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luck is a part of everyday life some people have it and some people don't and some people have way too much of it from winning insane lottery jackpots to finding gold and even escaping certain doom there are some people on this planet that have more luck than they know what to do with welcome back to top 5 central or today we look at people who are a lot luckier than you finding big chunks of gold is pretty difficult these days if you're not part of a major mining operation even then finding giant nuggets of gold is much rarer than coming across the veins of gold woven into the rock itself but despite all that a prospector from Australia was able to find a 12 pound gold nugget in the town of Ballarat with nothing more than a metal detector the lump of rare earth material is pretty impressive to look at and the amount the prospector will be able to sell it for is even more impressive at the current rates a 12 pound lump of gold would be worth up to $250,000 it's safe to say that the prospector is more than paid for the metal detectors that he bought to find the gold in the first place the odds of winning anything after buying a Powerball ticket are actually better than you might expect you have a 1 in 25 chance and at least walking away with the smallest prize for winning the big main prize is much worse to get that main prize you need to correctly guess all five white balls and the all-important red Powerball and the odds of that happening are currently 1 and 292 million of course with the odds that I it's completely possible that no one will win the jackpot in the lottery if that happens the main jackpot is rolled over to the next lottery and if no one wins again that keeps on building up in this case the jackpot has managed to build up to seven hundred fifty eight million dollars all this happen in August of 2017 and the winner was a woman from Chicopee Massachusetts everyone dreams of winning the lottery so it's obvious that this woman was no different I just happened to find out I was at work I was leaving work at night and I leave with the sky Rogers a Chicopee fireman and we just haven't walked out and he said I bet you somebody wrong with these numbers his birthdays and I went oh yeah I know it's never gonna be me it's just a pipe dream I've always had I used to feed in these numbers and I pull my now and I go hey let me see that ticket because you just want I go you joking come on please he's to sign that ticket now it really was complete chance that the woman managed to walk away with one of the biggest Powerball jackpots of all time an engagement ring can quickly become one of the most important pieces of jewelry that you will ever own the emotion and memories that become tied to an engagement ring will last forever but the ring itself becomes a very real moment of the past especially if the one that gave you that ring has since passed on a Canadian woman named Mary Graham's lost her engagement ring in 2004 she said that she most likely lost and while she was pulling weeds from her farm in central Verna and after a long search they gave up on it forever Mary had been wearing it for over 50 years after her husband had given it to her in 1951 she never told her husband that she had lost the ring and instead bought a cheap replacement from a pawn shop he passed away shortly after their 60th anniversary and never noticed a swap fast-forward to August 2017 Mary's daughter-in-law and picking carrots out in the farm for supper when suddenly they found an old ornate ring wrapped around one of the vegetables the daughter-in-law didn't even see the ring at first and was gonna feed it to her dog but eventually they decided against it it was only later that she noticed the ring when she was washing the carrot Mary recognized the ring instantly an old heirloom filled with memories that she had thought she would never see again there was a time where mining for gold was an incredibly common way to get rich quick these it's nowhere near as easy gold is called a rare-earth metal for a reason it's not exactly easy to come by anymore but that doesn't mean that there can't be some random strokes of luck where people find a whole load of gold and these miners from Western Australia found themselves in exactly that sort of position miners were working at the beta hunt mine near the town of cabal doe which is around 390 miles east of Perth they were mining around 500 metres below the surface of the earth in a spot that was just 3 metres wide and 3 metres high when they suddenly stumbled upon the golden mother lode geologists have claimed that the massive deposit of gold is really a once-in-a-lifetime discovery and may be the largest ever found in Australia in total the miners managed to extract more than 25 kilograms of gold which was worth up to 15 million Australian dollars over the course of four days after the discovery of the gold the security at the site was tightened armed guards moved the gold from the site to a secure vault and the miners themselves are kept under tight video surveillance not every bit of extreme luck is about finding huge lumps of gold or winning the lottery sometimes it's just about coming out of an incredibly dangerous situation alive the professional BASE jumper jeb Corliss almost had a huge accident during a routine based job while proximity flying but somehow he managed to survive over his career jeb Corliss has taken on many daring jumps he's jumped off the Eiffel Tower flown through caves in China and even managed to brush through the string of some balloons as he soared down off a Swiss Peak but it wasn't a particularly dangerous jump that brought such danger to Jeff's life it was a simple outline jump from the Table Mountain in South Africa while I say that the jump was routine that clearly doesn't mean it's not dangerous after jumping from the 3,500 foot tall mountain Jeb had reached a hundred 20 miles per hour which is when his left foot clipped a boulder due to that he crashed straight into the face of the mountain at this moment Jeb was in a really bad