Top 5 Pokemon in Every Region




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Gouri tangs boogie pens michael here and because apparently some of you actually respect me despite the fact that my voice regularly gets comically high-pitched i am often asked what my opinions on pokemon are whether it's my favorite pokemon my favorite Kanto shiny pokemon or what are my top five favorite pokemon from every single region yes i have been specifically asked that multiple types so I figured why not answer that question in video form so when people ask me that question on my twitch streams which I do almost every day by the way so you should totally follow me it's fun I could be like hey go watch my video by the way before we dive into this video real quick just want to give a quick shout out to my lovely sponsor Elgato gaming there is no better way to capture your console gameplay footage so if you want to pick some of their stuff up links in the description so let's get started the first region is Kanto and my number five favorite can tell Pokemon is Gyarados it's a dope sea serpent that's always been the epitome of terrifying badassness of course I like it number four is site there it's a bug that looks like a lizard and I love lizards and it has blades for hands that is extremely cool number three is charizard charizard is of course a classic it's a dope fire not dragon and I enjoy using mega Charizard X back in Gen 6 blue flames are very cool number two is squirtle it was my favorite Pokemon before I ever played my first game Ruby since it's just so stinking cute plus I've grown attached to the Pokemon TOC squirtle sorry Bulbasaur please forgive my number one Kanto Pokemon is tauros I've always liked tauros but using my shiny one named bulrush in my let's go Pikachu to speed around and do basically every battle for the last three months has gotten me really attached to this manly bull now for my top five favorite Jojo Pokemon and number five is Typhlosion it's the best Johto starter and actually the only one i have ever used and it's just so freakin cool it's 3d model kind of sex though so just don't look at that look at the sprites number four is scizor who doesn't like this badass bright red robot bug it's like freaking Ironman speeding around slice and stuff up it is just so incredibly awesome number three is Pichu it's so cute number two is Umbreon it's my favorite evolution and it's just such a good looking Pokemon with cool glowing rings and an amazing shiny also the Pokemon talked Umbreon is a heck of a lot of fun sylveon I know Jolteon and umbreon can be a little crazy sometimes oh the floor tentacles are drowning me okay maybe more than a little bit and my number one Johto Pokemon is crobat I've always liked crobat it's a really cool intense bat that's a spectacular improvement on Zubat and ghovat I've used one in playthroughs many times because it's just so awesome now for Hoenn the first pokemon region that I ever played through and therefore I have quite an affinity toward and end up really liking a lot of Gen 3 Pokemon number five is Blaziken Blaziken would be my favorite Pokemon of all time if I had picked Torchic instead of Treecko when I was nine it's designed for kicking ass and I absolutely loved it also it has a great voice in the anime it sounds like Malaysia cooter I admittedly probably wouldn't like it as much if it sounded like blaze number four is Metagross I've always thought the Metagross was extremely cool I mean just look at it it's a dope angry robot with an X on its face how badass can you get but it also got a strong nostalgia factor since I used one named Optimus on my team to defeat the Pokemon world tournament in black to one of my proudest Pokemon achievements also it's shiny is amazing number three is cast form it is hands-down the cutest Pokemon in existence it gets so much crap that it does not deserve and if you dare insult cast form in my presence I will be very upset with you I would die for this Pokemon how dare you number two is Breloom it's always been a really likeable Pokemon that I personally have kicked butt with whether on my emerald team and in some battle frontier battles or in Pokemon XD or anywhere else it's got cool stretchy arms and it's like pow pow you suck and that's awesome my number one Hoenn Pokemon is sceptile it is my favorite Pokemon of all time my very first starter and a big reason why I love lizards as much as I do have you been watching my videos for any amount of time you saw this coming now onto the sinnoh region number five is Giratina Giratina has really grown on me in recent years I love its backstory and I love both the altered and the origin form both look really cool it also has a fantastic shiny and it was a heck of a lot of fun to use in the metronome Nuzlocke that I did with Pokemon last year Giratina what yes let's go John oh I get it I get a guaranteed on the team it was so overpowered just it only died when it killed itself it was amazing number four is Torterra my first sinto starter and my favorite of