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[Music] people have been known to find love in strange places and no matter what people say love is well and truly blind would you consider being in a relationship with an older partner or someone much younger than yourself how about marrying someone disabled surprising as it may sound for some people strange relationship choices are pretty normal in today's world it's nice to see people aren't all about money and fame they actually purely love their significant other with all their heart we'll take a look at top 10 truly most unusual and unbelievable couple that prove love is blind before we continue don't forget to hit that like button as well subscribe to our channel and turn on post notifications let's begin cynthia murphy and thane murphy cynthia murphy was born with the rare craniofacial disorder treacher collins syndrome a genetic disorder characterized by the deformity of the eyes is cheekbones and chin affecting only one in fifty thousand people cynthia has found strength through advocating for her condition and helping others with craniofacial deformities in their quest to find happiness her social media pages such as cynthia murphy crania facial awareness advocate has aided cynthia in her mission to spread positivity and allow people to receive the help and advice she never had when growing up cynthia met her husband of 11 years thane murphy when she was just 19 years old thane helped to change the way cynthia looked at herself as someone who could never find love and more recently thane and cynthia have successfully set up their own lifestyle application called assuaged to advise those who are struggling on how to treat their body world shortest couple after two years of dinner dates movie outings and joint fitness sessions piercing and girlfriend katie choi wing kelly like most loving couples are considering marriage but they do not intend to have children because they fear passing on a condition to their young ones the couple first met at an event for people with dwarfism a condition which causes a person to be considerably shorter than average there is a 50 to 75 percent chance of parents with the condition passing this onto their children she is three feet 11 inches in height and he is a slightly taller four feet one inch but fate had other ideas her boundless energy and smile caught ching's eye at an event and it was he who made the first move to get her number and text her their interaction eventually leading to a date now they play badminton and ride bikes together to stay fit tune over the chalmer would also surprise his girlfriend with romantic gestures chu meanwhile is a self-employed driver who delivers goods for companies choi says she had difficulties carrying an average sized school bag or climbing stairs in physical education classes she was left aside watching others play sports couple time fortune and choi also includes community work world's oldest couple an ecuadorian husband and wife have been named the oldest couple in the world by the guinness world book of records julie okay zamora and waldram in a quinterous quintero aged 110 and 104 respectively were married in ecuador on the 7th of february 1941 at the time their families disapproved of their relationship and were not present for the wedding vows which took place in the church in puto but despite such bittersweet beginnings their love has managed to stand the test of time with 79 years of marriage now under their belts the couple who met through quintus husband who was maura's cousin believe there is a secret formula to a long and happy marriage which involves love maturity and mutual respect now they have a huge family of their own having had five children one of whom sadly at the age of 58 which led to 11 grandchildren 21 great-grandchildren and nine great-great-grandchildren maura and quintero believe the family unit is everything angel nguyen and don inguin angel nguyen and donnie guyan are in an ambw relationship which stands for asian men black women referring to interracial coupling they have been together for six years after meeting through their old job at walmart the couple then eloped nearly four years ago angel of african-american heritage and any of vietnamese descent admit they weren't each other's usual type angel faced some harsh criticism from her friends due to her attraction for donnie donny's family however took a little more convincing to get on board with their relationship and neither of them were prepared for how his family would react donny said the hesitation was due to jealousy more than anything the couple's elopement didn't help ease the tension between the family but this didn't stop them from trying to win over donna's mum angel said it's how we feel that matters the most and not the outside he's a regular guy i'm a regular girl and we fell in love paralyzed man finds true love hey open a paralyzed man from north china married a woman he met through one of his live streaming shows last year fuchengen from central china was one of hayo's avid followers and they got to know each other through a live streaming platform local custom states that before marriage the groom must give betrothal gifts to the bride's family however the couple carried on with the wedding without asking for anything they started a new family with one child each from their previous relationships foo also makes sure to massage her husband's legs every day to improve his blood circulation in may 2014 heyo was injured in an accident at a well-digging construction site resulting in him being paralyzed from the waist down in september 2014 his ex-girlfriend abandoned him and he hasn't heard from her since the accident left hayo lying in bed for a long time fortunately he unexpectedly found a new source of income in live streaming aside from live streaming foo and heyo also conduct business through their wechat account by selling products robert croke and sofia for this couple however there's no need for anything niche they simply used instagram to find their partners sofia spelino from louisiana already had a presence on the platform and had around 35 000 followers on instagram her influencing life tended to focus mostly on fashion and spirituality and the target market was predominantly women that's why when robert croak 54 began following her she was slightly bemused as it turned out robert had begun following sofia after mistaking her for a friend's niece when he showed his friend a screenshot of her profile however and realized there was no connection he decided it was safe to get in touch she called their first kiss an intense moment of pure connection and they've rarely been apart since that first date although they don't agree with these antiquated thoughts on their 27-year age gap the pair did initially decide to keep their relationship a secret from family and friends it's lovely to see a couple defying norms and having a great time doing it a mismatched couple a diminutive musician trolled over his relationship with a woman known as africa's kim kardashian has announced a bid to become president of guinea grand p real name mouses and diana cabba was born with a growth deficiency called proge ria but is known for an unlikely romance with plus size model you duck ceo he is also known in guinea as a singer actor and social media personality yayo originally from ivory coast claims to have the largest behind in west africa and has often appeared in african media the pair who plan to marry in january often share updates from their lives online and have now announced that grand p will be contesting guinness upcoming election meanwhile grand p is expected to marry yayo dub the ivory and kim kardashian in january next year yayo has previously used social media to hit back at people who told the couple about the relationship insisting that size doesn't matter philip elling and susan elling a couple who have an in terrible relationship have revealed the vitriol they have received from trolls who even slated a video of their first dance on their wedding day after it went viral philippe elling from adelaide was born with a rare form of muscular dystrophy known as bethlehem myopathy it affects the skeletal muscles in connective tissue and is characterized by slowly progressive muscle weakness and joint stiffness philip met his wife susan elling in 2016 while she was working in a facility that helps those living with disabilities she had moved from kenya a year earlier the couple quickly became besotted with each other and just a year later they were married due to his lack of physical health philip has experienced many hardships in everyday life but remains positive and ambitious thanks to his wife philip and susan remain stronger than ever and can't wait to see what the future has in store the youngest couple a seventeen-year-old boy identified as a liaison and his fifteen-year-old fiance aisha have released their pre-wedding pictures ahead of their wedding in socato nigeria elia who is following his family tradition of marrying early it's gathered that male children of his family marry at the age of 17 while the female ones marry at 15 however in extreme cases they marry at the age of 19. the tradition was allegedly embraced to prevent them from fornicating and also to allow them see their grandchildren their marriage which happened in 2019 got them into the records book of nigeria as the youngest couples ever to have gotten married jamie perkins and ebony nikki perkins melbourne couple nikki and jamie perkins met on age old social media site myspace nine years ago at the time nicki was a successful model in new york working for top-tier agency img and jamie was a cinematographer moving into the realm of music video production the pair now run a very successful youtube channel followed by an astounding 1.9 million people and raised their two-year-old daughter ever but before they welcomed a little bundle of joy into their life the duo accidentally started a profitable social media network and while it was just meant to be there so friends could enjoy watching their big moment it quickly garnered incredible interest from the online community their wedding video went even better with eight million likes but it's never been about the views for the couple despite not filming their entire day-to-day activities the family of three still take time to switch off from social media nikki's baby bump is on full display in the video footage with jamie confirming their second daughter is due any day now thanks for watching be sure to give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video also don't forget to subscribe to always be in the top 10 videos world