spot it was only quick thinking luck that saved his life somehow after bouncing off the mountain face he managed to deploy his parachute according to a spokesperson at the time this is what saved his life instead Jeb was left with two broken legs and a torn ACL that needed reconstructive surgery and a year to recover from after surviving an accident that should have been unsurvivable most people would have stopped what they were doing but not Jeb he still based jumps to this day there was a time where the easiest way to pay for something would have been to simply turn over a gold coin but carrying gold around obviously came with its own risks and so many 19th century people would have buried their savings just in case they're ever held that gunpoint in a robbery or something like that for whatever reason some people never got around to digging those treasure chests back up and a family in North Carolina managed to find their very own 19th century treasure chest buried out in their backyard while digging the family stumbled across a can and after opening found that it was filled to the brim with golden coins after a little bit more digging and searching seven more cans were pulled from the earth in total there were fourteen hundred gold coins in all seven of the cans some of which were so rare that they could in fact be worth up to a million dollars each the couple who found the coins wanted to stay obviously anonymous which was probably a pretty good move considering how much all the coins were worth and went on to sell all them online for the hefty sum of ten million dollars these days comic books are incredibly mainstreamed everyone knows characters like Superman and Batman and the Avengers have gone on to make the Marvel Cinematic Universe the single most popular movie franchise ever exist but that wasn't always the case comics used to be considered nerdy and unpopular and there are some early comic books that are now incredibly rare and as with anything rare they're now extremely expensive one such rare comics will be Action Comics issue one which at the time sold for a measly $0.10 the comic is so sought after by collectors not just because of its age which was printed in 1938 but because it was in fact the very first appearance of Superman himself this rare comic was found by a man named David Gonzales stuffed into the old newspapers that made up some of the ceiling insulation of a house that he was restoring in Hoffman Minnesota the comic is so rare that experts estimate that there are potentially only a hundred copies of the specific comic still in the world a copy that is in good condition can cost collectors over million dollars but unfortunately David Majid Tara's coffee during an argument with his wife's on as such she was able to sell it for $175,000 which is still fairly impressive for a comic that stars out at 10 cents millionaire hot seat is a simple game show contestants it's in the hot seat they answer questions and if they get them correct they'll earn more and more money the question start off easily and as you rise up through the ranks of cash they get progressively harder it's a game that requires one of two things a wide amount of knowledge that allows you to confidently answer your way through all the questions or pure luck as you guessed your way to the top Alex Bell is an Australian University student was someone in the second group during his game of hot seat millionaire he didn't genuinely know the answer to any of the questions that were asked of him instead he guessed the answer to every single question he answered I have absolutely no idea from questions on architecture to music Alex just didn't get lucky with the questions that have been answered and had to go with pure gut instinct and luck it seemed impossible but every guest that Alex made seemed to be completely correct and before he knew it he had reached the jackpot of $100,000 when cycling down the street on your bike there are many dangers you might end up being hit by a car someone might jump out on the street in front of you or if you aren't paying attention you may end up crashing straight into a tree what you're probably not going to be looking out for if you're riding in the middle of the road is a tree falling out of nowhere and crushing you flat tree surgeons are meant to cut trees so that they fall in very certain ways but when dealing with the tree that needs to fall on a road surrounded by houses it can be pretty difficult to choose a direction for the tree to go the most logical place to Sunday would be the wide-open street but that doesn't mean that the people who are coming down the street are aware what's about to happen and dislike lists nearly pay the price as you rides past a tree it comes crashing down and very narrowly misses smearing him into paste on the ground it disciples have been even half a second slower he would've been crushed by the tree the Faberge egg is something that has gained an almost mythic status in collector circles they are small jeweled eggs which were created by the house of fabergé in st. Petersburg between 1885 and 1917 there were as many as 69 that have been made though it's thought that only 57 of them have survived to stay as such they are incredibly sought-after incredibly rare and impossibly expensive there's one place that you wouldn't expect a Faberge egg to show up at a random market in the States being sold for nothing more than $14,000 that's exactly where a scrap dealer managed to stumble across the rare item and not knowing what it was at the time had planned to sell it off as a secondhand gold after he bought it the golden egg was the third Imperial Easter egg one of eight now a thought lost the time to give a hint at how important and rare these eggs actually are this egg was once given by Russia's Alexander the third to his wife in 1887 to come across such an item at a simple flea market in the States isn't just lucky it seems like a minor miracle check out this video to find the luckiest three finds ever find out how this one lucky person became a millionaire by doing just one thing