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to the digital space [Applause] hello everyone my name is Elijah Wood co-founder of Spectre vision that were known for our film content were also avid gamers and the opportunity to partner with Ubisoft was something we had to be a part of and my name is Benoit tree game director on transference together we combine a storytelling techniques of film with interactivity of video games enabling us to create this unique deep immersive world with a dark and unsettling narrative have you ever dreamed of entering someone else's consciousness exploring their darkest thoughts and most intimate secrets in transference with transference we're bringing a know with trans friends are bringing a first-person exploration game into a chilling new dimension to escape you must go hands-on to search for clues solve puzzles while shifting between the perspectives of each family member and attempt to piece together the mystery this fall in VR and on traditional platforms we welcome you to uncover the secrets hiding in this mind-bending psychological thriller that will leave you with haunting memories long after you put down the controller this is transference [Applause] [Music] here's mom you're gonna sit here real okay just hold still don't are you comfortable I know this rigs a bit cumbersome but that's always the way with these new prototypes huh and all you have to do is just just be I know things haven't been so great lately okay Ben I've been a lousy father I'll enable lousy husband too if you're gonna sleep you've seen her on that's gone but all that is gonna change we're all gonna be together all of our hard work reverse the process all of our sacrifices that's my gift to you dad why are you doing this I love you son I'll have to cut off my heart you [Applause] you