Transform Orientations Global VS Local Blender 28




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hey y'all and welcome back to another episode of TZ teaches I'm serpent beard and in this video we're going to be talking about transform orientations but more specifically we're going to talk about the difference between the global and local transform orientations now the transform orientation is important because it affects how our move scale and rotate tools will work what I mean by that is right now we have the move tool selected and if I were to move this along the x-axis it moves consistently with the global x axis now the reason why it does that is because up at the top here in the viewport header we have the transform orientation set to global now if we wanted to change that we could set it to local normal gimble view or 3d cursor now for this video I'm only going to be talking about the global and local transformations but I might do another one or two videos to cover the remaining four so the global orientation is what's set by default this allows you to move objects in the global XY and z axis so if we hit G and then X and then 5 it's going to move it along the global x gy 5 also global Y and all of that jazz so that's fine and dandy but what if we don't want to move it along the global axes well what if we wanted to move it along the local axes to the cube what we could change the transform orientation to local and then we notice that nothing happens now the reason nothing happens is that the cube has no rotation on it so we were to rotate this 45 degrees on the y axis now we can see that our object manipulator has rotated and that's because we are now using the local axes for the object since now there's 45 degree rotation along that y axis the z axis is now pointing at a 45 degree angle and the x axis is also pointing at a 45 degree angle down and this allows me to simply move this along a 45 degree angle move this this way and if I were to rotate this along the z axis now we can rotate it along a Y axis as well alright and that's basically the difference so it's just a way for affecting transformations along its rotation angle something important to note though let's just undo all of this now let's put it back now we did rotate that object in object mode so again we'll rotate that 45 degrees and the local axes have not changed but if we enter into edit mode and we were to rotate this back so let's rotate Y negative 45 and we end up back where we were you'll see that the local axes are still pointing in the 45 degree rotation angle and the reason for that is that we've only rotated the object 45 degrees but the mesh has never really changed so just something you want to keep in mind is that there is a difference between global space and local space and that is that global space is the overall world scene so we switch back to global orientation you can see like we have our entire 3d viewport here and it has its XY and Z locations rotations and all of that but then local space is what's attached to that object itself and into the the edit mode features so if we were to rotate this or scale this you'll notice that none of those settings or rotations have changed in object mode so if we rotate this let's say Y 60 degrees and then maybe rotate on the z-axis 15 or I guess 152 is what I pushed in if we go back you can still see that it's only rotated 45 degrees because we only rotated it in global space 45 degrees so the transform orientations can help but if you really want to affect them do try to keep your rotations in global space instead of in local space because it won't actually change the way that the object itself is rotated and so your global axes will stay the same as your local axes if you're rotating in edit mode so that basically covers the global and local transform orientations as well as we talked a little bit about global space versus local space and that completes this video I'm serpent beard and I will see you in the next video