Top WWE Star To Quit After Rumble Injured Star Return Date

[Applause] hello there guys what Culture wrestling's Adam clear here with a very quick news update for you today because there is more wrestling news than you can you can shake a metaphor at will go with that yes so right first point of business is your favorite wrestler I presume and mine also Kevin Owens despite not being seen on WWF programming since October the 8th I want to say when he was injured at the hands of Bobby Lashley we were told to expect a return soon indeed his name on Twitter is coming soon or something like that but those top top top lads at Wrestling Observer radio put out a bumper episode today and have said that despite him being very close to being cleared medically he's not expected to be back until WrestleMania at the very earliest probably just after WrestleMania now that is weird it's weird because a there's not really any point having him fit I'm not doing anything B because the Royal Rumble is right around the corner and we know how good that is for surprise returns and see they've already said that he's gonna return soon they've already left him say that he's gonna return soon so a three-month wait is out of the ordinary now far be it from me to question Big Bang at Dave Meltzer but if I was WWE and I had a superstar returning in a big pay-per-view like the Royal Rumble I might just leak out a little bit of information here and there throwing people off the set a bit of a red herring if you will now I'm not saying that Dave's wrong in this I'm sure we report it all in good faith because every chance he will be returning as soon as he's cleared to wrestle they just don't want people to know that that's my guess so yes there's a report of one person coming back in to the WWE but as ever with aew hanging around like I don't know what hangs around what thoughts I don't got a script for this like a like a lost balloon at a child's party with a UW floating around like a lost balloon at a child's party my god I'm so sorry there are reports about somebody leaving WWE as well yes your favorite wrestler again I presume and mine again also Dolph Ziggler there was talk that he is apparently now done with WWE his contract is supposed to be coming up and there are reports he will walk now as I'm sure you'll all recall the last time we saw Dolph EBU was when he was getting the absolute snot beaten out of him on Raw inside your cage by Drew McIntyre that does not sound fun now currently WWE have offered in the chance to become a producer with the company but he has turned that contract down instead he's embarking on a stand-up comedy tour in the near future and has even removed the name Dolph Ziggler from all of his social media now his WWE contract has been a topic of discussion for a while now he's been asked to by a number of different outlets he's always been very very cautious about saying anything to committal he's always said he's in the here and now he's focusing on the moment he's focusing on his current feud not really looking to much to the future and we'll see what happens but the reports are now that he does actually want to leave he wants to go and do other things and he hasn't been on the road with WWE for a good number of weeks this is of course wrestling so never ever ever ever ever how many times have I got to tell you ever say never in these situations and of course tickle with a massive old pinch of salt but those allegedly in the note are saying Ziggler is done finito gone bye-bye once out of WWE and will be even very soon so yes just a quick one for you all's we've had God downloads and news up on the channel today but let us know what you made of both these stories in the comments below don't forget to Like share and subscribe should Ziggler leave should they use Owens before the rumble before WrestleMania before whenever it's all good stuff telling me about it in the meantime though thank you very much for watching of course but out of clearing and I will see you soon bye really bye of what stuff to do