Top 10 Most Anticipated Anime of Summer 2020

it's been a long and trying season hasn't it what was supposed to be a very loaded season that should have featured a lot of blockbusters and sequels has become barren for a lack of a better term in large part due to the pandemic we've been left with a season that is a shell of its former self long runners and surprising hits that were on pace to do really well like millionaire detective have been cut short meanwhile railgun t apparently turned into a monthly anime as it tried jizan and struggles to finish its first however in line with trying to think positive I think that the seasons not all that bad tower of gods entertaining as hell ascendance of a bookworm is on pace to wrap-up Kaguya sama survived the sequel purge and is still at the top of its game and globe Nair has quickly become one of the most enjoyed shows of the season now thick into the admittedly drained season we've got only one way to look forward into the summer season a season that at the time of writing offers a glimmer of hope and a lot of excitement unfortunately I won't be surprised to see some of the following shows suffer delays yes even the ones that were scheduled for this season could still not see the light of day next season should things go bad pray for Subaru guys sucio games brings us our first entry to the list the action sci-fi anime aqua dharma drive featuring an alternative history where a Great War divided Japan into two regions our Kodama drive takes place in Kansai being made a vassal state Kansai has since fallen in terms of law and politics and the police are slowly losing the region to criminals called aku Dharma we take a look at the ark Adama and how they cope with this dystopian society it's easy to see why the designs in the art star would look familiar featuring the people who bought as dangan ronpa I think we can be free to have some high expectations for this one it's an original anime that will likely be full of surprises and seeing as how the team are already experienced in dealing with the moral greys that will likely be featured here let's say that this show could be a great addition to this strong season originally announced a year ago decadence to finally go it's release date in sight and it's set to come out this summer season along with aqua gamma drive decadence is one of the three anime originals that have been getting a whole lot of hype this coming season so far it looks like an anime take on mortal engines with its steampunk aesthetics nifty character designs an absolutely gorgeous art I'm not in the slightest surprised to see so many people excited for decadence from what we can see with the trailers the art and animation for the series looks nothing short of fantastic with the brilliant minds that brought us cult classic you Joe Sankey as well as death parade and mob psychos director at the helm I'm sure that this is a show that a lot of you guys could really enjoy for now all we can do is wait and see knowing those people taking charge though I'm pretty positive that the show won't disappoint next in line is the second season of fire force through all the troubles and the unfortunate real-life circumstances that coincided with his first season fire force managed to carve out a niche among Shonen fans thanks to its engaging narrative memorable and memorable characters and core powers fire force left fans wanting more when it first stopped shinra and the squad are set to return after the amazing battles in the first part of fire force and I wouldn't want to miss out on what's to come for the team it may not have been as big as other hits shown in contemporaries like Demon Slayer or my hero academia but fire force is a nice Shonen anime with some really great animation and fights that you shouldn't miss out on while we wait for the second part this July why not take this chance to watch the first part and do some catching up my at number 7 we have the return of time-travel anime in the form of gb8 perhaps in a twist especially relevant to current times GBA features a future Tokyo ravaged by a virus the virus named GBA has been spending some time turning people into monsters in a scene that could be reminiscent of some zombie movies facing them our time-traveling samurai and ninja did you see something like that coming I don't think so the last thing on my mind is having a series that features time-traveling samurai and ninja taking on a viral scourge to save the world maybe they'll soon come save us all from a similar health crisis after all what do you think jokes aside this anime is just oozing with stylish Flair from what I've seen a bit the art looks really cool and as early as now I'm predicting this to be the sleeper hit of the season in terms of production and animation come join the battle this July [Music] confidence moans convinced the miracle in sixth place is great Pretender just when you thought you've seen it all comes this new anime about con games yep you heard that right the anime about con games which was first unveiled sometime last year is about to hit our screens this July great pretend that starts to con men traveling all over the world they say that the only life worth living is one full of thrills and these two sure have them danger lurks in every corner though and these two are living a life full of risks and all the other twists and turns a con man would have overall the anime looks pretty promising with his production values and without even seeing it I think the show is gonna feature some nifty play on morality along with the - of comedic elements great pretenders looking to be a good change of pace from what we're used to seeing in anime and I'm sure as hell excited to watch it on opening night now this one hurt personally mere weeks before it was scheduled to air the grand finale to Sao Zanna sensation arc was delayed to July thanks to you know what apparently there was a bottleneck in terms of voice acting and thanks to a number of other internal issues we're all gonna have to wait at least a couple of months to see our favorite Sao characters graced the screen once again with a confrontation of epic proportions in the return of fan favorites from all the previous arcs of Sao looming war of underworld second part is sure to be a treat to anyone who's stuck by the series through the decade with the series fake point uncertain for now I among the numerous Sao fans worldwide hope that the team pulls through this time and gives us the proper closure for what's been one of the more engaging arcs in the series history hope we get to see all end this summer coming in at number 4 we have Higurashi 2020 what's with all these franchise revivals in the past years if it's not an ancient manga being remade you have old franchises being revived with sequels or supplementary material I mean don't get me wrong that's not a bad thing by any means and I think among the ones that received the revival treatment Higurashi is certainly one of the more deserving series Higurashi back in its heyday was one of the premiere horror thriller anime series coupling twists mysteries and a lot of graphic violence it made its mark in the visual novel and anime community now I'm not sure if a lot of people were holding out for an anime continuation back then but if the reception to this plan 2020 continuation is anything to go by Higurashi looks like it's primed to come back with a vengeance let's see how all this plays out this July I'm sure that a lot of longtime fans are ready to get back on the ride that's your Tucson's Conda [Music] third on the list is god of high school korean titles sure wanted to join in on the fun in the whole anime thing goodnight tower of god as far as western reception goes is looking to be a consistent success story now with that in mind we have our next Korean contender in line in god of high school starring jin mori a cocky and headstrong korean martial artist god of high school tells our protagonist trip into the world of martial thanks to a rude awakening courtesy of a blonde man his journey to become a legend in the tournament called the God of high school begins a battle shown in prime to make its mark on the anime community the god of High School is a series that you ought to look out for the last of the officially delayed series that we should be expecting in the coming season rezero still maintains a lot of momentum going forward we've talked about it multiple times before but the hype is still that strong to have this to be the most second anticipated summer 2020 show overall season one recently got a director's cut that ended the series in one massive cliffhanger for now I'd suggest watching the director's cut of the first season as well as the two OVA s one of the OVA in particular makes great supplementary material as it's a movie length prologue that details parts of Amelia's backstory let's just hope that things clear out so we can finally see the continuation to one of the greatest a Sakai series in the modern era [Music] well they sure made us wait for this on didn't they they couldn't have picked a worse time to end a run with one of the biggest cliff hangers that's at the same time poetic in delivery and execution they really just left us hanging in the midst of an epic story and in my opinion one of the best arcs in the series as a whole you bet that thousands of fans would be tuned in to see how the story continues with this next core of high Q a lot more challenges await our gritty karasuno team it's a long treacherous climb up the mountain but we'll finally see if our boys have what it takes to overcome everything and make their mark in history forget the death flags for caras who knows hopes they're putting it all on the line this time and there's no turning back July can't come soon enough so the summer season looks good doesn't it be a shame if something happened to it jokes aside I really hope that we can get a good season this time round as for you I hope you stay safe stay healthy and stay strong it's only a matter of time the anime will surely come back stronger than ever as always don't hesitate to leave a like and subscribe if you enjoyed watching this video be the first in line for the next video because I'll keep delivering even through these trying times video tube goodness takes no breaks [Music] [Music]