Top 10 Most Expensive Whiskey In The World



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today we're looking at the top 10 most expensive whiskey in the world welcome to a Lux calm the place where future billionaires come to get inspired hello Alexis thanks for tuning in this top 10 list is luxury refinement at its very best whiskey is one of the oldest and most revered alcoholic beverages in the world the word whiskey actually comes from an old gaelic word meaning life water from about the 15th century onwards raw versions of whiskey were brewed and used in medicine to sterilize wounds and sedate patients today whiskeys enjoyed around the world as a fine liqueur and is reserved for special occasions most of the finest whiskey is known as Scotch whisky in order for a whiskey to be Scotch it must have been brewed in Scotland in 2017 the u.s. imported around 1 billion dollars of scotch whiskey the liqueur contributes to around 5 billion dollars of revenue for the UK each year easily making it the most valuable food or drink product for the British economy in fact whisky alone generates about a quarter of all revenue from food or drink sales so it's of little surprise that the very best whiskies are sold with some staggering prices and most of them originate from Scotland so if you're inclined pour yourself a glass and get ready to learn about the top 10 most expensive types of whisky ever sold if you're new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on instagram at a luxe number 10 Balvenie a 50 years single malt scotch whisky sold for $50,000 a single malt whiskey is one that is distilled once from a mash of a single type of grain a 50-year single malt is one that was left in an oak cask after distilling for 50 years this helps to refine the taste and gives it an unmistakably rich dark color the bulb any 50-year single malt is particularly special because each barrel has followed a secret family recipe for centuries but wait there is more the price tag becomes so high because this particular type of ball Veni whiskey was made in a single barrel the barrel was able to just about fill 88 bottles in total so to even see one of these is a rare treat in itself tasting it however is reserved for those willing to pay an outrageous amount per sip number 9 down Laura Madison sold for 58 thousand dollars the down Laura 62 was made from a fusion of four separate types of single malt whisky back in 1942 12 bottles of the blend were produced in total and each one was hand blown by skilled artisans way up in the Scottish Highlands each bottle has a different shape and is named to commemorate a prominent personality from Dalmar the most expensive out of all of these twelve bottles was the Dalmore Madison it was named after Alexander Madison who was the owner of the d'amour estate this bottle was sold to an anonymous buyer legend has it that this gentleman of fine tastes and deep pockets immediately cracked open the bottle and shared it with his friends what a guy number 8 W&J mutters Balmore 1850 sold for 68,000 135 dollars this 168 year-old single malt is the oldest known bottle of Balmore whiskey that still exists in 2007 it was sold to an anonymous telephone bidder by the mcteer's auctioneers in Glasgow the incredible price tag was far above what experts were estimating it would be before the auction indeed the cork itself had fallen into the bottle nonetheless the fact that this bottle was given to William utter one of the founders of the Balmore distillery back in 1851 and had been passed down through the family ever since certainly makes it special and unique the purchase grabbed a lot of media attention at the time and certainly added to its value whoever the anonymous telephone bidder was chances are they're keeping the bottle as a priceless collector's item rather than getting blindly drunk number 7 Macallan really fine as well as rare one sold for $75,000 Macallan is the third largest distiller of Scotch whisky in the world behind Glenfiddich and Glen Leavitt however it is renowned as the number one in quality distilled in the famous Scottish Highland of species they have various classy types of whiskey one of their most expensive and famous blends is the 1926 collection aged in charred white oak for 60 years the batch was finally bottled in 1986 in a patriarchal style that would cause a fence to many in today's liberal media the fine and rare 1926 Macallan was said to be reserved for real men because it was so dry and concentrated no water was used in the distillation process at all there were 40 bottles in total and it's not certain how many remain under onq today the last known bottle to be sold was to a South Korean businessman back in 2005 he paid a whopping $75,000 for it however there's been no word about it being drank or preserved number 6 Glenfiddich Janet she'd Roberts reserve 1955 sold for 94 thousand dollars Janet she'd Roberts was a truly incredible woman she was the last living granddaughter of William Grant who began the glenfiddich distillery back in 1886 she was one of the first ladies to ever study at the universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh where she majored in law she practiced as a lawyer for many years and helped to drive an equality between genders that our society still strives for today in August 2011 she celebrated her 110th birthday making her the oldest woman in recorded Scottish history to commemorate this special lady and her illustrious life Glenfiddich named a batch of 1955 reserve after her eleven bottles were produced in total three of which were sold at auction while the whereabouts of the others remain unknown the accumulated sales price of those three were in the region of two hundred and sixty thousand dollars and all of the money was donated to charities as Jane she'd Roberts had requested the most expensive of these bottles was sold at auction in New York for ninety four thousand dollars shortly after this auction Jane had passed away as a result all eleven of these bottle values have increased vastly none have ever resurfaced on the market but if they do they may well break the record and come in at number one on this list in the future so a lack sirs here we are at the halfway point if you've been taking a sip for each time you've heard the word whiskey then you're probably a little tipsy by now in any case don't forget to check out some other top-10 lists like our list of the top ten largest landowners in the world it's particularly