Top 10 Big budget Superhero Movies of All Time

Hey guys, welcome back to Toptenfamous channel.  Most of us love to watch superhero movies with   beautiful action scenes. So, to get those scenes,  the budget for these films is not cheap at all.   Now, let’s come to the superhero movies  with the biggest production cost ever.  1. Black Panther Budget: $200 million  According to the Hollywood Reporter, this movie  cost Marvel an estimated $200 million to make,   before marketing. It earned over  $1 billion in box office sales,   making it one of the highest-grossing  superhero films of all time.   Although fans met T’Challa in Captain America:  Civil War, this was the first Marvel film that   featured a predominately African American  cast. Especially, "Black Panther" was highly   praised by critics. It received numerous  Oscar nominations, including Best Picture,   becoming the first superhero film to receive a  Best Picture nomination and the first MCU film to   win an Academy Award. The film is about T'Challa  who is crowned king of Wakanda following his   father's death, but he is challenged by Killmonger  who plans to abandon the country's isolationist   policies and begin a global revolution. 2. Superman Returns  Budget: $224 million Superman Returns was produced   in 2006 with a budget of $224 million. With such  a huge figure for the production cost, however,   after release, it received criticism focusing  on its runtime and lack of action sequences.   Despite its critical reception, Warner Bros.  was disappointed with the worldwide box office   return of the film with just $391 million,  canceling a sequel planned for 2009 as a result.   The Superman film series was completely rebooted  in 2013 with Man of Steel, directed by Zack   Snyder, starring Henry Cavill as Superman,  and launching the DC Extended Universe. Routh   later reprised his role as Superman in the 2019  Arrowverse crossover "Crisis on Infinite Earths".  3. Men of Steel Budget: $225 million  The next place belongs to the movie Superman,  released in 2013, Man of Steel which is a reboot   of the Superman film series that portrays the  character's origin story. In the film, Clark Kent   learns that he is a superpowered alien from the  planet Krypton. He assumes the role of mankind's   protector as Superman, choosing to face General  Zod and prevent him from destroying humanity.   During the production process, the film was so  highly concentrated on the visual effect with   eye-catching battling and flying scenes, alongside  the appearances of each character. After release,   Men of Steel received mixed reviews,  critics praised the film's visuals   and Hans Zimmer's score but criticized its  pacing and lack of character development.   The film was a box office success,  grossing more than $668 million worldwide.   A follow-up entitled Batman v Superman: Dawn  of Justice was released on March 25, 2016.  4. The Amazing Spiderman Budget: $230 million  Another big-budget movie about Spiderman is  “The Amazing Spiderman” which cost Marvel up   to $230 million for the production. The film is  the fourth theatrical Spider-Man film produced   by Columbia Pictures and Marvel Entertainment,  a reboot of the series following Sam Raimi's   2002–2007 Spider-Man trilogy, and the first  of the two The Amazing Spider-Man films. It   stars Andrew Garfield as the lead role. The film  built a completely new plot for Peter Parker,   but this backfired when the audience criticized  that the producer over-focused on retelling the   early stage of Peter Parker's character and  forgot to explore the character. However,   The Amazing Spider-Man was still considered  a successful film on the Spider-Man theme   and earned $760 million in revenue worldwide.  5. Spider-man 3 Budget: $250 million  Released in 2007 when Marvel Cinematic  Universe still has not gained any   breakthrough performances, and there were not many  superheroes appearing on the big screen as today.   Because of that, Sony Pictures decided to invest  a large amount of money into this movie project   with very high revenue expectations. In  fact, the movie was a huge commercial success   and earned Sony $890 million in the worldwide box  office against $250 million of production cost.   However, in terms of content, fans  did not appreciate part 3 compared   to the previous two parts. Many said  that Sony just focused on investing   a lot in aerial action scenes, epic fire and  explosion, but the content is quite sporadic.  6. The Dark Knight Rises Budget: $250 million  Like Spiderman 3, the Dark Knight Rises was also  on air with the same budget of $250 million. It   is the final installment of the Batman trilogy,  focusing on Batman fighting against the terrorist   Bane. Thanks to the spin-off achievement of the  previous part, the director Christopher Nolan   decided to carry out the next installment with  a huge production cost. After release, the film   was widely appreciated by the audience around  the world, even earning the adorations of the   die-hard fans. Moreover, its revenue reached $1  billion that was 4 times higher than the budget.   In addition to being Nolan's highest-grossing  film, it became the seventh-highest-grossing   film of all time at the time of its release, as  well as the third-highest-grossing film of 2012.  7. Captain America: Civil War Budget: $250 million  The sequel of Captain America seems a mini version  of Avengers where internal conflicts occurred   among superheroes and the villain characters  were out of the spotlight. It is the 13th film   in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and stars Chris  Evans as Steve Rogers / Captain America alongside   an ensemble cast including Robert Downey  Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan,….   After hitting the theater, according to  Variety, the film was considered as the   most impressive movie in MCU. To bring almost  all of Marvel's ever-appearing superheroes,   plus new characters like T'Challa - Black  Panther or Spider-Man, Marvel spent a lot   of money ($250 million) in the production  process with a high revenue expectation.   extremely high receiver. And in fact, the movie earned the company up to  1.1 billion dollars in the worldwide box office.  8. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Budget: $300 million  The list can be complete if you ignore  DC's blockbuster "Batman v Superman:   Dawn of Justice". The story about the battle  between the two most famous superheroes,   Batman and Superman cost DC $300 million  for the production. With such a high budget,   DC fascinated the viewer with numerous  beautiful action scenes alongside exquisite   visual effects and character's appearances.  After release, the film was so welcomed,   setting the box office record with over $870  million in revenue. The film is a follow-up   to Man of Steel (2013) and the second  installment in the DC Extended Universe.   It is directed by Zack Snyder and features an  ensemble cast that includes Ben Affleck, Henry   Cavill, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Diane Lane,  Laurence Fishburne, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter,   and Gal Gadot. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  is the first live-action film to feature Batman   and Superman together, as well as the first  live-action cinematic portrayal of Wonder Woman. 9. Avengers: Endgame Budget: $356 million  Avengers: Endgame which is a 2019 superhero  film based on the Marvel Comics superhero   team the Avengers, produced by Marvel Studios  and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion   Pictures. It is the direct sequel to Avengers:  Infinity War (2018) and the 22nd film in the   Marvel Cinematic Universe. The fourth part of  the Avengers series and also the pride of Marvel   in 2019, Avengers: Endgame has set a box  office record in all theaters around the world,   becoming the "blockbuster" of all time, surpassing  the famous movie “Avatar” for just a short gap   of $500.000 in the box office. However, to achieve  this success, Marvel had to spend a large number   of production costs with $356 million, including  the $150 million of the marketing campaign.  10. Avengers: Age of Ultron Budget: $365 million  The film about the Avengers comes in  at No. 10, with a great cast of actors   regularly appearing in Marvel's superhero movies.  The film is the sequel to The Avengers (2012)   and the 11th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe  (MCU), focusing on the fighting against Ultron,   an artificial intelligence obsessed with  causing human extinction. In terms of budget,   this is the biggest- budget superhero that  Marvel has ever made with $356 million.   As revealed, just inviting Robert Downey  Jr. also cost Marvel 40 million USD.   Apart from the eye-catching action scenes,  cutting-edge VFX, and technology, the film cost   a fortune to pay for A-list stars such as Chris  Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Elizabeth   Olsen. Despite the large budget, but the film  grossed up to 1.4 billion dollars after release.