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of all the gin joints and all the towns in all the world she walks into mine welcome to ms mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 20 most romantic movie couples i always [Music] i love your eyes and i love the rest of your face too you're my angel for this list we're looking at on-screen couples with the most meaningful relationships and romantic chemistry we won't be including any animated pairings here since those couples deserve a list of their own we're giving away the endings of a few of these love stories so a spoiler alert may be in order snap out of it i can't which couple do you think best defines romance let us know in the comments number 20. hazel grace lancaster and augustus waters the fault in our stars both of these teens have combated cancer although their world views couldn't be more different i don't know any other way to say this hazel you're just too sick gus is an eternal optimist who lives every day as if it's his last how are you feeling guys i'm grant yeah i'm on a roller coaster that only goes up my friend hazel resists forming meaningful relationships knowing that her days are likely numbered oblivion's inevitable and if that scares you then i suggest you ignore it gus's charm and good cheer inevitably rub off on hazel however bringing her out of her shell why are you looking at me like that because you're beautiful oh my god gus helps hazel to see that her time on earth doesn't need to be defined by her illness likewise cancer isn't what defines her relationship with gus the two find that they share a great deal in common particularly in the literature department it's only fitting that their relationship ends with a letter leaving the star-crossed lovers on a devastating yet inspiring note and i like my choices i hope she likes hers okay hazel grace [Music] okay number 19. monica wright mccall and quincy mccall love and basketball girls can't play no ball ball better than you like a basketball game this romance is appropriately broken up into four quarters as a youngster quincy didn't expect to meet a girl who shared his passion for the game i told you i was nice i'm gonna be the first girl in the nba no i'm gonna be in the nba you're gonna be my cheerleader what's more he didn't expect a girl to give him a run for his money on the court quincy meets his match in monica and not just on an athletic level ready the two remain friends throughout their teenage years but they finally address their feelings for each other in college the game that brought them together though also causes friction in their relationship it's not fun for me anymore because you're missing what i'm trying to say is i've loved you since i was 11. and [ __ ] won't go away everything is on the line in the final quarter as the two play for each other's hearts challenging gender roles and traditional conventions of romance their love story is a slam dunk [Music] double or nothing number eighteen enes del mar and jack twist broke back mountain brokeback mountain wasn't the first drama to center on an lgbtq plus relationship but its importance cannot be overstated jack twist your folks stop at dennis the film not only opened the door for more same-sex love stories in cinema but also opened up more audiences to acceptance [Music] this largely has to do with the authentic chemistry between actors heath ledger and jake gyllenhaal just quit your hammering get in here as sheep herders ennis and jack the two catch each other off guard when they have sex and fall in love being the 1960s the two aren't sure how to address their feelings although they occasionally reunite in the place where their love first blossomed jack and annis will never have a life together as beautiful as their love story is it's also a tragic portrait of what could have been we had a good time that year didn't we there's never enough time never enough number 17 han solo and princess leia the star wars franchise in all of the galaxy there isn't a more gripping love story than that of han and leia i don't know who you are or where you came from but from now on you do as i tell you okay when they first meet everyone's favorite nerf herder is only concerned about his payday look i ain't in this for your revolution and i'm not in it for you princess i expect to be well paid i'm in it for the money leia meanwhile is ready to risk her own well-being for her people and fellow rebels as han comes to understand the importance of leia's cause he finds something far more valuable than money you're trembling [Music] you like me because i'm a scoundrel it's in the second film where their romance is at its most passionate leading to one of cinema's most memorable i love yous one of the most immortal improvised lines and one of the most tearful goodbyes i love you i know few scenes in the star wars saga conjure more emotions but their next meeting was definitely worth the three-year wait who are you someone who loves you number 16 aragorn and arwen the lord of the rings trilogy the heir of isildur and daughter of elrond spent a majority of the epic trilogy separated from each other [Music] not a moment goes by where one isn't on the other's mind however before aragorn departs from rivendell the two declare their love in one of the most sweepingly romantic moments across the fantasy genre i would rather share one lifetime with you and face all the ages of this world alone during their time apart both are able to do some much-needed soul-searching aragorn comes to accept his place as king while arwen decides that her place is ruling by her love side although this means giving up her immortality arwen can see that the life they'll build together is worth all the ages of middle earth [Music] number 15 maria and tony west side story a list like this wouldn't be complete without romeo and juliet and no film has put a more unique spin on shakespeare's play than west side story that we've met before i know we have not based on the broadway sensation this urban-based musical brings a classic story of love and woe into the 20th century get your hands off america stay away from my sister sister you see he's one of them at its core is an ill-fated romance between tony and maria the chemistry between these two is instantaneous but rival gangs clashing cultures and unexpected deaths stand in their way [Music] nevertheless they remain naively optimistic that their love will conquer [Music] all to a certain extent their love does bring everybody together in the end by this point though hate has already taken its toll while their romance is short-lived the music they made is forever number 14 wesleyan buttercup the princess bride even the most cynical viewers won't be able to resist this rousing romance farm boy polish my horse's saddle i want to see my face shining in it