Tourism A Coach Tour Dialogue 2 Naati CCL

disclaimer the following dialogue will be only in the English language so you need to consider to translate to your own language for not Eccl exam tourism dialogue to a coach to a briefing a load speaking to a company operator as investigating the possibility of developing package tours from load country to Victoria the operator is discussing the matter with the manager of an Australian coach company that operates tourist coaches throughout Victoria the load speaking operator has just returned from a coach tour of Victoria which was offered by the Australian company the dialogue starts in three two one good morning mr. almas did you enjoy your trip I believe you had lovely weather good morning mr. almas yes I enjoyed the trip but I found a few things worrying before we could seriously consider a business deal you would need to improve your service in some areas really I'd be very interested to know if there are problems with our service we pride ourselves on providing first-class service and we're always trying to improve things well for a start you'd need to provide a commentary in the low language most of our customers don't speak English I couldn't understand what my coach driver was saying at all actually the driver on your coach wasn't in Australian he migrated here from Scotland about 15 years ago but he's never lost his Scottish accent I see but such accents make it even more difficult for our customers to understand your drivers if you could attract a sufficient number of people from Lodi and to use our service I'm sure we could employ a load speaking guide yes but I suppose that would push the price up quite a bit I'm afraid your charge of two hundred and fifty dollars a day for your service is already quite expensive compared to companies on the Gold Coast but the Gold Coast isn't a big area to service you don't have to travel long distances to see things there as you do in the toy we offer nevertheless two hundred and fifty dollars a day is a lot to ask I'm doubtful if we could attract large numbers of people from Lodi and if you charge that much for your tours of course two hundred and fifty dollars a day is what we charge people who booked directly with us for a tour operator like you we'd offer a wholesale rate perhaps two hundred and fifteen dollars a day if you liked this content subscribe the channel and share with your friends thank you