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[Applause] hi guys I'm Adam will Warner from what culture I'm Andy Murray from world culture go on you can do today this is an you know actually welcome to the news of penitentiary story today concerns for USO's and we might not get to do that for much longer I've probably never again to be honest because the Usos according to PW insider might be leaving WWE when their contract expires at the end of April that's very soon very sudden is it not and they yeah and it's like have all the people who've threatened to leave because they feel they've not been who should commercially like they've been doing brilliantly yes they've neither title for a while but yeah I'm so they just been I mean stellar matches I always say can watch them a minute if new day fight yeah week in week out so it could be a real shame that because they're phenomenally talented and but although having said that because they're so talented that will not be a short list of people wanted to sign them up know this would absolutely sucks from a double-double you stand by and believe it was a fight for who originally reported that there is a concern within WWE that they're gonna be gone and of course PW Insider provided the date I think that I can see why the usuals might consider it because while they always do really well in the ring and they have their three or four banger matches a year and they get their featured spotlight every now and then WWE don't exactly promote tag-team wrestling the strongest whereas a W of come out publicly and said yeah this is gonna be like our thing we're gonna have a great time division and you so's make no mistake are a great tag team I think what is the best ee w type team's ever and when you look at their body of work and how far back it stretches all those great matches with a shield in the Wyatt family years ago when they were doing that stupid dancing gimmick play hard in the paint wherever that was by it's interesting I think they'd be a big loss I think he'd be a bigger loss in the revival to be honest I'd say so do you think this is any way related to the fact that they always want that big WrestleMania moment they haven't really been given it yet and this is maybe then putting a bit of pressure onto me to be potentially I mean the best thing about any W emerging is that it has given the wrestlers increased leverage in the labor market they could now because this competition exists that didn't exist for what all 20 years when after WCW a day when out of date they went our business stupid idiot they they can now go into the negotiations saying look they are gonna offer us this you're gonna have to up your offer and more than that you're gonna have to promise us a bigger push you're gonna have to give us less chickening you have to give us laps or we're gonna bugger off to the competition it's very exciting I definitely think that might be a big part of it maybe they'll be the ones to end the mizzen Matt green of error WrestleMania 45 if they riesling well that's not gonna happen coz the business price and Daniel Byman yeah long we're not past a bit so Miller a couple of contract updates for you today is contract season all kinds of mental stuff is going on couple of big names are in the news today AJ Styles our good friend the man who's about to pay on it B cannot put the belt in the bin and knowing there can you smoke it he is he has not been confused by Gillette adverts he has been confused by contract negotiations as we saw the other day he was like what what do you mean I haven't signed a new deal what are you talking about he posted on Twitter amid reports that he had signed a new deal well the new report today part PW Insider is that he is locked into negotiations with WWE his field expires in April likely Osos they're said to be at an advanced stage and WWE have made a major major offer very understandable its age a bloody styles I mean we kind of sit here and take the piss a little bit but you know he's probably at worst the second best wrestler in the company of course they want to keep hold of them of course AWR New Japan we try and get hold of him the second wrestler is Dolph Ziggler whose relationship with WWE is said to be continuing again no massive surprise there but it does feel like dolf's future kind of comes into the news every five months or so yeah I'm slightly concerned for Dolph it's gonna become like the boy who cried wolf when he actually just go alright guys I'm actually near W neverland's like now you'll be back at the wrong book yes nope and then he just disappears but good I mean good for him I say this all the time and I don't want to wish injury on anyone I do think it'd be best for Dolph not to leave the W go away for Cu a year make me miss you yeah we've tried the little short-term I'm off forever but you like you think about the matching head with the Mears where he was threatening to retire and all the excitement around that and there's just there's no buzz around him at the moment like a bit of time away from do be doing not saying he has to leave Oh send him off to not send him down to NXT but send him to to train some people in NXT and help out then bring him back up to the main roster with a new gimmick and I think give him a break let him do his bad stand-up comic routine