by morning just ask the grandson from the movie's framing device only a few minutes in the grandson is ready to write off this kissing book hold it hold it what is this are you trying to trick me and where's the sports is this a kissing book it isn't long though until he's hanging on his grandfather's every word even becoming invested in the kissing stuff the central romance between wesley and buttercup is sentimental in all the right ways fully embracing their storybook setting oh no no please what is it what's the matter they're kissing again even at its corniest it's impossible not to smile whenever wesley says as you wish the sincerity of the romance only elevates the jeopardy that our lovers face this being a fairy tale however there is a happy ending that you won't want to skip over since the invention of the kiss there have been five kisses that were rated the most passionate the most pure this one left them all behind number 13 loretta casterini and ronnie camareri moonstruck you could say that these two came together under unconventional circumstances but that's often how great love stories begin so where's the ring after her marriage ended on a dire note loretta decides to play it safe by marrying johnny despite not loving him do you love him loretta no good when you love him they drive you crazy because they know they can loretta's traditional world view was thrown for a loop when she meets johnny's brother ronnie it's funny because when my fiance found out about it but she found out that i've been maimed she left me for another man a tragic yet passionate baker who lost his hand ronnie is like a figure out of an opera it isn't long until he's escorting loretta to the met as well as his bed you look beautiful as different as they may seem the two come to bond over heartbreak family and music everything seems like nothing to me now i guess i want you in my bed i don't care if i burn in hell although loretta attempts to fight off her attraction to ronnie she can't merely slap herself out of love she loves me what's the metaphor i'm confused number 12 carol aired and therese bellabit carol the beauty in this love story lies in its understated nature i wonder if you might help me find this doll for my daughter taking place in the 1950s carol and therese aren't able to express their love in public especially since the titular character is fighting to keep custody of her daughter the film thus requires its audience to read between the lines oh no it's nothing like that i mean he'd like to marry me i see and would you like to marry him well i barely even know what to order for lunch a simple gesture can say a thousand words for example when carol leaves her gloves at the store counter it could be seen as an accident but it could also read as an invitation for therese actresses kate blanchett and rooney mara get so much emotion across with subtle body language i always spend years alone in crowds i'm all alone this year then when carol and therese do finally come together for a passionate moment of bliss it couldn't be more satisfying [Music] number 11 landon carter and jamie sullivan a walk to remember love can be like a comet it may soar by only once never to be seen again [Music] although you wish that the moment could have lasted longer it'll stick with you forever nonetheless that's the best way to sum up landon's relationship with jamie she's the best person i've ever known a classic bad boy meets good girl love story landon is initially only concerned about his image while jaime could not care less about the popular clique you don't care what people think about you when landon turns to jaime for help an unexpected friendship develops into an even more unexpected romance i might kiss you i might be bad at it [Music] it's not possible the most unexpected revelation of all is that jaime is dying from leukemia shattering the future landon thought they might have together you're eight you're 18 you're you're perfect i found out two years ago i've stopped responding to treatments jamie dies happy however while landon lives to become a better person because of their love you're my angel [Music] number 10 jessie and celine the before trilogy delusions no projections we'll just make tonight great okay let's do that jesse and celine share one of the most unique romances in film they first meet briefly and before sunrise reunite almost a decade later in before sunset and deal with married life in before midnight i feel a passive aggressive threat in everything you say either do this or i will resent you for the rest of our lives the fact that their relationship is spread over three movies isn't what makes them so special however it's because ethan hawk and julie delphi's chemistry is so natural honestly depicting the highs and lows of an ongoing relationship i hate this me too the train is about to be here hawk and delphi fittingly contributed to the screenplays for both sequels making their rapport even more believable the apple doesn't feel far from the tree i guess maybe i'm not like that oh please that's all you think about what women i mean i'm not complaining i'm getting a lot of attention but you never stop arguing girls like i don't know they keep saying i don't argue girls number nine sam wheat and molly jensen ghost audiences immediately fell in love with sam and molly thanks to their immortal pottery session this makes it especially tragic when sam dies in molly's arms shortly thereafter even after death sam dedicates himself to protecting the love of his life the two spend a majority of ghosts so close to each other and yet so far have a nice life have a nice day goodbye as fantastic as the premise is however the film is surprisingly effective in its depiction of losing a loved one i've always loved you [Music] ditto while their life together was cut short sam and molly's romance will always have a place in cinematic history it's amazing molly [Music] the love inside take it with you number eight morticia and gomez adams the addams family franchise the addams family parents might not be the first couple that comes to mind when you think of romance i would die for i would kill for her while they don't always express their love in the most conventional ways there's no denying that these two adore one another we're reminded of their affection every time they're on screen together their passion blazes with such intensity that it can literally leave a fire in its trail [Music] it's honestly hard to think of another couple that's more compatible to passion to paradise to paint tonight there's a fair deal that we can learn from these ghoulish lovers namely to remind your significant other how much you cherish them be it with a rose or a bewitching glance [Music] number seven noah calhoun and ally hamilton the notebook our love for the notebook wasn't over it