Top 5 Best Kydex IWB Holsters in 2020

top-five Kydex IWB holsters one concealment Express tuckable IWB holster what's a tuckable holster well if you were dress shirts or are required to tuck your shirt in they are the only option you have for concealing handgun day and day out a tuckable IWB holster uses a specialized clip to insure the gun is easily concealable while your shirt remains tucked the concealment Express tuckable holsters are made from critics and can be worn as an appendix carry holster or as a strong side iwb Kydex holster this holster is ambidextrous making it useful for both right hand and left hand shooters the user can easily swap the clip from side to side this is a good feature but be aware it will result in your gun liking a sweat guard this means you'll need to make sure your gun stays oiled and rust free the concealment Express holster also offers user adjustable can to increase comfort concealment and draw speed this quality holster features an open bottom which makes it easy to accommodate threaded barrels as well as compensators and other features the sight plane is raised high to accommodate a variety of sight Heights - the q-series iwb minimalist Ulster the Smith & Wesson M&P shield 9 millimeters is one of the more affordable handguns on the market for concealed carry it's reliable rugged and easy to shoot when S&W tacked on a killer price it was impossible to be it's become one of the best selling guns of all time if you like the small minimalist design of the Smith & Wesson shield then the Q series minimalist style holster might be for you this holster design is unique and only covers the guns trigger and dust cover this gives you a design that doesn't poke prod or prevent you from adding accessories to your gun for example you can toss on a red dot a threaded barrel with compensator massive suppressor height sights and more and it won't prevent the Q series from carrying your gun this single clip design is also a tappable design this can be an excellent option for women who want as little printing as possible it doesn't offer any protection from sweat keep that in mind and be sure to keep it well oiled and cleaned the Q series is a one-of-a-kind Kydex holster that's safe easy to accommodate and very lightweight three cya supply iwb there is a certain simplicity to the cya supply company holster design that you have to appreciate it doesn't try to be super fancy but instead attempts to be easy to master and hard to fail these molded car dogs holsters use a large single clip design that accommodates both strong side iwb and appendix carry these holsters are expertly molded to provide a perfect fit for each gun the high quality molding increases pretension pressure and makes drying smoother in a little quicker it allows the gun to free itself from the holster without placing a lot of pressure on the holster this holster also has adjustable retention via a single retention screw near the front of the holster this allows you to tighten things down or loosen them up depending on your preferred carry position the can't of the front slip can also be adjusted to allow more freedom to place the weapon where you want it the retention lock system gives you a very nice click when the gun is holstered that click lets you know the holster will retain the weapon and its holster properly the smooth edges of the cya holster also increase overall comfort and allow you to forget you are even carrying a gun partner all the above with an excellent price and massive selection and you get a great car dog holster worthy of your waistband for We the People IWB holster the springfield XD is a very popular polymer-framed pistol series they were one of the first to accommodate different designs for people looking for a concealment holster from double stacks to micro nines to single stacks with a long four inch barrel Springfield has them all this makes it hard to choose one best holster because there are so many guns we the people holsters make an iwb designed for just about every springfield XD on the market this includes everything from the micro nines to the full size 45 the car docks is point zero eight inches thick and provides a decent level of thickness that makes the holster robust and strong it's unlikely to bend or break when worn day in and day out it perfectly fits most Springfield's regardless of their size or design these holsters are even cut to allow threaded barrels they have adjustable retention each is custom molded to fit your individual gun the way the people holsters give your XD new life is a concealed carry handgun five aileen gear shapeshift 4.0 IWB holster this isn't a true Kydex holster but a hybrid that uses high quality materials that are both soft and hard the outer shell is custom molded from kayaks for each individual gun alien gear offers the mold for dozens of different guns including sinks Glocks and F ends the elem gear shape-shift 4.0 system is just one cog in a larger system the shape-shift shell can be converted to appendix carry iwb carry a shoulder ring and many more the shapeshift 4.0 IWB holster is backed with a sweat wicking breathable güven neoprene material the combination is designed to give you the best of both worlds you get it comfortable well meet holster that provides you the benefits of Kydex molding with the comfort of a synthetic holster this is an excellent holster if you have issues with comfortably wearing other car oxide WB designs it is tuckable as well as modular for different shells to accommodate different gun models you can easily adjust the ride height and can't it takes just a few minutes to make whatever changes you need for comfortable carry click links in this video description for price and more details thanks for watching