Tourism Student Tour Dialogue 1 Naati CCL

disclaimer the following dialogue will be only in the English language so you need to consider to translate to your own language for not Eccl exam tourism dialogue I student tour briefing mister Brahms the director of music for Waverly College in Melbourne is meeting a representative from a secondary College in load country to discuss arrangements for Waverly college orchestras trip to the low country the dialogue is taking place in Melbourne the dialogue starts in 3 2 1 good morning miss throw missus nice to see you back in Melbourne I hope the accommodation that we arranged for you is satisfactory thank you so much everything is good so far as I mentioned previously our Orchestra is considering visiting 1 & 2 next year probably around Easter time 18 insert names of load capital city in 1 and another major city all of us had such a great time in mail born last year so we would enjoy seeing you in lute country let's discuss a possible it's an Orient how many people are likely to join your tour we estimate about forty of an orchestra members will come in addition there will probably be ten adults we'd like to stay four days in each city I don't think that the number will cause too many headaches that's an excellent proposal and I'm confident that would suit most of us will we have enough time to visit some historical and cultural sites yes of course both cities have a lot to offer load capital city is the capital of loaded country and load city name - who has developed into a very modern and vibrant city our orchestra would like to go on one of the fast trains can that be arranged the train between the two cities can reach up to 250 km/h so that should be pretty exciting that sounds great how much money do you think each of us would need to bring I think that dollar at five hundred for each student should be sufficient and it will allow them to buy some gifts as souvenirs well it seems everything is on track we are all very excited already I will prepare a final draft of our itinerary and forward it to you as soon as possible if you liked this content subscribe the channel and share with your friends thank you