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[Music] [Applause] just to break away shooting situation I don't think you'll ever see that again ever watch him come across and you'll see patoot come flying out of his mouth how about Isiah Thomas you want the tooth you can't handle the tooth but picks it up the new smile for Isaiah Thomas Timbits hockey this is fun but when you've got a long drop to the ice bad things happen who built the three who did build this rink like what is with that door seven foot drop off bubbie five is going on there Ravens responds it down the field and to penalties are down that is a swing to miss that was a whip you don't see that very often the officials even laughing about that one crocodile even in hell have you ever seen that no not me either I can tell you that the article GreenEDGE bus is still trapped beneath the finish banner on the finishing line and here he comes normal approach now they are allowed under the regulation to pass a little finishing rather the driver himself can't believe it why was the banner I was alive pictures in all the years I've covered the two levanta I've never seen that happen before [Applause] it's for la mothe that's looking to freeze the buck in his defenseman bar burial knocks him over and brobibs right there and calmly puts that puck in the net [Music] [Applause] the Texas to the mask analyzed her that will be the penalty but is my gas not a guy you want to be in the penalty box either that is incredible in the past at the Aaron stick that's a good goal absolutely a good goal never touched anything shallow right - gross [Applause] oh what a finish freaking believable walk away for a ball game to end [Applause] looking to get a competition away lost the hairpiece well the hairpiece took five meters 82 rocket barrage up to 621 enrollments I've never seen that [Applause] in the wrong place possible [Music] the scratches on the nose way to go birdie lizard the georgian layman shaniyah he lost to the germans fast led off wasn't very happy about it and somebody had to pay the price we've been offside it'll be bounced upstairs rather terribly for Mike Condon beaten a couple times from enclose and here from a hundred and forty feet Miami versus Puerto Rico FC miami FC on a breakaway puerto rico fender tries to block the shot but yeah that's not it yeah oh they're back and facing off against Josh normally go oh pixee mom to the sidelines then hold his hand up mister I didn't do anything a Beckham was visibly fried what's going on against the [ __ ] here's the kick in the kick keep your emotions in check Odell Beckham baby guys proposing but he loses the ring Tim look he's freaking out you know this guy spent all his money he's got she is looking they're all looking for a diamond but allegedly it's a diamond ring well please five months later right wait a second [Music] [Applause] [Applause] Russian Premier League soccer where the show must go on for this sideline reporter I'll stop you know Paco bet the put my [ __ ] is very sure about the yeah first I thought somebody was standing off camera with a hose because those are some powerful sprinkler hats off to that that is not easy accident here as far as I can see that was the yellow jersey group and they've gone down that was because of motorbike that involves sender there you can reload your life but the real estate gonna be a bike ride here he hasn't got his bike well this I have never ever seen before neither have I but you've gotta carry your bike target is I love you can't live this one down there's just no way here it is again targets dry lob [Music] yeah and that just all the impact just where you don't want it sure everyone the homes probably having a bit of a laugh but yeah Hilton cation Davey you're not take a short break three four one six five brown bar Gilmore comes home Wow Bad News Bears I don't even think that movie was this bad was it I'm not sure I've seen that before - [Laughter] towards the last Marion Square wandering around and look like [ __ ] the rider on Lewis Ferguson takes a horrible fall Lewis Ferguson is sitting up hopefully only shaken after a spectacular exit to combat some of the gas [Applause] kyoko - as a rich mario palette a thermal shock air take a special person she's servin yeah no I know where's he gonna get it gets it right in the head she cranks her partner right in the old back of the head [Music] you just wonder whether you'll start to adjust very standing to that if the second time this tournament that this has happened [Applause] never seen this ever a Goomba lale and pyramid collided like they were racin to catch the train whippin fish sausage horrendous mistake when a goalkeeper kozachik completely took his eye off the ball it was a simple back pass in Reznick the water gift you will not see a worse mistake throughout this Champions League season than that [Applause] goodness can you believe it since cattle hangs his head [ __ ] war comes out to play now have another look here it actually gets stuck in his skates and he ends up bringing it into his own net and the officials would review the play the puck is caught in the goaltender skate this skate coffee's been lying completely so we have a goal yeah I can honestly say I've never seen that touch the bad bounces throughout my career but I think certainly that tough tough Celeste it's up to this man Matthew Phillip the farmer elegan Middlesex chief [Applause] the battalion planted a shootout Dillon smashes his stick a disappointment track and field championship that's John Porter Kendall Williams not making friends with the channel the taking of photos that is that's that's a big metal ball oh she's like what happens a people wonderful player obviously obviously with Borja Valero last season they had a very good partnership whoops [Applause] when in your life have you seen an own-goal from 40 yards that is going to be on highlight reels and blooper reels for years I'm not sure he can replicate Dada I'll try that ten times [Applause] my goodness the Bears seasons gone in on a double point fan wants some airtime Security's like I'm gonna deal with you yeah he was so concerned about pulling his pants up no you moving the camera she's gonna be [Laughter] and the best as we looked up he's like did they catch that on camera yeah we caught everything but this is someone who were struggling I have to say poncho is not the easiest or drove to work with it seems like the blood of people