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he loves it yeah yeah that is cute it's cute it's very cute yeah I disagree I think we should list and then like equality thank you [Music] hi everybody it's the Millennium Falcon's show with me the Millennial Falcon Jenny and here today I have James Clements of mr. Sunday movies hello I'm both of those things I'm he's Australian yeah I am well do you know why we're here today vaguely did you hear the news all the new I heard so much news there's it's it's on the news in particular yes Colin Trevorrow is dead it's fire yeah so why do you think it happened what I think it happened press release but they had different visions yes the studio and Colin hmm and I think that means that maybe they had good visions and hand bad visions potentially I I think I think off the back of the book of Henri which you have seen yeah I have written massive yep we weren't seen at night you have to experience it I know I know I know I know what happens and I was told before this was I was like you should go and say it because I'm sure there's parts that people forgot to tell you there's a lot there to unpack the key points that I got is there's a genius child who runs his mother's life who's a drunk lunatic he also discovered that his neighbor was being abused by her father so he leaves a series of audio tapes instructing his mother how to assassinate this man who's from Breaking Bad if their audio tapes what is the book of Henri I don't know it's a redundant journal I think he just also made audio tapes because in the film medium it's easier to have him talking out loud that's a really good point it makes no sense yeah so that's why he's obviously no longer doing Star Wars yeah I think that maybe Kathleen Kennedy like someone slipped a DVD under her office door it was just like for your consideration right right what's this book of Henri pops it in and no more jobs for Colin I read that he wanted to get back to kind of he missed the indie film experience and he because he went from indie film to Jurassic total control so he wants to get it I think the only scripts bad enough that they would say under total control tonight yes yeah did you enjoy Jurassic world I didn't dislike Jurassic world and a lot of people did I'm pretty much like dinosaurs it's fine I think it's one of those things where like he did a good job I just kind of like just hit these baits we need a big fight at the end we need someone running in hi we need Raptors with cameras yeah but Ron like dogs yeah the high heels thing yeah and that's one thing is like after you see Book of Henry you can't stop thinking about how he treats his female characters all right no watch safety not guaranteed after seeing book of Henry Shaw and then I was like oh oh every woman in this movie is there to have sex with a man in this movie is that what that is yeah I enjoyed it I remember it's really popular yeah but yeah I think that may be considering star wars has a female protagonist yes maybe he encountered some difficulty in in setting that up mm-hmm and making it good and I think he's a man who's very blind to his own shortcomings so I think he's writing like this script is going really well cuz he didn't he still didn't understand what was wrong with book of Henry after it came out okay yeah I said well he - he's credit he went everywhere and he showed and he talked about it to everybody you know but it's too many things in that movie that's what it's saying it's a lot going on yeah it's a lot of different movies at once there's also a beautiful ballet symbolizing child abuse so I made like a little list of things I think Colin might have included in his script for Star Wars Episode nine what's the title snark no yeah okay good um I think that it's possible Colin tried to introduce a character named Henry who's a young Jedi prodigy just points out to Ray how much stuff she's doing wrong yeah right yeah okay and so does that Jedi die and then leaves a series of hollow recordings he does well a holocron this annoying precocious young boy who's like here okay you idiot I'm going to tell you how to kill a man with a sniper rifle here's that we're gonna get Snoke I want them to be aged and it can Skywalker Jake Lloyd and I want him to be holocron boy bring that full circle oh man styluses right so it does doesn't it yeah what do you think what do you think he would have put in a script what do you want to do if you take a core idea from Jurassic world which for me was like the Raptors was a big part of that the Raptors turning good so safe in takes her like a like a troop of Tusken Raiders and he translated to fall him Finn would use these Tusken Raiders to go on attack smoke but Snoke is also a Tuscan Raider and he gives them like a rabbit to eat after they I thought it would be great if they kind of setup ray and Luke Skywalker is these kind of like platonic colleagues and then suddenly there's like a scene seemingly out of nowhere where Poe is like you like him don't you and then the audience has to be like what is that where this is what this is and then they're like sitting around a campfire on their Island and they just start making out okay all right I guess they were they were romantic Oh any chemistry but I guess this is what this is this is Star Wars now against the shoulder but okay yeah well you know the stranger things have happened yes you could take the time travel element of safety not guaranteed and just go yes Star Wars has time travel now so maybe they bring young Han Solo to the present day too apparently and they can bring they can just bring the cast that's being wasted in that movie that's probably gonna get canceled and just bring that young Han Solo to play young con solo in the current timeline yeah so it'll step even more on the toes of purist fans who don't like them recasting Han Solo part of me wants to say Tom travel because people would go insane yeah yeah I think it'd be great if Princess Leia had like a story arc where she keeps trying to make military decisions she's in like her command center and then Admiral Ackbar is like our disagree I think we should the list and then like equality thank you I've been practicing it's real good and then at the end of the film like whatever Leia was trying to do can go catastrophic Alire all right we're feeling that Akbar was right the whole time yeah he knows what he's doing badly and all right yeah do you think I can't they cancelled that because she passed away yeah I think they're gonna use mocap oh yeah of course yeah I have Andy Serkis play two roles he could definitely do it yeah oh I think it's possible also that it's not his script maybe he just CC Kathleen Kennedy on the email where he was talking to Mack about her alright yeah well that dad is the thing that happens a hundred percent yeah just awkward work tension like whenever they had a board meeting he would show up in flip-flops and like board shorts and they'd just be like you know what we said business casual but it's a little unprofessional and Kathleen would kind of make comments like oh those look comfortable and he like didn't pick up on it oh yeah yeah so um who do you think is gonna