Top 5 iOS 13 Features

[Music] okay okay okay where's up guys I'm tphd here and welcome back to some extended coverage of the world's most densely packed keynote WWDC 2019 so one of the many things they showed off on stage during that two-hour plus event was the next version of iOS iOS 13 so I sat through that two-and-a-half hour keynote so you don't have to and I installed the super buggy iOS 13 beta on my iPhone so you don't have to either so these are the best of those new features coming to iOS for your future iPhone or maybe your current iPhone top 5 iOS 13 features so number 5 is the speed optimizations so this is a pretty minor thing it seems they sort of opened with it for a hot minute and if you blink you might have missed it but they made some pretty bold claims about iOS 13 speed versus the already really fast I was 12 they went along the lines of 30% faster face idea unlocking and 50% smaller packages for app downloads and 60% smaller for app updates so there should be much faster downloads and installing of apps especially the bigger ones and two times faster launch speeds Wow now again this is a beta so these things are still being worked on and I don't know if it's a placebo but the one thing I do feel like I notice is the faster face ID unlock especially when putting it side by side against iOS 12 the two times faster app launching speeds that is tough to see because the beta is so buggy and things are constantly crashing and lagging all the time so I can't verify that but I'm really looking forward to that overall iowa's 12 is already faster than previous versions especially on older devices so I'll welcome another free speed upgrade and number four is shared wireless audio so this is like a headphone splitter but for air pots so they showed it on stage as two people sort of holding your iPhones near each other and then enabling audio sharing so they can basically hear the same thing from one source so then that gets your mind going about different ways that this could be useful that could be fun for two people next to each other on a plane watching the same movie together but both with wireless headphones or maybe going for a run with someone and both listening to the same music at the same time things like that so it seems like a pretty cool feature to have now I say seems like it because I haven't gotten it to work yet on my beta I tried for a while apparently other people have gotten it to work I'm just gonna attribute it to the fact that it's super unstable but this is something that I'm gonna be thankful for having when traveling so it's a solid new audio feature that of course takes advantage of having bluetooth 5.0 and number three is the new keyboard and I can put new and air quotes because androids had this feature for I want to say maybe about a decade now but the stock keyboard now and iOS 13 has swipe typing and that's it so you could do this with third-party keyboards like swipe or the Google keyboard if you install them on your iPhone in the past but now it'll be built-in so you can have all your keyboard suggestions and everything you're used to in one place with swipe typing I personally love it for typing longer sentences on bigger screens not sure if this is also coming to iPad OS but it's welcome on the iPhone ok so those last we were a bit more minor updates as you could tell but I think these next to the top two are pretty major so number two is an overhaul of what's maybe one of the top 3 most used apps on anyone's iPhone the Photos app so I got a pretty good demo of this at WWDC but it's also working pretty well on my beta 2 basically the UI is organized a bit different and it gets a bunch of new features that I like so at the bottom you have these couple of different photo modes you have all photos mode which is literally just a grid of everything then days mode which lets you scroll through the best photos you've taken each day with sort of smart highlights of certain ones that thinks you'll like then months again zooms a bit out and gives you the best photos of each month and then years again zooms out giving you a throwback of some of the best stuff from each previous year 2018 2017 2016 etc sort of a rewind of what happened around that day each year and then when you're actually in a photo the editing controls are pretty sweet they got an upgrade they're much more extensive and smartly laid out and fluid you can do auto adjustments if you want or really dig down into there with contrast and color sharpening noise reduction and there's also red eye correction built in and you can still mess with the same filters as before but the best part to me anyway is that this also applies to videos so you can mess with the same edits to color contrast sharpness even noise reduction for video is still there which is amazing and this also means you can now rotate a video which you literally could not do in iOS 12 Photos app along with flipping and there's tilting and warping and perspective changes for every single clip you can even change the aspect ratio so there's a lot going on now I'm a fan and I hope Google photos also can build this stuff into eventually and that brings us to number one the most anticipated feature of iOS it got the loudest cheer or at least one super loud one from the crowd and that is dark mode in iOS 13 so lover 2 hated people have been wishing for this and asking for a few years the default all-white colors of iOS can be blinding so now there's a system-wide dark mode you can enable it from the control center and it turns all your stock apps and menus and notifications and widgets and everything dark dark backgrounds light text the whole stock UI now all the third-party apps inside those you still have to change them yourself so if you want everything dark like YouTube and Twitter and all the rest you have to toggle those yourself but yeah that quick toggle for the UI is now super simple and easy to switch everything black and now with that there's also some new wallpapers to go with it built into iOS 13 so these actually the couple new ones with a little dark and light logo in the corner are dark mode compatible I guess I'll say so they will automatically switch when you toggle dark mode they'll switch between them back and forth between dark and light plus if you don't use one of these you can turn on dimming so whatever wallpaper you have will dim to be darker if you have dark mode on and hey you might even save a little bit of battery since the iPhones of course all use OLED displays that don't use power when the color black is displayed so there it is finally dark mode for iOS 13 there's also a couple smaller things that didn't quite make this list kind of like how every year Apple always has that little extra slide with all the stuff that they wanted to make sure you knew we're getting included but they didn't have time to go over so if you actually pause on that exact slide from the keynote this year they actually did it again and there's something called Wi-Fi selection in control center so now if you're in control center you can 3d touch the Wi-Fi icon and a list of networks pop up seems like the intuitive thing to do bluetooth does the same thing and that's actually something that the newest beta of Android just got rid of oh there's also a emoji improvements so you can add piercings now to your momochi or even put air pods in its ears so I guess that's a thing worth knowing there's also login with Apple which is designed to replace other social logins but with much more security instead as the focus like a really impressive dedication to shielding your information from the companies that keep asking for your login so they'll generate a dedicated login email address randomly every time you log in so they can't swipe yours very nice and then the volume box of course is finally fixed so for reference here was iOS 12 and the ridiculous volume changing and here is iOS 13 right next to the volume rocker nice and small clean much better so that is it that is the best of the new features coming to iOS 13 that we know about anyway my personal favorite is still dark mode so obviously I put that at number one but let me know what you're looking forward to most in the comments below and this is still super early in the beta it'll be a public beta in about a month and then eventually rolling out to people beyond that so you can expect it stable in a little waste time but either way that's been it thank you for watching catch you guys later peace