having trouble getting that on I can't find the head particles Oh God honey can I get some help here dear maybe would have helped this guy little details that's gonna be the head part that's my guess cuz it's got the hoodie there it is my hands stuck down though this guy this is nuts Oh your your guy that oh my your guy hit lips this is in Division three think another look at this like oh that was really painful 23:17 post purpose the toughest job of the night for notes of Trump would get that headset taken care of he's just let me go Starbuck piece of Gatorade you got her coach my take I think the headsets are the same on either side of the border okay you got it straightened out coach I'm gonna go mental do you think all your troubles are over look at the piggyback ride given by the mascot to Mullane Walker and I guess they can see very on that could have been dangerous but apparently neither [Applause] Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in his annual exhibition hockey game with a bunch of former NHL errs but of course we stole the show putting eight goals despite the stifling defense and goaltending even the referee was impressed with Putin's goalscoring prowess but it wasn't completely a banner do's during the lap of honour Putin oh no forgot about the carpet taking a tumble can't help it laughs of that Denis then d'hui ninh up to nil makes a great run here gets around the keeper and then chops apparently that's what it's called gonna do that it's called chunk chunk [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] heebie-jeebie this the first hole for bogey all right so it's a par four that's his fifth that's six at seven and at this point time there's all kinds of weird thing going through your brain it's the first hole of the Masters and then he misses that and he makes a sex double bogey ten you called me VG's like how do you fix Blanc that's the highest score that's ever been recorded in the history of the first hole now I've seen everything aalverson was not exactly embarrassed by his gap tweeting after the game TSN worst play of the day there is no way anyone is beating me I'll take TSN worst play of the year right now Johnson two seconds one second [Applause] Brandon Knight rudimentary basketball plays was there for granted night to win it it's unbelievable the only facility to host the Olympic Super Bowl and Final Four imploded on Monday morning not everyone had a great game the man for the force trying to take it back taking it back to the house he's got it oh he gets grabbed by a fan I'm pretty sure that's not legal [Applause] to another level [Music] [Applause] dropped it back quite nice being through center ice poked away toe Ondo back the other way for this cell that there was the guy that intercepts from the puck and guy right behind him coming in full-speed Tyrell over to deadlock miss played it and then David legio dumped the net off its mooring once they got to both the blue liners inside the blue line I just thought that I'll take my chance with a felony shot I was as shocked as probably everybody in the building was and the other team just somehow I guess you better stop it though shot pulls a little bit of a tricky now has to face a breakaway on the penalty shot Tyrell dangle dangle shoot day babe I legio he says forget to chew on oh I'll take my chances with the penalty shot tie somebody into a bait event to it in turn and s it's a high fly ball to the left ozune is back my good the world happened to him he misread it badly climbing the wall and then the ball ended on the warning track as he fell off of the wall that bounced over for a double I don't know if he's embarrassed or hurt I'm really glad it happened to him he deserves it he's my boy the only thing that would made it better if it was if it hit off his head when he fell down but still my favorite double in my career [Music] [Applause] [Music] tried to get to the past he was bumped out of bounds jet travel here there travel here is there travel here there's a travel there yeah now there's a problem Happy Trails Leonardo koutris Luke says who plays in the Greek league claim to be injured during a game over the weekend watches the medics first roll him onto a stretcher then failed to secure him on said stretcher a falls left not once - twice it wasn't I may get into the sucked sideline and they simply dumped him Obamacare the same [Applause] he put it right up in the room huh he's embarrassed right now believe me [Music] [Applause] [Music] basket game Johnny's so locked in he it's out on the ground that's gone it's downtown that's on my car oh no did you pay insurance to rental I think it's mine right field playing on the deep and Steven Williams thought he had it off of his glove and our breaking finished for the time [Music] [Applause] [Music] nice work rusty good job another doggy denial as this pooch shows up out of nowhere wanders onto the pitch and then makes a ridiculous save on the penalty kick [Music] almost midwest junior hockey league mitchell skiba was exiting the ice after receiving a game misconduct for spearing but as he left karma hit him right in the face suck at epic goalie heavier caso makes the easy save on the free-kick but watch what happens next the goalies just have to throw the ball that is phenomenal Rico Prieto gets credit for the goal that's my favorite thing in the show [Applause] and this I've no idea what to say about that that was disgraceful knocking off one Antonio Fletcher and then pushing poor Johnny Huguelet into that wire fence at Google and is now behind the race he's just bit dropped by the peloton luck so to jump around and get his sweat going maybe it would have been better for him to wait and do the Backson when he got onto the court could this is what happened oh wow just bang both those like do to you alright you think yeah I just hit my head yeah he's like yeah I'm fine I'm fine fine I'm a little concussed but I'm good ready to go on that one South Alabama miss cute that snap comes back against drop and he picks it up the kicker tries to kick it kicks the ground the ball falls down they try to pick it up but it's nothing close don't you go beep and said I'm gonna take it the other way for tip there three times he won one of these guards and beyond any streak ended last night yet he's gonna try to go for - and he is as well tagged in between walking [Applause] in there my word would be mortifying for the guy who actually does the slide he'll