on somewhere for six months and then bring him back love to see ya write an injury update for you next Sasha banks circle this is gone to the Wrestling Observer is suffering from an injury there she obviously worked on Monday night rule but she didn't actually tag into the ring she was attacked before the tag-team qualification match for the Elimination Chamber was her and Bailey versus jaws to play Nikki Nikki cross and Alicia Fox and cultural appropriateness cottage tag-team there we go that's why she was attacked before the match because she's she wasn't you know cleared to wrestle she was injured but I think by all accounts they're just playing it so good and she should be fine by elimination yeah they're they're taking it kind of risky there aren't they because what she isn't find by Elimination Chamber I mean Sasha and Billy are obviously the favourites to win that match I don't personally think they should win now I don't need a will I think I think the two he'll shoot with it whether that's you know a Jackson Tamina or the right part of someone or the ikonics obviously on the bloody iconic body our company the very goose and then when you go to wrestle we know you can have to be exactly the belts so even if she is injured and doesn't eat the pay-per-view I don't think this is any kind of grand disaster you can even have daily go into that match with out a partner and just have her show heart and spirit in defeat and then come back and use that as a storyline for WrestleMania 485 I've just fantasy boots myself into a chute that's definitely not gonna happen but yeah it sounds like sasha was her Elimination Chamber no surprises there that match will Ronda Rousey I loved it everyone robots yeah those eliminated idiots but you're on you know it was it was a stellar match and it's fine fine having her in a few weeks off getting into the ring if she's good enough for elimination table Rosie said so much is fine for us any that's the bigger picture absolutely absolutely and dare another story obviously because it's been news what else would we do apart from tell stories lucha underground what you reckon of a looter undergoing I like the clips that I've seen I remember before we had an helico in defiant resting I saw a clip of him just leaping off something off the top of that office the crazy stuff I mean I kind of gave up on it at the point where they literally fed someone to a monster in a cage but no it has its knees shaped it has its audience however it's in a lot of trouble in it it's kind of in some trouble they are business practices have come under a lot of scrutiny over the past few years particularly with regards to their contracts they are famous for having these really restrictive deals that prevent their talent from working in other certain other places until every contracted season has made air now the problem with this is that it tapes so far in advance and nobody even knows if they're gonna have a fifth season at this stage that they're essentially holding wrestlers hostage and that's not my words that was Eva Lisa yeah on a picture a few months ago so it has we've seen this with ricochet his WWE signing was held up by his lucha underground deal he was Prince Puma over there of course there are other ones as well but it has now reached kind of a breaking point because one of their top stars kink where no wrestles in Mexico as LG Hotel Fantasma is actually suing the company for this so basically there's all kinds of complicated legal details it's published on Pro Wrestling sheet by Ryan satin and basically the gist of it is his lucha underground contract is only guaranteeing him less than $4,000 per year now he could obviously if it wasn't for this deal he could go elsewhere he can make more money he could be signed to a bigger contract and he claims that this deal has restricted him from signing at least one major contract and has resulted in a major loss of earnings and he is now suing for damages there are a number of other wrestlers all over this as well Joey Ryan is one Cobra moon is another so trouble times for every time the airport sounds like it'd be best for everyone if they just cancel the contract get themselves in order and then organize the chute if they all can have a season five yeah 100% right let's move on to your Twitter questions don't forget you can't weaken matters at what culture WWE speaking good ones today actually another question from Rick master flex hi babe on Twitter Rick Rick he says with the way Smackdown is going there seems to be a clear main event call that hopped back to the early Heyman Smackdown days so who do you think could be the new Smackdown sighs you do half and half what's your half and half I've never even thought of this might don't mean event seem like that but it's a really good yank em Wow okay so we're talking work great guys from my perspective so Daniel Bryan absolutely this one let's go under all right you do under a day I'll do and yeah let's go with a little move Gustav Ali yeah coming on leaps and bounds fantastic I'm gonna go with Rey Mysterio still can go still so good in this period and Vlad a has proved that I'm gonna go for some mojo as well okay I think Samoa Joe whilst he's not in the same ilk as the other guys we've mentioned there he's a brilliant monster and we've seen how good