still isn't over you wrote me yes it wasn't over it still isn't over we might blame it and by extension nicholas sparks for unrealistic expectations of love though i have to warn you i'm a cheap drunk a couple more of these and you're gonna be carrying me right out of here well you go slow then i don't have to take advantage of you throughout the film one can't help but root for rachel mcadams alley and ryan gosling's noah to overcome the obstacles of social class war and life in general building up to an iconic kiss in the rain james garner and jenna roland scenes in the future are equally emotional as a devastating disease unravels noah and ali's love story what's gonna happen when i can't move up anything anymore get the tissues ready why did you calm me down i don't know you what's going on here am i supposed to know you no no number six rachel chu and nick young crazy rich asians [Laughter] how can i resist now here is the romantic comedy genre done right rachel and nick feel like a couple everyone knows but a trip to singapore adds a whole lot of complication into their lives when rachel finds out nick's family is crazy rich and pretty picky you will never be enough while crazy rich asians is not without its grand romantic gestures sweeping locations and even a closet montage the film feels fresh with how much the central couple unfailingly loves and respects each other i think i've just fallen in love with you all over again just when it seems that love means going their separate ways this modern fairy tale gets its happy ending but wherever you are in the world that's where i belong but i number five johnny castle and francis baby houseman dirty dancing here are two lovers we wouldn't dare put in the corner nobody puts baby in the corner dirty dancing tells the story of baby and johnny two people from different classes that are unified by their love of dance all right one two three i'm sorry being a movie that's largely about dance it's fitting that their chemistry primarily shines through music and choreography as a matter of fact baby and johnny's relationship can pretty much be summed up in the exhilarating final number with the oscar winning i've had the time of my life [Music] [Applause] amazing how music dance and love all seem to be part of the same puzzle what's your real name baby francis you're the first woman in the cabinet number four harry burns and sally albright when harry met sally [Applause] when harry met sally is among the most identifiable love stories ever told part of that is because the attraction between the leads isn't instantaneous what are you saying that they fake orgasm it's possible get out of here why most women at one time or another have faked it upon first meeting they don't think much of one another over the years however they keep bumping into each other and eventually form a friendship harry i think this takes a long time it might be months before we're actually able to enjoy going out with someone new yeah that friendship evolves into a sexual relationship which evolves into something even more in the end harry declares his true feelings for sally with a speech that demonstrates it's the little things that make people fall in love for good i came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible number three elizabeth bennett and mr darcy pride and prejudice pride and prejudice is arguably jane austen's most timeless love story and the 2005 adaptation has etched out its place as the definitive version for many so what do you recommend to encourage affection dancing even if one's partner is barely tolerable this can primarily be attributed to the chemistry between keira knightley and matthew mcfadyen who capture the essence of these literary figures so flawlessly why do you ask such a question to make out your character mr dawson what have you discovered very little knightly plays elizabeth with a lively spirit that cannot be anchored down mcfadyen plays darcy with a restrained decorum that can come off as cold but there is an affectionate person underneath i do not have the talent of conversing easily with people i have never met before perhaps you should take your aunt's advice and practice the two can be equally stubborn which is part of the reason they don't come together soon when elizabeth and darcy do declare their mutual love for each other however it's one of the most heartfelt proposals ever put to screen you have bewitched me body and soul and i love and love i love you i never wish to be parted from you from this day number two rick blaine and elsa lund casablanca is looking at you kid when it comes to cinematic love stories casablanca is as classic as it gets of all the gin joints and all the towns in all the world she walks into mine rick blaine and ilsa lund are star-crossed lovers who experience the happiest period of their lives together in paris due to bad timing and unfortunate circumstances however they separate on a heartbreaking note i'll be leaving casablanca soon and we'll never see each other again we knew very little about each other when we were in love in paris if we leave it that way maybe we'll remember those days not casablanca after coming back together years later the two must decide what's more important their love for each other or the greater good richard we loved each other once if those days meant anything at all to me i wouldn't bring up paris if i were you it's poor salesmanship the final scene may see the end of rick and ilsa's relationship and i said i would never leave you and you never will but at least it marks the beginning of a beautiful friendship louie i think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship before we continue be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you're on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one jack dawson and rose dewitt bucator titanic open your eyes titanic harkens back to the glory days when hollywood epics were big thrilling and complete with a captivating love story i'm getting off with you this is crazy i know it doesn't make any sense the film takes its time building up the romance between the penniless jack and upper class rose which pays off in a pretty spectacular way i will never let go jack i'll never let go there are too many great scenes to count from their first kiss at the ship's bow to their nude drawing session jack i want you to draw me like one of your french girls wearing this all right wearing only this this is what makes us care so much when their lives are put in peril in the film's second half i've got you i won't let go come on i've got you although the unsinkable ship goes down we will never let go of jack and rose i'll never let go i promise do you agree with our picks check out this other recent clip from ms mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest [Music] videos