have to go into witness protection because it is the Leafs did an unbelievable Ramirez with a 3-1 count and heat jolts one to deep left field back goes mike amato gets over his head and gone [Applause] he sees it hits the top of the fence and then he goes up it hits again boy that's unbelievable and then he tries to grab it barehanded and knocks it over the fence so if he does nothing it's gonna land back in the field of play absolutely we're gonna see this highlight for a long time unfortunately for my Komatsu my bad I called it wrong my bad I got the scores right I got the winner wrong my bad my friend I'm sorry our judges called it 29 28 29 28 30 27 for your winner David at the coffee bar [ __ ] hobbits are Gucci's in here he's taking it round to Radetzky and sit looked across the line when he thought his side had got back into it the hair Iguchi shots just spend a straight quarter Tony's chocolate [Applause] boost concrete [Applause] [Applause] beautiful they may be the drunkest couple in the history of sporting of love his face [Music] forget something Oh oh yeah forget about the $90 fries or you didn't mean all right I got this one well he did get the ball what that's the seat goes really serious business guys ticked off he lost his first meal bet he just lost his second one wife Verdugo swings it to fly ball on a right going back is boring steam actually the ball bounces off the outfielders head and over the fence and much world looking a little bit groggy and a face which tells the story [Applause] for the study she turn around he gets three speeds Thanks he turns around spent he looked as though he was all over he launches her one more big shot from Sudhir II and he be gone and then he produced that quite extraordinary terrible snap Smith is gonna have to go all the way [Music] the snap get out the calculator for fourth and goal on this one [Applause] it's a great win for the angels enjoy this part right here and they did it as Morales missed the rest of the season with a fractured ankle let Felix Rios has his second home run of the trip his 11th home run of the year and speaking mistakes that man right there has sitting up there controlling fire he's made with a Cleveland Indian hits a home run they shoot the fireworks off and this guy he was looking forward to the display he must be a realist fan they picked the fly sweep he'll throw [Applause] and Matthew Raya fighting over the same football first thing you say is dude that was my oh no that was my ball half the power in New Orleans Stadium the Superdome here is out half the stadium stayed light half of it went out we have been in this situation now for about 27 minutes and the lighting strips are starting to come back on those are the final things so it's going to be a delay in a little excess of 34 minutes now [Applause] Kali take a hundred shots from might never happen tough feeling when you see it going in and then all of a sudden coming out extra point Cody parky gets the trike from 33 yards away [Music] and they asked for a point that's have been missed Sparky hit the up 141 yards away three times today he has hit the uprights he's hearing it from the fans here in Chicago toward the month right you believe this he's hit four uprights today if you paid him to do that he couldn't do [Applause] [Music] take my word for it there's a moral to this story yeah look like a coronation for Tom chick Pepe oh he's getting the crown he wants the crown to cheer his performance and at the end he gets he gets picked by Meryn Simon of Washington and you just can't do this kind of stuff Louis you can if you know if you see his face and you know no one has to say anything they don't have to explain it to him he'll never make that mistake again [Applause] is crazy I've got on the blooper reel for a while what do you see me sayin I just messed up please don't be on the blooper reel 400 years 20 games a piece going into the deciding set and it finished in the most dramatic circumstances possible you believe it yeah what a way to finish it heartbroken hype ETL rules state that a service motion must be finished once the ball is left the service happens watch this there's even taller linebacker tremendous player left me ice out of uniform don't get hurt [Applause] love [Applause] celebration I think he's hurt he should have been Steven and it's a pitch to remember for this cameraman who I'm ceremoniously took it where it probably doesn't feel too good but I could put a graphic up there just it just in case you can't see yeah [Music] two divers from the Philippines were able to compete in the Southeast Asia Games despite having no experience and little support both divers though were not up to the task executing horrible landings and as you might expect they finished dead last scoring zeros on their individual tries [Music] [Applause] to come it's just a simple play pass and puts it right into practice all those throws oh yeah [Applause] there is absolutely no way to take it there were three four five guys around two players that was insane what was the play to see if I'm a joke at left Angelo Mosca there's some bad blood from the sixties ah here's our offerings apart get out of here no you take them here's my cane these guys are in their 70s 1963 band what they were trying to just have a nice alumni let's see it's dark it come on look at this [Applause] you say both [Applause] he certainly brings the droplet as me I don't know what I've been no like oh you've been Sun side took me out like got to be able to laugh at yourself [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I have to kind of stifle laughing because I thought it must have looked pretty funny 626 down here comes number 27 ground ball right side Cabrera will cut it off [Applause] absolutely horrible fall perfect game taken away [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] exactly LeBron James was trying to get a timeout and if bran James Waddell but at the top when he gets the rebound and they had a timeout left that's a bad mistake by JR Smith you got a no to score that's kind of basketball did you know if he knew the score thank you we talked to Tom more than an Indianapolis the offensive fool negative busted ninja Mark Sanchez not expecting it and it was the back here changes gate get down I slipped riding to Brandon more and you know I was kind of a unfortunate deal there I'm not a big believer in luck but that was pretty unlucky so you know it's really too bad you