direct the new one I think probably Rian Johnson I think it's a safe choice carry him over like my oh yeah my on the grievance is that he might be just burnt out like imagine doing two Star Wars we know anything pressure and all the studio involvement probably makes it an exhausting process and we don't know if he enjoyed doing it exactly I'm sure he would say that he did but we don't actually know no maybe he found it taxing and maybe he felt stifled and doesn't want to come back I kind of prematurely hoping he does do nine because I'm just optimistic this will be good I mean he put in the evil bb-8 I wanted so much right yeah literally said I wanted an evil black bb-8 that kills people how's it gonna kill people it's gonna be cutting throats yeah well I was saying that like me know huh bb-8 his little compartment pops open and there's a little arm with like a thumbs up oh yeah he would have a little hand holding that sharp knife needs ghosts and he just slices everybody through their necks abdomen yep like it's one of the most gruesome scenes we've ever seen it he's just rolling through the ED track I'm just spitting up like he doubles back he's crushing it and like he looks like he's enjoying it and he like gleeful sounds better yeah there's just blood droplets flying everywhere he loves it yeah yeah that is cute it's cute it's very cute yeah yeah that's a dominance thing you're putting this one on top of that one yeah I was like oh I really loved that bb-8 but now I've got this new one it's all news mate so yeah I just kind of put this one on top I thought about just getting rid of that one but we'll see you could give it away as a millennial Falcon prize to the Rangers comment oh no it'll be for the the best fan to give me their five-foot-tall pork alright yeah many of them can enter however many people want to yes but the best poor guy receive will get that you're still on the hunt for the best pork the giant pork I like that you committed well one thing I think might have happened that caused a lot of tension is I heard that Colin had a weird fixation on King Kong so he would constantly like every week he'd send an email to Kathleen like we need King Kong to be the final villain the great fights in this movie and the studio was like we don't know I'm King Kong like he's not even from Jurassic world like where's King Kong I tried to compromise I like will make Snoke 80 feet tall and like him everybody he just kept saying it has to be Kong cat listening to me Kong and then he would just send her emails where the subject line was it has to be Kong and the body was pleased Kathleen do you think we're ever gonna find out what really goes on with these thousand Conger yeah but you only like 20 years to be like yeah man it was I was so drunk yeah yeah no I think he'd come on and just be like I just didn't feel appreciated oh and it's just sad that he's sad yeah I also heard he's horribly afraid of motion capture suits like being stuck in one oh so CNN right so like they were trying to work around it but if you have like Lupita Nyong'o walk into the studio and you go that's why there's a reduced role yeah they're frightening to him because he's seen the end result and he doesn't understand how they make that leap so he thinks they're witches right okay with that yeah yeah well I think it's about that time you know what time it's bloody general grievances time isn't it hey bloody well is mate I hate my accent in hindsight when I can hear it around Americans it's very off-putting it is the same thing so now it's time to hear from you the fans all the viewers at least and it's time for you to leave oh man because I feel like this is a segment I could contribute to in my own way I don't think so no no I feel like I'm thoroughly prepared without where did you get that I made this looks like mine i watch your show every week I've been this is actually hand-forged what's on the car it's my own general grievances not towards you it's for its for people on my youtube channel I hate you yeah people hating me okay we'll get more than um after this episode comes out right but yeah let's let's here all right read your first question I would love to okay it's not a question it's more of a comment a statement this is from cypher 64 why do you shout nerd your YouTube channel is pointless AAF now get cancer I'm sorry sir sorry well do things good I used to be at a shoe of my strategy is never respond alright let's see what my fans have to say they like me a lot more than yours oh good you all right backstage bum said I don't know how to react to her she always acts like she's ready to cry and I don't know if that's on purpose if everything she does is on purpose or is sarcastic I don't know well nothing I do is sarcastic and I am always ready to cry and it's never on purpose that was emotional for me to watch yeah yeah me too what's your next life's comment this is from acid smooth dude you're a mone whiny little shite yeah small doses of you might work maybe I do actually think that's true I think I am better in small doses people like you should do videos every day that was quite charitable yeah I absolutely should not do videos every day no you should you should do videos every year just every time a new Star War comes out that's a great idea mmm-hmm this is helpful you just maybe won Game of Thrones video per season yes definitely yeah pace yourself this is my final one from Gertrude Perkins why the eff it says the other thing but I okay that's why the F do so many people watch mine mind rotting drivel like this from some fat sweaty nerds sat in his bedroom who knows nothing about anything get an effing job this this is what I do sort of now this is it calling they call me yeah Oh sweaty and then it says Kong sucks yeah that's so mean you know he has just kick a guy when he's down Oh now I have one more comment it's very eloquent it's a long comment from Jerry glazed cherry glaze says okay family so wearing and stupid she lowered the Scheldt instead of dying like she should have Ray was too perfect really good Ben while he was lame because he was not funny but I supposed to think he was but that is why ray and Finn were still there I don't understand hype with characters and Star Wars bought a Fett did nothing in one movie then dies in most simple way ever and people fall over this guy I don't get it and I don't know if I am missing something or I see a side caricature basically an extra become an icon phasma was supposed to be the lord of the stormtroopers and load the shell ads it would have been better to have her killed resisting lowering the shields that would have added something to the film and to the characters instead we got what we got I 100% agree with all of your comments I'm so glad that you decided to come here after you saw Star Wars you know what's interesting about that as well it was perfectly worded but you can't read that well that's what happened there right yeah a great comment yeah alright what said what we're all thinking it's time to go oh right thank you for having me yeah we'll leave the shoes first thank you goodbye farewell goodbye why goodbye okay thank you thank you better not be sweaty yeah