Top 10 Prison Escapes Caught on Camera


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hi everyone criminals have been trying to escape prison since they were invented in most cases prison breaks fail but this is not always the case thanks to these surveillance cameras in police stations and correctional facilities you can not only read about another prison break in a newspaper but also see it with your own eyes in today's video we'll show you the most incredible daring and ridiculous prison breaks filmed on camera let's get it on Prison Break with a helicopter some prison breaks especially the ones shown in cinemas are so elaborate that it might blow your mind every detail is taken into consideration each step is carefully planned in real life though not all prison escapes are that impressive this footage shows prisoners Danny provençale and Benjamin who Don Barbeau desperately trying to climb a rope the rope hanging from a hijacked helicopter that landed on the roof of a prison yeah it's almost like in a James Bond movie but what was supposed to be a quick Prison Break lasted almost six minutes and the guards did not intervene do they want to see whether the convicts could pull it off well actually they simply didn't have weapons to fight armed criminals so the guards chose not to risk it and although the prisoners did manage to get out of prison they together with their accomplices were arrested only a few hours later the helicopter pilot was not injured [Music] bulldozer attack in 1995 12 prisoners escaped from copenhagen prison they didn't have to dig a tunnel or steal a helicopter who used a bulldozer instead the powerful construction machine rounds the fortified prison wall and completely destroyed it and a convicted criminals rushed through the hole three of them were detained almost immediately along with a camera operator law enforcement officers suspected that he knew about the bulldozer attack in advance the police said that the prisoners tried to escape to see a football match that took place at a nearby stadium that proves that even the prison walls can't hold you if you're a true fan of your team [Applause] detailed instructions three prisoners in a California prison recorded their escape plan using a mobile phone and then apparently also filmed a video about the details of the daring escape the 15 minute carefully edited video includes the story of one of the alleged fugitives who explains in detail how they pulled it off even makes a reference to Houdini and his famous escape tricks my name is adam hussain naeuri you know a lot of people like to credit us with some Houdini escape act all in eight minutes flat prisoner Adam Hossein Nayeri said that they used strong rope tools clothes shoes and other stuff to escape to get out of the prison they areand others cut off the metal ventilation grill access the water supply system of the building and then climbed out onto the roof it is not clear how they later managed to get down and leave the prison for the fugitives we're hiding from the police for more than a week until they were cause think fast act fast sometimes for a successful escape all you have to do is act as quickly and decisively as possible this video was filmed in poor secound Z prison where the police transferred a prisoner named Michael Maldonado on that day he made several attempts to escape but only the last one was successful officers asked prison staff to help them with the transfer but there was no one available Maldonado waited for the right moment to run out at the car then rush to the closing garage door ducked under it and disappeared it took some time to open the door so the police officers couldn't start pursuing Maldonado right away they claimed they repeatedly press the button and try to open the door out on their own buzzed it all took time while the officers were struggling with the door Maldonado managed to escape and even two hours of persistent searches the dog later the fugitive was nowhere to be found but the criminal didn't enjoy freedom for long the very next day law enforcement officers found Maldonado and detained him this time they kept a close eye on him through the window and escaped through a window sounds easy enough but it's not that easy when the window size is 30 by 76 centimeters you shouldn't try that unless you are a castle or something Derek Estelle was 34 years old and serving a sentence this time for hijacking a car and starting a shootout with the police patrol but it seems that he wasn't planning on staying in prison he worked out an unusual escape plan with two accomplices while one of them was distracting the policeman as still bolted through the tiny window and took off prior to that he'd been talking on the phone but it must have been part of the plan as well in just a few moments he jumped out of the window got into a car and drove off in an unknown direction it all happened so fast that none of the guards were fast enough to react Estelle and his accomplice were immediately declared fugitives handcuffs we tend to think that the only people who know how to get out of handcuffs are magicians and secret agents you know the same people who probably carry paperclips lasers and a parachute with them wherever they go however this time we are talking about a woman called amber Gonzalez she was arrested for theft at a hotel and placed in a Cell amber was left with a cellphone to arrange her bail but she was focused more on her handcuffs rather than checking the text messages she was wriggling in Gesser cuffs so persistently that she actually managed to simply pull our hand out through the officers later claimed that cuffs were too tight to be slipped off the hands but samba who only weighs about forty four kilograms didn't stop at that and left the police department quicker than anyone realized what was happening she walked through the yards to a gas station where she met up with a truck driver and the two drove back to the same hotel that's where the police arrested her barely an hour after the escape a daring escape what does a man do after being detained and brought to the sheriff's office he probably worries calls its lawyer or acts like a cool gangster for this guy is different a seventeen-year-old Quantrell D Schwartz lo was arrested at school and placed in the interrogation room at once but as soon as the police officer closed the door on his way out the young man opened the window and jumped out quite gracefully - almost like Scott Pilgrim despite falling for almost four meters straight he wasn't hurt got up and just ran away from the police departments - surveillance cameras cause it's daring escape the officer finally returns interrogation room 14 minutes later we don't know what he'd been doing or why he left the suspect unattended for so long but whatever the case turned out to be a big mistake by the time the officer noticed Quantrell had disappeared he was already way too far away he was detained three hours later there were his friends house and since then there are bars on the windows of the department mr. fantastic this is the second time we've mentioned a superhero in this video but it's honestly hard to believe this guy's an ordinary human this man arrested for theft in is Bhavesh in the republic of dagestan escaped from solitary confinement through the food delivery window we've already seen escaped through normal windows but this is something beyond comprehension to squeeze through this tiny opening you need to be very thin or just very very flexible the escape took place at night and was filmed on a surveillance camera footage shows the naked young man squeezing through the narrow window slowly and quite carefully had you been practicing this escape how are the guards have reacted if they'd been in the hallway at that moment would he be able to get back in size just as quickly so many questions after pushing his way through the tiny opening the young man calmly pulled his stuff out put his clothes on and went down the hallway and left the solitary cell nobody stopped him maybe he even found another window to freedom on his way and use that cross-dressing which hollywood worthy movie scenario have we not mentioned yet ah yes escape by cross-dressing a Brazilian gang member called Pallavi no de Silva tried to escape from prison by disguising himself as his own daughter one would think that it's hard to mistake a 42 year old criminal for his 19 year-old daughter but de Silva got pretty creative he put on a silicon mask a wig and his daughter's clothes a pink shirts for the donut princes skinny jeans the whole disguise was supposed to be his ticket to freedom as the prison workers believed his daughter was supposed to remain in his cell can you imagine that you come to visit your father and end up behind the bars despite all of his careful planning guards were unconvinced by his disguise and yes the silver had to go back to his self the guards documented every detail of his dress-up - and you've got to admit that he was indeed thorough with his planning the criminals daughter and his seven other recent visitors were questioned the silver obviously needed help to pull off an escape like that by the way cross-dressing was not the silvers first escape attempt either earlier he had broken out through the sewers with 30 other prisoners but was also caught back then dude are you looking for new technologies and great gadgets are your thoughts focused on the future do you love huge vehicles and can't imagine your life without robots around here and visit tech zone and you'll find all this and more the link is in the description you interested great [Music] [Music]