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may is coming very fast and that means a slew of new games hi folks its Falcon and today on game ranks the top 10 new games of May 20 2010 it's some day you'll return I think it's probably best just to say right up front the developers have said multiple times that it draws inspiration from Silent Hill the vanishing of Ethan Carter Resident Evil 7 and outlast 2 now altogether those are some pretty varied titles so it's important to maybe note a little bit of the story to you basically you play as a guy whose daughter has run away before however this time she's run away to a forest that you swore you would never return to due to some traumatizing events that happen there when you were a kid needless to say you're going back that's the point someday you'll return but it's important to note just how cool this game looks it's really got a unique look to it like in some ways it has a little bit of a Bioshock quality to it while at the same time reminding me of the forest I think a lot of different people will see a lot of different things in this game but supposedly the monsters aren't the scary ones someday you'll return is hitting on May 5th on ps4 Xbox one in Microsoft Windows moving on to number 9 population zero is an absolutely gorgeous new MMO survival game where there are 168 hours left until human extinction now the reason I think that the premise just on its own is automatically great because survival games are usually meant to go in perpetuity however not so much here the goal is obviously to survive as long as you can in most survival games and here you only have a hundred and sixty eight hours it's got PvE it's got PvP and did I mention it's gorgeous like if you're looking at the footage you know exactly what I mean this is a beautiful game it's got such a good grasp of color that it reminds you of some of the things they promised no man sky to be and then made it over the following two years after its release it's beautiful it's in early access to so we know that they're not pulling a no man's sky we know what the game is at this point however the full version of pop relations zero he's hitting Microsoft Windows on May 5th coming in at number eight is the wonderful 101 remastered now the wonderful 101 came out back in 2013 for the Wii U it is actually a phenomenal game it's a platinum game directed by Hideki Kamiya you essentially control a horde of various different superheroes that all do different things and you unite them into different types of objects to defeat enemies with now this game is absurd in exactly the best ways it is not really a standard Platinum game but damn is it fun as hell and I'm stoked to see it out on consoles that are not the Wii U because it's a game that should have got a lot more attention but the words we you are exactly why it didn't as far as plot goes it's not really that complex it's just some aliens attacking some kids on a school bus at the start and it devolves from there it's very silly it's beyond fun the wonderful 101 remake is out on PC ps4 and switch on May 19 number 7 is those who remain a psychological thriller a game where you Edward have a good life a good family and yet you have a secret affair in a scary little town called dormant I'm sure it's called that for a reason - it sounds a little bit too much like dormant and the town is apparently on some sort of weird dimensional rift where the fabric of reality is in question hey you travel between two dimensions the quote-unquote real one and a scary one you have to manipulate light sources to keep yourself in the light otherwise you are going to get into trouble and let's just go ahead and say something this is for the scale of game is absolutely gorgeous the art direction in this thing is just amazing looking it evokes a lot of eighties stuff but a little bit more grim the colors are a little bit muted but not super muted there's a lot of colored light being played around with but it's not so blatant as a lot of coloured light is nowadays and there's a lot of scary sights to see those who remain is coming to ps4 PC and Xbox one May 15th it will also be coming to Nintendo switch sometime during the summer we will keep you updated on that it's very exciting looking though at number 6 is the Elder Scrolls online grimoire which is a new chapter obviously which is actually set in Skyrim a thousand years before the Elder Scrolls Skyrim now it's obviously not the full Skyrim map it is Western Skyrim essentially what you're tasked with doing in this DLC is stopping a vampire Lord it is a continuation of the Harrow storm story and the story it's telling will continue to be told throughout the entire year now I'm just gonna go ahead and say this like the Elder Scrolls online is a way better looking game it's for the most part a better working game the most pathetic games they made an engine specifically for it that does what it's supposed to do I think we all know my gripes with Bethesda using their same engine over and over again I don't need to retread them I'm looking forward to exploring Skyrim in the Elder Scrolls online and I will be doing so when it hits on May 18th at number 5 is ninjalah which is I'm just gonna go ahead and say it a game I am really excited about I really didn't hear about it until