he is on the my father promised Messiah and finally my sixth member for us mate Nancy is actually going to be looking forward post WrestleMania Finn Balor okay not not PG so I think for me I the eov your guru I think AJ starts has to go to raw because he's kind of doing everything he can on Smackdown and I think a switcheroo with Finn Balor and Brie and Finn Balor in there for a main event title challenge would be fantastic and then even if that's come about a feud against the likes of Andrade would be would be brilliant yeah I think they might all in on that are very very good smackdown 6 Jang Ghana it says my kids love wrestling and off end into Lana's kids do you think aew will be as kid-friendly as WWE no no I do I do not I don't think it'll be like a mad crazy 18-plus out-of-control combat zone wrestling thing by doing the old push boundaries and if some Jimmy havoc yeah that was the big thing you know I I don't think they will be properly sex and violence like W he was in the Attitude Era I don't think that will go over any modern TV environment I also think that the fact that they were looking for a big level TV deal will tone it down a bit but I think you'll see things like riskier matches hardcore wrestling joy Janelle is there for God's sake Jimmy Harvick as we already discussed penis Druids penis Druids swearing stuff like that yeah I mean if you watch being the elite it's probably a good a good thing they give you a good gauge as to what to expect they film the meeting between em Billy Gunn and hang on page this week in which Billy Gunn told hangman page that he can't just wear his gear everywhere because he's fat we're gonna get stuff like that yeah hang my page obviously isn't fat but you know yeah I think there'll be a little bit of effing and jeffing and I think happiness there will be your dad pushing of the boundaries I reckon basically the garner children don't get them to watch aw now show them it when they hit like their 13th birthday yeah they will love it or you watch it first and then fast forward through the naughty bits if indeed that's what I do with my kids and now the final question today comes from Noah Bluto Hoyt ever got your name right there good good strong name yeah he said if you could change three things about the WWE that you think would spics the most issues and bring back the spark we all used to experience what three things would you change they can be realistic or totally bonkers hash tag they cease then you they okay so what three things would you change big-picture topics 50/50 booking doesn't create stars its destructive it makes everyone look like a dweeb scripted promos again makes everyone look like that we've these guys can do it themselves as some more Joel proves that Jackie which proves that at number three the presence of Kane the presence of yes what three things things would I change yeah he's in the bin I was gonna say my three things would be 50/50 booking bring back blazing and pyro just pyro you don't even need three just want just pyro and put those what is it is it 4d is it 4d infects that they use on the crap shows yeah they're in virtual reality stuff take that all that yeah take that put it in the bin because anything anyone pays in there anyone who's there at the show doesn't get to see it and it's just it's crap I never won I'd ever went all good a big Brock lesner swords bad thing just give me 3 Pyro's I don't like if you're gonna do a prize different why is there always a sword why not like the penis tattoo on his chest you said it not me let's move on to today's and finally and I promised that we weren't going to get into a deep hole of action figures but it looks like that's happened a bigger culture by the way if you'd like to send this any of these crap action figures I love to have them on this shelf over here you've got we've got some you know quite good ones we've got every version got a reiteration of Mick Foley down got a whole cog in here with his head up there Big John Studd are so add to our collection you can send it to us care of Adam wheel born at what culture they were the address is on the website runner centers but for now lot people sending me crap action figures after the one we saw yesterday this one today I've come to see from Kenny Hensley it's a bailey action figure made in the same ilk as the one we saw yesterday i can't wait to see this here away we had receiving seth rollins yesterday and i don't know i don't know what this bailius oh no as we said with with rollins yesterday it looks like his fake facial features have been drawn on by a sharpie it looks like the someone's pulled her ponytail thing so far back that her face is just gone oh yeah well a bit more of that place apart these are these are very good but how are they why is there a pool in the hole cool good honest questions you don't really unser too but that's not gonna put off of that and all of today's new stories in the comment section below and of course don't forget to Like share and subscribe and you can tweet your terrible action figures add to us on Twitter along with your Twitter questions at what caught UWE you can also follow Andy Murray at Sandy hitch moment you can follow our lovely editor Adam Nicholas at its Adam Nicholas you can follow me at 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