interesting and surprising so why not check it out all right back to this countdown number five George Washington distilleries straight rye whiskey sold for $100,000 could this be the only American whiskey on the list surely not but maybe let's not ruin the surprise we can tell you that it's definitely the only rye whiskey on this list in any case this whiskey is particularly special as the name might imply because George Washington himself devised the recipe for it over 200 years ago this extremely special batch was distilled in 2003 and aged in the finest handcrafted American oak casks for two years the very first bottle to be sealed was dubbed and labeled bottle number one for the first time in history George Washington's recipe was available for retail it was sold at auction and after a fiercely competitive bidding war Mervin shenkin a publisher from New Haven Connecticut bought it for $100,000 being both a cigar and whiskey aficionado we're guessing he didn't save the bottle as a collector's item more likely he found the perfect environment to sit down with a glass in one hand and an extremely expensive cigar in the other sophistication personified number four Glenfiddich it's rare collection sold for one hundred and twenty thousand dollars sixty one bottles of this extremely special Glenfiddich single malt were made in toto distilled in 1937 it was aged for sixty four years before being bottled in 2001 this made it the oldest single malt on the market Glenfiddich sold sixty bottles for an original price of ten thousand dollars each whilst holding on to the first bottle from the batch many of those original 60 were drank and enjoyed by their buyers while others have appeared in auctions ever since in 2004 one of the last known bottles was sold for seventy two thousand dollars and drank almost immediately this left Glenfiddich with the last known bottle in 2005 the bottle was sold to Sky connection for an undisclosed fee the duty-free company immediately announced it would be on sale at the Czech lock cook Airport in Hong Kong it has since been sold for an incredible 120 thousand dollars so for those wondering what they could invest their hard-earned cash in a bottle of rare whiskey certainly isn't a bad shot within six years this specific batch increased in value by twelve hundred percent number three nun's island distillery pure pot still whiskey sold for one hundred and forty three thousand dollars the second oldest whiskey on this list and the only one coming from a distillery no longer in operation this is more of a historical artifact than a beverage this whiskey was distilled and produced in Galway by HS Percy's nuns Island distillery the distillery shut down in 1908 and this was one of the last bottles ever produced there on the reverse there is an incredible note to the buyer it warns of how many people have been filling Percy whisky bottles with inferior brands and trying to sell them off for profit Percy says that he will personally pay anyone 100 pounds if they give information that successfully leads to a prosecution of a fraudster the bottle itself was brought to the attention of an auctioneer in Galway back in 2005 an old lady bought it in wrapped in a plastic bag and asked if it might be worth something she had no idea she was sitting on an absolute goldmine the bottle ended up making her one hundred and forty three thousand dollars or a chair number two doll Mar 64 Trinity Oz sold for one hundred and sixty four thousand dollars the kind of product that brings shivers down the spine of anyone that knows anything about quality distillation this blend contains whisky distilled in 1868 1878 1926 and 1939 the blend was then left to aged for 64 years the last two years were spent in a handcrafted American white oak cask which has been especially prepared by master distiller Richard Patterson the wood was first soaked in another extremely rare Dalmore whiskey then the cask was filled with two of the finest Sherry's ever produced a Methuselah Oloroso and a pedro jimenez after the Sherry's were removed this incredible whiskey was poured in for the last two years of slumber in such a way a unique and delightful taste was developed three bottles were produced in total each one handmade and mouth blown from the finest molten crystal and adorned with silver this gives the decanter an awe-inspiring presentation the first two bottles have already been sold the last one is still available at the whisky exchange you can find it online and register yourself as a potential buyer good luck number one Macallan 64 year in Lalique four hundred and sixty thousand dollars this is the oldest single malt whiskey that Macallan has ever sold it was bottled in an incredible one-off Lalique seer Purdue the collaboration came as a part of a global fundraising tour for a charity that is simply called water this charity provides clean and safe drinking water to some of the most vulnerable people on the planet the bottle and it's incredibly rare and special contents had been on tours around several cities including London and Paris before coming to auction at Sotheby's in New York in 2010 a lively bid war ensued in the end an anonymous philanthropist broke the bank - gasps of all that watched on by bidding an incredible four hundred and sixty thousand dollars it's believed the owner still has the bottle stashed away and has no intention of drinking it handle uxers that's it what an incredible list one American whiskey one Irish and eight Scottish and now question posed to you our esteemed and valued viewers if you had the money would you invest and collect bottles of rare whisky or buy them to enjoy let us know in the comments below and as always for sticking with us and watching all the way to the end here's your bonus fact you loyal a lack sir the word whisky is spelled differently by Irish Scottish and Canadians whisky can be spelled WH is KY or WH is K ey without the e is generally used by the Irish Scottish and Canadians with the e is usually used by distillers from other countries it's generally suggested that your spelling should correlate to the way it's spelled on the label of whatever whisky you're discussing thank you for spending some time with us a lexer make sure to subscribe so you never miss a video if you want more we hand-picked these videos you might enjoy or head over to Alex calm for the best in fine living content on the planet be a part of the largest community of luxury enthusiasts in the world and tell your story