Top 10 Gintama Anime Parodies

did you know that Will Smith shows up in Gintama this isn't a question meant to pique your interest in this anime based on Hideyuki sriracha's manga far from me actually because even if you're not a fan of the series you probably know by now that nothing about Gintama no matter how outrageous should faze you and you probably also know that one of his specialties is parodies nobody does a parody the way Gintama does no person place event film TV show anime cultural icon even can escape its insatiable appetite for satire caricature and mockery not even one of Hollywood's biggest stars and while they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I'm pretty sure game time is doing it just for the loves nothing wrong with that though by now you probably know what today's video is all about so without further ado let's get on with it here are the top 10 parodies in Gintama now our first candidate is hardly a surprise it's Dragonball Z and it makes an appearance in an episode with Hijikata as the main character the story revolves around the chain-smoking Shinsengumi vice-captain making a trip to space to smoke a cigarette in peace after all of Edo enforces a strict ban on smoking the plot however seems to be merely an excuse for a truckload of DBZ references hijikata's first stop is Planet hummock which sounds suspiciously like nah MEK what follows is a revolving door of characters who bear a striking likeness to some of DV Z's most celebrated figures including Goku Frieza Cell and krillen at one point cigarettes take a back seat as Hijikata goes in search of the Zulu Zulu balls which point to the wish-granting Dragon Balls of the original series now the innuendos get even more detailed with shoutouts to the scouter device worn by friezes army and the magical dragon Shenron some lines of dialogue from DBZ become parody for de 2 what makes this episode even more hilarious is that all these borrowed characters are voiced by King Thomas regulars who seem to be having a bit of fun at poor hijikata's expense next we have a Kuroko no basket spoof that's sure to have you rolling around on the floor laughing horror meets kick-the-can meets assassination plot in this flashback episode about Gintoki God Sura Sakamoto and Takasugi shared past invited to a reunion party by an anonymous person kintoki God surah and Sakamoto find themselves haunted by an entire squad of unfriendly ghosts in jerseys and shorts the parody includes Kuroko's trademark move the misdirection a technique that allows him to become invisible and divert his opponent's attention thanks largely to his weak presence on the court in Gintama this technique is used to play kick-the-can incidentally karoku and guru kono share the same japanese voice actor if all that basketball tomfoolery doesn't have you in splits a scared witless kintoki murdering the doraemon theme song is sure to do the trick talk about a parody within a parody take ichigo's training in zangetsu's in a world is anime legend and hence ripe for the picking the parody begins with kintoki Kagura and shinpachi waking up in a pitch-black world where they meet zangetsu clone toyoko you can't miss his sunglass and cape resemblance to zangetsu borracho offers cajoles threatens and even begs to teach the disinterested trio his ultimate technique which only earns him a painful kick in the thighs this sequence is peppered with bleach references unlike the authoritative zangetsu booyaka is a pitiful figure a shut-in with a kinky reading habit no friends and an overbearing mama the spoof ends with the odd-jobs gang beating him and his dad up and mastering the ultimate move the thigh burst in the process bleach might have fallen off the radar of fans but not of Gynt armors producers it seems it makes another appearance later on this time with dean Toki having mastered ichigo's final getsuga tensho form the next target is Saint Seiya the hit shown in series from the 1980s the spoof comes smack in the middle of what appears to be a regular Gintama episode this one centered around scary stories and ways to route kids out of their money Kagura comes up with a couple of stories that all turn out to be parodies of Saint Seiya one features a pair of brothers who turn out to be the siblings Phoenix Ikki and Andromeda shun the bronze Saint Phoenix has the honor of being overly exploited in this episode which makes that scene of Gynt okie getting worked up over potential copyright trouble and another one where he actually gets a call from the copyright agency a nice touch but it's the final moments when the parody becomes pure gold as the credits roll Keane Thomas cast gets an old-school Saint Seiya makeover kintoki trades his dead fish eyes for say our sparkly brown peepers while all three odd job as channel their inner Phoenix with their gravity-defying blue bangs there is really no end to the creative ways in which Gintama Lampoon's other shows this ending perfectly encapsulates that creativity [Applause] next we have a parody of legendary boxing series in the ring we have shinpachi in one corner and Haji kata or rather his alter-ego Tashi in the other the die hard or tacos are in the Battle of a lifetime fighting for the right to become the leader of the official or suchan fan club high stakes indeed there as you can see as the rivals throw everything they've got to each other the four similarities to our sheath are no Joe and Hajime no Ippo are hard to miss from the players fighting stance and muscle flexing to the flying punches steely glances and bloody noses Gintama goes all-out to emulate the two beloved boxing series the black eye patch is worn by ginto key and Kagura are an obvious shout-out to Joe's mentor Dan pay from the 1970s series the floating smoke on the other hand mimics the animation of a pose fight sequences if it weren't for the silliness of the premise one might even call this episode a tribute