Top 5 Best Kydex IWB Holsters in 2020

top-five Kydex IWB holsters one Galco Triton IWB holster if you've heard of Galco as a holster company you are likely more familiar with their famed leather work their leather holster broke new grounds but their kayaks models may do just the same the Galco triton is an appendix carry holster designed for most popular handguns the Galco triton is made entirely from kayaks and is a tuckable holster the Triton comes with two different belt clips these belt clips include a standard uni clip that goes over the belt and secures the holster quite well the next clip is the stealth clip which is the ultimate option for concealment the Uni clip goes over the belt and may be apparent to those paying close attention the stealth clip goes behind the belt and has just a small number at the bottom that hooks to the belt the Triton has a full-length sweat guard which protects the user from the gun and the weapon from the user the Galco Triton is a very comfortable holster that stays in place once it's set it's a smooth and comfortable holster that houses your weapon well it's adjustable for Kent and presents the guns grip for a quick and easy draw its car docks design ensures it's easy to holster and secure day in and day out to outlaw holsters NT hybrid iwb this holster is another hybrid health stew that is made to be lower profile than most but retains the comfort and easy wearing nature of hybrid holsters outlaw holsters is mostly known for their todrick's holsters so this was a bit of a departure for them luckily it seems to be a winning choice the outlaw holsters NT hybrid design uses the classic outlaw holster character with a heavy leather backing the holster utilizes a single wide clip that allows the user to wear the holster is either in appendix or strong side carry holster the NT hybrid IWB holster is made in the USA Florida specifically it is made for over 135 different guns this massive variety likely means they have a holster that will fit your gun the strong tie rocks and hard leather ensure the holster will last for those who carry everyday the outlaw holsters NT hybrid iwb rig is well-suited for both large and small guns and for a variety of carriers it's comfortable due to the use of leather on skin the gun is well protected for sweat and exposure to the human body overall the NT hybrid is something new for outlaw holsters but they've seemed to pull it off quite well three Bravo concealment torsion 3.0 Bravo concealment is well-known for his work with car docks the torsion 3.0 is their latest gun holster in the AWP market this holster is currently available for only a few guns but it's growing to accommodate more guns the torsion 3.0 is my go-to for my p3 65 the torsion 3.0 is a polymer injection molded holster that can be set up for both strong side iwb appendix carry or five o'clock carry the holster comes with two clips but one can be removed for appendix carry and to make it tuckable holster this incredibly comfortable car dogs holster is extremely smooth on the outside and makes it disappear under your pants and in your waistband the fact that you can easily swab ride height and Kent means you can customise the holster for how you carry the Bravo concealment torsion 3.0 also offers adjustable retention as well as a cup to allow the carry of a threaded barrel the torsion 3.0 has proven itself as a worthy contender in the Bravo concealment lineup four phalanx defense systems stealth operator if you want a budget-friendly cartax IWB holster i have you covered with the stealth operator model not only is this an affordable holster but it accommodates over 150 different handguns phalanx defense found a way to make this gun holster work with nearly every polymer-framed pistol out there the trick lies in the trigger guard there is the point of retention that will click as your gun enters your holster this lets you know your holster isn't going anywhere anytime soon this design incorporates positive retention and is perfect if you are incapable of finding a holster for your gun the stealth operator uses two metal clips that hold a holster securely on your belt loops without any chance of it slipping or sliding the stealth operator is slightly flexible this allows you to enjoy the design and see just how comfortable it is the stealth operator is a unique useful design it's one of my go-to is when testing new firearms because more than likely it will accommodate them I've had one for years it keeps kicking no matter how rough I am with it five aileen gear shapeshift 4.0 IWB holster this isn't a true Kydex holster but a hybrid that uses high quality materials that are both soft and hard the outer shell is custom molded from Kydex for each individual gun alien gear offers the mode for dozens of different guns including sinks Glocks and f ends the elem gear shape-shift 4.0 system is just one cog in a larger system the shape-shift shell can be converted to appendix carry iwb carry a shouldering and many more the shape-shift 4.0 IWB holster is backed with a sweat wicking breathable güven neoprene material the combination is designed to give you the best of both worlds you get it comfortable well meet holster that provides you the benefits of Kydex molding with the comfort of a synthetic holster this is an excellent holster if you have issues with comfortably wearing other car oxide WB designs it is tuckable as well as modular for different shells to accommodate different gun models you can easily adjust the ride height and can't it takes just a few minutes to make whatever changes you need for comfortable carry click links in this video description for price and more details thanks for watching