fairly recently and it gives off these serious splatoon vibes but I'm gonna go ahead and say something else if you combined splatoon with an old game you may or may not remember from the 1990s on the Super Nintendo which was called goemon in Japan and legend of the mystical ninja here in the US it is of course a multi player game like splatoon where you're competing against other players to win the match you get katanas you get hammers you get yo-yos that's what reminded me of mystical ninja as well as the music the music is just like powerfully legend of the mystical ninja ask this looks like one of the most fun games and if it turns out to be as fun as it looks I am gonna be lost in in competing in this game ninjalah is hitting May 27th you can download a demo now it is tons of fun and I cannot wait to play the full game at number four is before we leave a city builder on a hexagonal grid where you rebuild civilization you emerge from the ground without the knowledge to grow anything but potatoes because potatoes grow under the ground you do so much more over the course of this of course you even leave the planet I of course have not played it yet it's not out it does look very cool it purports itself to be able to build multi planet resource networks that may or may not be under attack from hungry space whales that you have to fend off it claims non-violently although I'd be very interested to see exactly what it means by non-violence it is very cool looking though you're on a big sphere with hex grids you build cities you deal with stuff and personally it's something I'm very interested in in some ways it does remind me of civilization although again it purports itself to be nonviolent before we leave comes to PC on May 8th I'm very interested it looks like a pretty fresh take on this type of game at number 3 is saints row the third remastered which I'm gonna go ahead and say very excited saints row 3 is probably the best one it's probably the one that manages to do what saints row sets out to do the best without getting into territory that sort of undoes the self-aware nature of it it's good GTA satire and considering GTA is itself satire there's really a sweet spot to find and they found it now what they've also done for this remake is redone all of the car models all of the gun models all of the atmospheric effects basically it looks way better does it look like a brand new game no of course it doesn't it's a decade old game it's from 2011 but all those new lighting effects the volumetric everything it all looks really nice i will be playing Saints Row three remastered of course it is coming to us on PC ps4 and Xbox one on May 22nd at number two is minecraft dungeons a brand new dungeon crawler built in unreal with the aesthetic of Minecraft keeping in mind this is not a mining or crafting game it is a dungeon crawler period it's just set in the world of Minecraft now that of course means they have to take some liberties those liberties to me look as though they fit with what they're trying to do however there is no class system you essentially start from scratch and build your character in the same way you might consider building a world in the Minecraft personally I think this is actually a pretty good looking game I love the lighting they've really gone for a good look with it it obviously does look like Minecraft however it doesn't have the same sort of stale lighting of Minecraft and let's just go ahead and say minecraft r-tx is sort of ruined that look for me in some respects so I'm quite thankful for the fact that it looks the way it looks instead of like vanilla minecraft minecraft dungeons hits PC ps4 Xbox one and switch on May 26 and finally at number one is maneater maneater is basically shark simulator it's not a real shark simulator like if you're looking for something that accurately models how sharks are this is not it it's more along the lines of Tony Hawk's Pro shark I know they don't want it the developers site a much wider list of influences but let's just be clear that's obviously there it does try to incorporate sort of open-world elements and in some respects it calls its combat system inspired by both punch-out and Dark Souls it is an absurd looking game they're certainly pushing some boundaries as far as what is reality and what isn't maneater is hitting PC PlayStation 4 and Xbox one on May 22nd there is also a switch version coming but we don't know release date information that's all for today what do you think about these games leave us a comment let us know I know I'm at least trying all of these games this upcoming month hopefully they all turn out to be as good as they look I'm particularly excited about ninjalah and the Saints Row remake and probably maneater I just really want to actually play maneater it's been something that's been on my radar for a while leave us a comment though on your thoughts and if you enjoyed this video click like if you're not subscribed now's a great time to do so we upload brand new videos every day of the week the best way to see them first is of course a subscription so click Subscribe and don't forget to enable all notifications as always thank you very much for watching this video I'm Falcon you can follow me on Twitter at Falcon the hero and we'll see you next time right here on game ranks