rather than a caricature hopefully it inspired some views to check out the original targets which are definitely definitely worth a watch all coming the next anime to get the Gintama treatment is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure this isn't just one episode we're talking about but an entire arc that's a good four episodes long Ginn Toki and the gang find themselves at a mountain ryokan or in for a hot spring break unfortunately for the cowardly kintoki the inn is haunted not by ghosts but by stands and he's being roped in by the innkeeper euler to serve these special guests over incidentally has a stand you might have guessed by now that the ghostly stands here are no different than the stands that serve as physical manifestations of power in jojo's universe a very obvious reference is a clone of Jotaro Kujo stand star platinum boy was rush attack is also typical of JoJo's action sequences the ghosts ryokan ark is one of the funniest in the series with elements from Japanese history and parodies of other shows as well but the Jojo digs are the ones that really stand out your hut Callisto on to number four now and it's a double parody once again this time of rurouni kenshin and Fist of the North Star Sol switches are one of the most common tropes in anime ink in Tamas no different in episode 287 kintoki and Hijikata survive a road accident but have their soul switched the result is mayhem with an authoritarian taking charge of the gyro Zulia and a slacker in command of the Shinsengumi in the chaos that ensues shinpachi appears in a blue Hari and slicked back hair his look and peculiar sword stance or a play on Hajime site though a character in rurouni kenshin who happens to be the captain of the Shinsengumi the blue Howry too is inspired by the shinsengumi's uniform in the old series meanwhile the shinsengumi's Nurik in the parody borrows heavily from Fist of the North Star from their biker gang concept to their purple Mohawks incidentally this isn't the martial arts animes first brush with Gynt armors parody machine go back 100 episodes and you'll see a shot-for-shot remake of Fist of the North Stars opening an early episode with a storyline about new ideas to keep the Gintama anime from being cancelled which is a constant worry throughout the series leads to an avalanche of parodies nothing is sacrosanct anymore it seems but it's a thighs idea that merged three shown in classics that's probably the most familiar the most memorable and hence the funniest of the lot in the new Gintama film of her imagination which she cleverly titled dragon Polly piece the arrow gang parody various characters from Dragon Ball bleach in one piece so you'll see Shinsengumi chief quando as one piece villain crocodile Kondo again as a Soul Reaper of bleach and Kondo a third time as Dragon Ball antagonists elf and each time he gets the stuffing beaten out of him by oath I mean sama has made a career of taking the piss out of these three series that's for sure bring out your lightsabres because it's time for number two unlike the earlier entries on this list Gintama x' parody of pop culture giant star wars comes couch within a serious story on sirius by kintama standards of course an old friend makes a comeback in shinpachi and earth eyes lives Obi Hajime named after the Jedi Master himself and sharing his fondness for Dolph Brown cloaks returns from a distant planet as a master of the beam sword style now the siblings pick him to succeed their father as the head of their family dojo naturally it's the queue for plenty of jousting and swordplay using lightsabers by the way this isn't the first Star Wars parody incan Tom actually 30 odd episodes before Obi hajime's introduction the odd-jobs gang fights off an army of alien invaders led by the evil dark Vader who's a parody of both Darth Vader from Star Wars and char aznable from the Gundam franchise apart from being an Elizabeth look-alike that art even recreates the familiar opening crawl of the Star Wars movie may the fast be with you forever Gintama family knocking and now it's finally time to unveil our top pick it comes in the opening moments of the first episode of season six which aired way back in 2017 rather than the standard recap of the story so far the introduction has enough parodies to last you a lifetime and features all the big guns of the shown in genre sample this okay Dean Toki EADS the wave-wave fruit to get a permanent perm and sets off on a voyage to find the pirate Kings treasure one piece check he meets a young girl in search of magical balls that will summon a dragon and together they defeat a green-skinned villain Dragon Ball check with their companion a pair of glasses they enter the world tune in hunter hero exam Naruto check hunter hunter check in typical irreverent style Gintama makes a mash of the series it parodies in between there are some not so obvious shoutouts to other anime including kimono friends and probably Pokemon is no one that the introduction ends with shinpachi in a panic about ripping off one too many shows well that's what we love about Gintama isn't it that it never shied away from doing the outrageous and the obnoxious if you haven't checked out the anime already I strongly recommend you do before that you can also check out my video why you should watch Gintama on my second channel vinnie tube kite on that note that's a wrap from me Gintama is parody gold as you know and sadly there are way too many that I've had to leave out today would you like me to make a volume two or maybe more Gintama videos in general like the good old days now if this video gets 10,000 likes I'll definitely consider it so leave a like and let me know also drop me a comment and tell me what your favorite parodies in Gintama are i'd love to hear from you also hit the like button if you would and subscribe to vinnie tube for more anime content stay safe and see you soon [Music] you