do I really or in other words to that is what is my or another word for that is what is the the result and I eventually tried to get into a result because I want to make it measurable if at all possible did I can't get measurable short time I want major progress on is my outcome right or complete something or whatever it is my purpose or some keywords write this down purpose I should say activity without purpose is the drain to your life activity without purpose is the drain to your life it's the drain to your wealth it's drain to your lifestyle three questions what's my outcome that's my purpose what's my why third one what's my massive action plan or another say what do I need to what now you asked that question to make some sense because what to do depends on what your outcome is otherwise what you're gonna do is going to be based on stress concern fear people interrupting you reacting demands until your life is nothing but a reaction tool of all the tools I have this may be the most valuable one ironically because this is the one how it all gets executed I don't teach it very often so third question is what's my massive action plan what do I need to do to achieve this and when you do that you'll take things off your capture list and you'll cross them off as they fit in or you'll say oh you need to do that so to create a plan there's three questions and then there's three actions this gets a little more technical but I think you can pick it up real easy you take those action items and you put them in order of importance does that make sense but the way I do that more quickly as I go put a star next the ones that are the 20% that's gonna get me 80% of the result cuz I know I'm not gonna do all these action items I don't even if I intend to I'm gonna interrupted 20 million times so I want to know what's the 20% of this list I've got an outcome I got a purpose and I was a little block the center of the target is the outcome I see the purpose with all the juicy words why I'm doing this night at this list of seven eight nine ten twelve things action items were all related to kids that can outcome I'm not gonna do all those today which are the 20% that make the biggest difference I star those and guess what else I do I figure out what's the 20% what's the what I call it one of the must items my mus are the 20% they're gonna make 80 percent of the difference that way every day I can still succeed that's why I still do my list and most people don't cuz I don't do list I come up with outcomes and purposes and I got lists within them and highly prioritized with what matters and later on if I want to come back any more great so three questions two reactions that actions are start of the things that armed us to establish the real time the real time as I go minimum to maximum on each of those items about how long is this really gonna take why is that important because most of you overwhelm yourself and say this will be I just had a meeting with my team the other day and I said how long is this going to take it somebody said that'll probably take us 10 weeks I said okay let's sit down and do it let's sit down to lay out where those 10 weeks is gonna come from and we're all done it was about seven hours worth of work cuz we all overestimate when it's in our wet in our hat you sit down we're gonna each item and you look at the 20% in your mark okay 20 to 25 minutes 30 to 40 minutes come by the way at the end of the day when I look at one of my start items what's the minimum time necessary to get that result that's what I go do say me with my week so three questions I create a visual block with this separates from everything else below and I'll spell space and we'll create another block when you learn rpm you'll see that visually I don't think I want to throw up for you right now but basically in the center of my page I see the target of what I'm after I write my result to the right I write my juice purpose to left I put my action list put an order of importance boom Astrid boom minimum must time I'm ready rock and roll is the third one leverage leverage is critical you know I get so much done cuz I don't just get it done I know the outcome I know the purpose then I look for leverage leverage is different than delegation what's problem a delegation delegation is you of all that needs to be done so you give it to someone else and you tell them it needs to be done and when they don't do it you're pissed off leverage says I can move the biggest Boulder in the world with a little bit of effort if I get something I can do it with but I'm still part of it so leverage is if I'm gonna leverage something here with Tom I'm gonna make sure Tom understands the what the outcome I wanna make sure Tom understands the the purpose the why and the action but I might say to Tom if you get this done without this action or better actually go for a baby and I want to talk to you on this date and we got a promise and we're gonna check in before it's needed so there's no surprises if you have a problem come back to me cuz we're partners on this that I call leverage different the delegation who sees the difference here say I so three questions what creates the plan three questions with a block three actions where's my mas what's my minimum us times where's my leverage and you know what I do when I have no time there is time I just gotta leverage you know say you say I don't know when to leverage it to you know Shane over here right I know stuff he wants to do can't leverage it but Shane's answer was hire somebody then he thinks about what its gonna take he goes 125 thousand dollars I can't do that now he's getting caught up in one way to get the outcome leverage you know she was listening us what if I got somebody who 20 percent of this stuff I got I could spend 20 grand to get that much freedom I could pay four times ten hmm and if I'm really productive my productivity should enhance the world not only my clients and customers but it should provide jobs for other people and if there's anything you hate to do it's because you're either ineffective at it or you don't think it's very important but it is urgent so you to hire somebody for those things and ideally somebody who loves that job you're never gonna grow when your time is eating up for activities that aren't that important activity without high levels of purpose is the drain of your fortune do it now if you can't get it all out you're a part of it now leverage is power leverages ultimate our [Music] you [Music]