the three it's such a cool premise for a Pokemon that reminds me of the lion turtle from Avatar it deserves your respect the dude learns earthquake at level 32 and then can immediately just oak oh and in Fernie that is that is amazing number three is Gallade it's a Pokemon I liked as soon as it was revealed because it's a cool manly Gardevoir that has elbow swords what's not to like number two is luxray I've used a luxray in almost every Sinnoh playthrough that i have ever done it is strong badass and my favorite color scheme it is an awesome Pokemon that a lot of people think is awesome it's awesome and number one is gliscor Gliscor shinee is tied with a couple others for my favorite shining of all of them and it's just got this cool night creature prankster attitude it's so badass and pretty strong too just an overall fantastic pokemon now on to the Gen 5 Pokemon the pokemon from Unova this is a region that a lot of people have said just out of Gen 5 Pokemon suck but I personally believe it's just a volatile region it's got some really bad Pokemon but it's got some amazing Pokemon too 3 of my top 10 favorite Pokemon our Unova Pokemon that's a sizable percentage number five is golurk it's a dope ancient robot and I just I want to pilot one against a kaiju also have you seen how it looks and the detective Pikachu trailers that is amazing number four is archeops it's my favorite fossil Pokemon and I wrecked with it in my first Univ a playthrough back in Pokemon white version when it stayed healthy cuz defeatist kind of sucks but on the bright side he's so fast that he stayed healthy most of the time number three is Haxorus another lizard like Pokemon that I destroyed the Pokemon world tournament with it's so gnarly and fearsome and just always a Pokemon I've really respected number two is giggle if it is just so freakin cool I don't know how exactly to describe it but it's just this walking spiky mountain beast and just looks amazing also earlier when I said that Gliscor was tied with a couple other Pokemon for my favorite shiny of all Pokemon it was tied with giggle it and many or as well and number one is zeb Strika zebras are my favorite animals electric is my favorite type when you combine the two of them together to make an electric zebra with lightning bolt stripes that's one of the coolest things that has ever existed now for Kalos this list was kind of tougher because there's not that many Kalos pokémon but I think I got a solid one number five is aegislash or aegislash apparently aegislash is correct I called it aegislash for years and it's just it's tough retraining yourself you know it is so much fun to use this thing in battle shout out to my old pal / who helped me get to the top 25 at my first and only ever VGC tournament out of over 250 people number four is heliolisk as I mentioned earlier I love lizards and my favorite type is the electric type similar situation is that striking you combined my favorite type with one of my favorite animals I'm probably gonna like it number three is greninja it's the best Kalos starter by a mile has a great shiny and it's really fun to use in Smash number two is hot lucha I love the fighting flying combo and it's just so fun to use this guy he was a great team member on my ultra son team and number one is talonflame remember what I said about Aegis / well the same goes for talonflame Gale wings in Gen 6 was amazing also it's a fire hawk that is so cool and finally the Aloha region well ok gallery's coming soon but obviously we only know the starters there so that's not gonna be in this video number 5 is toxic eggs it's kind of weird but it's a good weird those spikes everywhere are just really gnarly I also really liked using one of my ultra Sun team and it's got a really vibrant shiny which I like number four is a lowland ninetails this counts as an Lolo Pokemon right yeah we're gonna say that it counts anyways it is a beautiful Pokemon and by far the best a Lola form I like it a lot more than regular nine-tails number three is Rowlett it is so freaking cute it must be protected he is the greatest little ball of owl ever to exist also it's a meme which is always nice number two is marsh shadow this is the best mythical Pokemon hands-down no contest it is cute and fearsome and attacking from the shadows is so cool I just wish it had got more development and lore because it really deserved it and the last Pokemon for this video my number one favorite Aloha Pokemon is FICA volt this is the Pokemon that almost kicked out sceptile to be my favorite Pokemon of all time it is extremely freaking awesome and oh my god my bike evolved havoc in sun and my totem FICA volt ion in ultra sun were so incredibly clutch so there we have it that concludes my top five favorite pokemon from every single region let me know in the comments below how much you agree and if you enjoyed this video and want to see some more of my Pokemon content I recommend this video right here alright that's all I have for now so it all makes time for you fans got to catch the mom